Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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May 17 2022

Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the Family Court System
Why can't you both just get along for the sake of the children? Those words are like nails on ...

Parental Alienation Is Emotional Abuse of Children
Psychology Today Parental alienation is a set of strategies that parents use to undermine and in...

I Lost My Children to Parental Alienation
Group with Personal Stories, Forums and Chat

I hate everyone that is involved in the alienation of my children from me
Joseph Kenick III audience: Public
And all those who have gone before you show overwhelmingly that so long as the kidnappe...
Call for government action on shared parenting
Marilyn Stowe Blog audience: Public
ensuring parental separation does not lead to a child becoming estranged from a loving ...
An absolute liar[Christina Olsen] caught in it
Charlie Mercieca audience: Public
The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service is absolutely notorious for being a corrupt organiz...
Dorian Baxter against the CA$ malice discussing Canada's need to replace the current Legal System
Dorian A. Baxter audience: Public
Family Law malice with the abuse and murder by the Children's Aid Societies of Canada P...
Now mom Christine & granny are going to try finish dad off for good!
Ben Applegate audience: Public
Part 2 & 4 of the video I posted earlier. Alienators disgust me!!! And she uses the...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Father Rights Canada / Support groups in Winnipeg?
audience: Public

Hi, I am wondering if there are any support groups in Winnipeg for men? Than...
Why do people expect lawyers to work for free when no one else does?

audience: Public

I do not understand why the public expects lawyers to work for free when no one else do...
Re: Become a Real Women/Mother get a job and stop living off of welfare and Child support
Jessie Neil The Man
audience: Public

or do like mine. my business has the potential to bring in 40 to 50 per hour but I can'...
Re: Police Services assisting the Children s Aid Society apprehensions incident documentation
Sandee Glavas Waldo
audience: Public

research "Nancy Schafer"...a senator from Georgia....she exposed CPS and the courts.......
Take our son from us loving parents right away without even offering kinship
Richard jesso
audience: Public

See but we dont have a history of domestic violence and never have i had charges to said a...
Re: Father Rights Canada / If Im not the father of a child that the mother had in previous relationship
Owen Goodfellow
audience: Public

Rob Valletta hmmm I was told I was fucked even though there's a support order and she c...
Re: Homosexual Child Molestations by gender disorderd Foster Parents
Lorraine Grenier
audience: Public

New evidence poses problems for those who think homosexuals should be allowed to serve ...
Re: Re: Father Rights Canada / Has anyone ever been successful with perjury or contempt charges against your ex?
Michael James Beattie
audience: Public

Jessey Quenneville agreed. My wife wrote in the court papers she thought I was a flight...
Re: Father Rights Canada / police and there I was told “did I really want to .. bust in and arrest their mother
Catherine J de Vries
audience: Public

Wish my husband's ex would die off so his daughter could learn the truth. I'm glad that yo...
June 17 2013 to busy to talk to me, mother stands beside her
audience: Public

I called back to get a response from the mother to what she things she is doing to our ...

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Losing Everything Just to save his daughter

by: Ramsey
I first met Steve and his GF Joan at Parentlink and they seemed like a normal happy family. I befriended Steve on facebook and chatted with him every now and then. While being an Admin on Fathers

Father Rights Canada / Moncton father out of options needs guidence

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I live in Moncton New-Brunswick. A new law came out in May 2018, Intimate partner violence act. My ex-girlfriend has gone theough incredible lying and extortion and manipulation to get it granted. Sh

These people will stab you in the back when the time is right

by: Trevor Kennedy
Public Information
i can remember this woman who one of my friends said something about which was sexual banter among men, he had had intimate relations with her, and it wasn't very nice, but this woman fancied me a

Father Rights Canada / Father being denied access in Manitoba

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
My sons ex has now decided he can’t have access to his child. She has denied him the last 2 times that he has asked for her. She has left their child with her mother and moved 3 hours away t

Father deported with false allegations and seeks a sponsor and support for Calgary

by: swabby
Public Fathers
A father was deported after living in Calgary from 2007 till 2018. He was married and had his son in 2010.  His ex called the cops on him a few times, and he was then deported back to Lebanon

Father Rights Canada / mom not getting help with addiction what are my options

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Do I have a good chance of getting full custody of my kids if their mother is a drug addict and refuses to go to rehab but doesn’t have any police charges? Contact Location: Woodstock Ont

