Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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December 03 2022

Brainwashing Children
Mothers are generally quite nurturing, and the easiest way to melt their heart is through a child...

Parental Alienation Syndrome How to Detect It and What to Do About It by J. Michael Bone and Michael R. Walsh
Any attempt at alienating the children from the other parent should be seen as a direct and willf...

Eleven days into Justine child protection trial Judge Lyndsay Smith questions the ministrys case
Eleven days into an intense child-protection trial, Judge Lyndsay Smith paused the proceedings to...

Re: Father Rights Canada / Up until 1 hour ago I was a member of the Fathers Rights Alberta Canada Facebook Page
Lecyn Williams audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Father Rights Canada / Up until 1 hour ago I was a member of the Fathers Rights Alberta Canada Facebook Page
Fathers Rights Alberta is taking a sleep until a revamp. We started getting attacked las...
Re: Take Action - Be Powerful Against PAS Against Child Parental Alienation Abuse
Stephanie Terry audience: Public
I believe that when children are old enough, what has really happened needs to be explaine...
Re: Father Rights Canada / she is a “cam girl” completely public anyone can see these pictures and videos
Brad Davies audience: Public
Keep a diary. Document everything. Dates times. Even the smallest thing. Go back as far as...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Why is it even though you get shared custody
Janet Hanbury audience: Public
Why are ex wives still getting alimony? In the days when women mostly stayed at home with ...
Father Rights Canada / No lawyer will represent me
Not disclosed audience: Public
No lawyer will represent me. They have all pushed me off to the side. I am f...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Halifax Stewart Travis beats his wife and daughter
Rene Gelinas
audience: Public

Nobody is safe around the police, not even their own families! Do not trust the po...
Father Rights Canada / having a hard time dealing with the situation.
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hello I am a father of four who is going threw a custody situation and I'm having a har...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Father given letter he owes more support

audience: Public

You can ask the court to imput her income. You need to prove she is intentionally limit...
The modus operandi of a druggie who stole one million dollars from a man who spent over 12 years in jail
BlackBerry device
audience: Public

Thank you for sending this. I'm in similar circumstances with a pathological lying step...
Father Rights Canada / Hello, I am wondering if any of you have dealt with a similar situation or have advice for me.
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hello, I am wondering if any of you have dealt with a similar situation or have advice ...
Re: I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever
audience: Public

Thank you to whoever wrote this. This story is far far embellished and untrue. The pare...
York Region Children's Aid Society Pam using her placement at work to isolate and hold parents hostage
Amanda Nonkes Elizabeth Sauve
audience: Public

This is one of many letters sent in to York Regon CAS on my behalf... They Fired The wo...
Lee Bolton
audience: Authenticated Login and access Stay tuned for more CAS SHIT-SHOW LIES MANIPULATION UNETHICAL BEHAVIOURS AND HITLER TACTICS

First the cas spreads lies and tries to put fear into this community about the Lev Taho...
Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

https://www.facebook.com/Ella-Rose-ActBill-414407025584169/ https://www.facebook.com/Not-...
Father Rights Canada / Getting back up and not giving in
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hello, I’m a 27 yr old father of three. I have been a stepfather since I was 18 t...

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Remove this judge from my town He doesnt deserve to have power over families

by: Brandi Martin
Public Accused
This Mother will not have a lawsuit against her for defamation because she speaks and fights with truth. He is lucky the system sides with him and believes his lies, and that he is not in jail. Sh

Remove this judge from my town He doesn't deserve to have power over families

by: Anthony Nash
Public Accused
This girl that's claims her babies father sexually abused his own daughter while with the grandparents during thanksgiving is lucky the father doesn't file a law suit against her for defamation of

The abuse continues with Tricia Longboat still an employee of a Childrens Aid Society in Toronto

by: Brandi Martin
Public FACS
I was informed that if a former CAS worker was hired to head our new agency, we would be in trouble. How much worse is it now that we know a current CAS worker is the Director of the new 'native c

Re: Remove this judge from my town He doesnt deserve to have power over families

by: Brandi Martin
Public Accused
WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! Nothing can stop a mother who does not stop herself!!!! Everything is possible. I support and Strongly encourage others to fully support this young Mom - Stand up and make a differe

Re: The whole exercise stinks of sizing the family up to see if conditions exist for a removal

by: Papa Inbc
Public Awareness
You can see in this documentation that only the father is portrayed as the instigator. There is a risk assignment on the dad only, not on EACH parent. The above tidbit of information should be add

Re: The whole exercise stinks of sizing the family up to see if conditions exist for a removal

by: Brent
Public Information
The father in this particular case did not see the two children for over two years the mother took off now hiding in Israel with a new lover alienating the father. Her name is Alexandra <a href="h

