Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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December 10 2022

Are you a good separated or divorced parent?
Hostile Aggressive Parenting or HAP is a serious form of child maltreatment and abuse, and is enc...

Eleven days into Justine child protection trial Judge Lyndsay Smith questions the ministrys case
Eleven days into an intense child-protection trial, Judge Lyndsay Smith paused the proceedings to...

Denial of the Parental Alienation Syndrome Also Harms Women
Denying reality is obviously a maladaptive way of dealing with a situation. In fact, denial is ge...

Re: Father Rights Canada / How do I collect the child tax
Donovan Searchwell audience: Public
Also in addition to either contacting CCRA to provide a copy of the court order or atta...
Re: Re: I hate everyone that is involved in the alienation of my children from me
Christopher Barber audience: Public
gotta admit, all of us has thoughts of revenge and hate. hard not to knowing the abduction...
Complaint against House of Commons: Elected to protect our rights not deny our rights
Connie Brauer fathers in action audience: Public
We have a complaint against the Parliament of Canada. Sent Saturday, July 26, 2014 11:4...
What does Parental Alienation look like?
Leslyn Davis audience: Public
Contempt. "Whomever" should have been told that the children are ordered by the courts ...
The Epidemic of Parents and Families Systematically Abused by our Family Courts - Radio Talk Show
Layinwait Ashley Phillips audience: Public
I was in the process and the only explanation I can use is divine intervention. I thought ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re Father Rights Canada / Came very close to the edge
Thomas Fidler
audience: Public

Below was written for something else and kit as a direct answer to your question. ...
Re: Your Client is a pathology liar she lied to authorities and manipulate services

audience: Public

Anyone with more information about this above narcissistic person, please come forward,...
C.A.S. had made an application to terminate my wardship they also included 10 dollars
Lona Dedo
audience: Public

unbelievable. All the best to you Ricki Darren Bertrand
Father Rights Canada / she will not care for her children can he take the kids when he leaves
Not disclosed
audience: Public

My best friend is about to leave his girlfriend of 7 years and 2 of the 4 kids are his and...
Father Rights Canada / title to be edited
Not disclosed
audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

looking for assistance for a decent lawyer since my lawyer is not looking out for my best ...
Re: Father Rights Canada / someone in Calgary (or a local chapter) ?
Hephaestus Pewtress
audience: Public

I'm in Calgary. However,I can help anyone who is willing to be helped. PM me.
Father Rights Canada / Moncton father out of options needs guidence
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I live in Moncton New-Brunswick. A new law came out in May 2018, Intimate partner violence...
Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

Good morning I am curious why I can not comment on anything. Has been like this for ove...
OCL Ontario Children Lawyer and Evidence Ontario Family Court
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Could you please post anon. Today my son had his disclosure meeting with the his and he...
Father Rights Canada / we appreciate to get some help for my son
Not disclosed
audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / we appreciate to get some help for my son

Will very appreciated to get some help for my son who's a daddy of a two years old boy ...

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last to acknowledge that I have no parental rights

by: Parents in Canada
Public Fathers
I just moved across the street from my ex-wife, bought a place to make everything easier, same bus routes, closer access, etc. I need 50/50 to afford it, which was agreed to, but now she doesn't w

Children have no voice when it comes to seeing there parents

by: Parents in Canada
Public Fathers
This is more of a question on behalf of my son and myself.( his mom). Because I feel strongly that's there something wrong with the information he got. Beside the child support he has

A woman so manipulative insecure jealous and spiteful

Public Fathers
Its almost 3am and Im wide awake. My nerves are shot. I have butterflies in my stomach. Today is the day my fiance finds out if hes awarded shared custody. 50/50. He has been fighting his ex for 1

Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

Authenticated Fathers
not sure if this is where to post things to your FB page, but here goes! Hi, please post this anonymous, thanks. Sorry my story is long - but I feel it needs to be told. I have been with my SO

Legal fees in the past four years, we are at the end of our rope

Public Fathers
That's a whole story in itself, but lets just sum it up - it's been incredibly painful for us to have this girl grow to hate us and have her vindictively act against us. It's also been evident it

SSMP Jarrott Forsyth Sault Ste Marie Ontario cop assaults a defenceless women?