Re: Injustices by Tom Wood of the Barrie, Orillia or Gravenhurst Ontario court

by: L.H.
Public Information
October 29th 2018 I advised my son's lawyer immediately after our encounter that I was filing a complaint about him. When I googled his name, I couldn't believe what came up - we experienced the s

Re: We Judges know that women lie and deceive in family court but we accept that as part of the process

Public AntiFather
How sad as a female, awareness is important. I did not push for record of abuse in my case. Eventually was set up as unstable and lost child custody from community based harrassment. Again have jokes

Caleb Roy from Waterloo Ontario Canada assaulting sexually allegedly

Authenticated Police
MISSISSAUGA, ONT.—Ontario's Special Investigations Unit says a Waterloo region police officer has been charged with sexual assault in connection with alleged incidents that took place severa

Re: Father Rights Canada / Help needed in bc

by: Christine Fumo
Public ExWife
I know what ur going through. My longterm boyfriend has a daughter who was and is a, victim of Parental Alienation! He's been battling his ex wife, of Ontario, since his daughter was a year old! She'

Re Re: Father Rights Canada / Help needed in bc

by: Alex Covington
Public Information
It worked for me too. Got sole custody and her lawyer quit. So keep going. Study your asse

Re: Re: Father Rights Canada / Help needed in bc

by: Scott A. Carnegie
Public Information
Yes I had self-represe

Re Re: Father Rights Canada / Help needed in bc

by: Cortnie Braun
Public Information
Scott A. Carnegie have you self represented before?honestly you should read the transcripts from when my husband tried to self represent. Judge Cohen was a complete and total piece of shit... He l

Re: Father Rights Canada / Help needed in bc

by: Carol Fuller
Public Lawyers
Just ordered this for my son. It's written by a family lawyer in BC. Suppose to be a very good book. I admit the title is a little strange! Dad, Win Without A Lawye

Re: Alienated and Indoctrinated child tells loving devoted Father to F off - Audio linked

by: Mii Car
Public Alienated
my daughter did this during her christmass concert! mouthed "fuck you..." etc at me throughout the whole thing! her mom CANNOT be allowed to get away with this abuse! but law enforcement seems to be

Father Rights Canada / Help needed in bc

Public Fathers
I'm writing this on behalf of my boyfriend, it's his email address I provided you with any information you can give him his greatly appreciated. We have been battling the BC courts for fair visita

Father Rights Canada / List of lawyers for red deer please

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Would like a list of father friendly lawyer in red deer area . Have a lawyer pretty much broke now my lawyer not acting in my best interest anymore Contact Location: Canada Alberta red d

Re We Judges know that women lie and deceive in family court but we accept that as part of the process

by: Mike
Public Information
Has the wrongfully accused father looked into private prosecution against the false mal

Re: Alienated and Indoctrinated child tells loving devoted Father to F off - Audio linked

by: Megan Huxley
This ’mother’ belongs in JAIL. THIS IS CHILD ABUSE! This is exactly what happens when one parent escapes the abuses of the other parent: that parent continues abuse by proxy while the Normal Range p

Father Rights Canada / PAS Court case will post outcome soon

Authenticated Fathers
Have a story of parent alienation that will be proven next week in court..will post out

Father Rights Canada / proving Fathers have rights and that my child deserves a father

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I may have a case that is right up your alley. I was served documents today that out of 48 points made by mother 80% will be proven false in court next Weds. This fight is not for proving the moth

Re Injustices by Tom Wood of the Barrie, Orillia or Gravenhurst Ontario court

Authenticated Judges
We are having to deal with judge woods of Orillia. We are grandparents and the father is a serious drug and alcohol abuser. Judge woods should retire because he is not willing to accept that pee t

Re: Father Rights Canada / Class action lawsuit against the government of Canada

Authenticated LookingFor
am a father in Toronto would like to join class action law suit contact me at freddy_b1

Re: Ottawa Police They are so lacking in education of manipulative people

by: Glen Keating
Public Police
I had a Sgt. with the Ottawa Police come out from behind his protective booth at the main police station on Elgin St. In Ottawa screaming at me, telling me if I didn't take my evidence that he wou

Re: Real Woman respect Fathers Rights

by: Marc Potvin
Public Pages
The woman who does that to the man have no respect for themself no respect for the father and most definitely they have no respect for their own kids. Regardless of the cause of the divorce the ki

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