CAS Brantford went into my child's school pulled her into the principals office and made her drop her pants

Authenticated CAS
This is a document that was served to me from the other party, this document will be shown in my superior court case. It's a sworn affidavit 14A regarding CAS actions without parental concent and

Analysis OCL involvement version 1

by: Vernon Beck
Attached is a small portion of a family court report being written for a determined mother which gives some information about how the Office of the Children's Lawyer is harming children and famili

The whole exercise stinks of sizing the family up to see if conditions exist for a removal

by: Papa Inbc
Public CAS
One can see CAS has put a LOT of work into this simple referral. What is missing is the parents transcript recording all interactions, plus all the handwritten black book notes of the social worke

Free Bill Coleman: In prison 8 years for wife's rape claim during child custody battle

by: Bill Coleman with: fathers in action
Public Prision
Vladek Filler was falsely accused of raping his ex-wife. The evidence and testimony are in, and Vlad was cleared of the crime in court. False accusations are not uncommon, and we expect many of yo

I hate everyone that is involved in the alienation of my children from me

by: Jon Erber
Public PAS
PROVE ME WRONG parental alienation is the way in which the system molds the next generation into zombie like idiots and altars the makeup of families, if you don't agree or like it im fine with it

I never gave up and it's been hard but I am an example of what can happen ~Families Against Government Abuse

by: Andrea Murphy Bruen with: Families Against Government Abuse
Public LookingFor
Well as of today my case closed so glad it's over! I got two of my kids back my oldest will hopefully be home this summer when I have my lawyer file the motion for me to get full rights back from

You Sicken me to not teach ur own children about abuse that can happen

by: Mandy Mcabe
Public Information
I never bothered to read half these comments, all the gibber gabber and negative attitudes against everything, seems when everything failed and or you see fail you give up Or just sit on here n bi

Australian Brotherhood of Fathers IT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT

Public Awareness
The Australian Brotherhood of Fathers has a smart campaign growing where they state the basic facts of Alienation IT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT <a href="https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/no

I have had nearly 50% custody for well over a year and without some convincing evidence

by: Vince Michels
Public Evidence
Had court last week when the ex filed for an emergency hearing, I read her complaint and nothing in it constituted an emergency. Told the judge I didn't understand why we were there without being

found your ex

by: Elena Blank
Public DisLog
I think I need to make the names of people who support my ex in his stalking exercises public. You know they have a guilty conscious when they drive by your place, realize that you have seen them

What is the law regarding cas interviewing minors she's 14...alone?

by: Jennifer Dhana Clarke with: Tammy Everest and Papa Inbc
there is no court order for this -- No , I would not There is no court order&nbsp;For a child over 14 they need your daughters consent....can't force a 14 to talk if they don't want to <br /


by: Lisa
Public Accused
JJ your hilarious! Yes she's is a trip, everyone in SSM knows her, only the "elite" get chosen to lick her coat tails. She works at the hospital now in Emerg, ordering everyone around. It's funny

found your crazy ex She was always a liar @ the Dunn Sault olsen hospital sah worker public relation

Authenticated Accused
Picture your crazy ex is spreading on public Facebook, making her look like a good mother. One day the truth will come out that she is a liar and she fucked you over to have full custody. &nbsp;Li

found your ex

Authenticated Accused
Hey Vince I found your ex on facebook. Guess they of Sault Ste Marie Don't know she is attentional abusing you and alienating you from your daughter .......and 153 ot

The family court is also trying to prevent the evidence being used

by: Edmond Dantes with: Friends of Protection For Men
Public FamilyCourt
I was in prison on remand for most of 2014 - on remand charged with harassment, because I reported the abuses and abusers of my children to the police in public. Trial in criminal crown court in M

OCJ Obstruction of Justice I refuse to take these truths to my grave like my poor father was forced too

by: Trena Thompson
Public Malfeasance
My dad passed away 11 years ago today, people take your heads outta your asses and listen to us court kids not the dirty money! Better yet why don't you try listening to the evidence. NOT ONE of y

Yes...I have full custody and he has every other weekend. HE's supposed to pick up and drop off but doesn't

by: Tina Choy
Public Other
My 3 yr old does not want to see his dad every other weekend. Anyone knows when I can legally say okay he doesn't have the go? My ex has not paid any support although I receive his income tax refu

I vowed to my daughter the day she was born I would stop at nothing to allow her to have love in her life

by: Rob Sullivan with: Anthony Devin Trondson
Public Help
Another day of missing my daughter and wondering why a country such as Canada would turn one parent against the other.....the are truly cowards...truly stealing the right for us loving parents to

Selfish people make the worst of parents

Authenticated Parents
As my husbands wife, he pays me to care for him, our children, our home.I take that money, and I spend it on our children, food, bills. I don't use it on myself.&nbsp;In th

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