Authenticated Police
The Police are the largest street gang in our democracy their territory spans from coast to coast and nobody is safe: young or old, female or male, black or not. The police have committed almost e

Waterloo Regional Police frivolously charged Cop Watch Canada founder

by: Michael Schmidt
Public Police
I was walking down King Street in Kitchener, Ontario on August 27, 2016 at approximately 12:10 pm. I saw a police officer harassing a homeless man that I had walked by earlier sleeping on the side

Drunk Paul Drury driving through Oakville Ontario Canada

by: Wendy Gillis with: Paul Drury
Public Police
A veteran Toronto police officer is facing criminal and disciplinary charges after allegedly driving drunk while operating a police vehicle earlier this year, the Toronto Star has learned. <p

Has Michael Partridge assaulting residents crime spree stopped?

by: Michael Partridge
Public Police
A York regional police officer has been charged in connection with the arrest of a man earlier this year. Toronto police say York offi

Child services said that there wasn't enough evidence to warrant an investigation

by: Fathers Fighting For Their Kids
Public Fathers
I need some advice with regard to my son or someone to steer me in the right direction because emotionally my son is beaten down and doesn't know which way to turn. My son has two daughters, ages

Like so much a vampire runs from sunlight your run from the truth

by: Francis Dean
Public Alienated
To all you fucktards ; i dare any of you alienating , liars to even dare to force ____ to testify to your " mommy's bullshit because you might want to know what i have to prove beyond any doubt ju

Extort money out of them doesn't create a peaceful society in which to raise children

by: NotoriousDAD
Public Fathers
Pointing guns at people and threatening them with imprisonment to extort money out of them doesn't create a peaceful society in which to raise children. It perpetuates a way of wage slavery and in

Stephen M Tyrrell and Diane Smith Jordan, please love ___ and ___ more than you hate me

by: Roisin Cassidy
Public PAS
My stupid abusive ex is still refusing to allow me contact with our children. I'm not playing the victim anymore. Stephen M Tyrrell and Diane Smith Jordan, please love ____ and _____ more than you

First man in Ontario to successfully sue the Childrens Aid Society of Ontario Canada

by: Charlotte Webb
YES! We are also seeing 'aged out' foster children filing suit against CPS. The courts have to be flooded with these lawsuits. This means we need to self-represent b/c we have found that attorneys

Multi-agency efforts to cover it up and silence the victims and whistleblowers

by: Joseph Kenick III with: Joseph L Kenick III
Public Advocate
If the laws which protect us, our children, homes, and property can be violated and ignored at will, then no laws apply in our use of deadly force in self defense on behalf of our children, pets,

Re: First man in Ontario to successfully sue the Childrens Aid Society of Ontario Canada

Authenticated CAS
I sued them privately. A few people got fired, and the case was settled out of court.</

The War on Fathers by feminists agendas badged accomplices and profiteering cronies

by: Joseph Kenick III with: Joseph L Kenick III
Public Fathers
The answer is already well documented and known. Whether we like it or not, we're already at war with a now-exposed evil of unimaginable proportions, comprised of kidnappers, robed conspirators,</

You are hurting our son, not just me asshat

Authenticated PAS
Another milestone stolen from Jaydon and I. You are hurting our son, not just me asshat. This WILL backfire!!&nbsp;I wish I was there making you a special breakfast Jaydon, sending you off t

Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

Authenticated Fathers
Hi there! Can you please add this update to my post about the Statement of Finances... Thank you all for your suggestions! It's prompted more questions though hahaha @Dante Delano Tomada... th

Father Rights Canada Income won't count unless we file undue hardship?

by: Father Rights Canada
Public Fathers
Hi guys and gals! Can you please post this for me, I need some feedback before we do something we shouldn't. I was of the understanding that my income would never be factored into MEP or the provi

I am SO GLAD that Helen Florentis can no longer practice Family Law

Authenticated Information
Helen Forentis was my lawyer from 2007-2009 and reading this does not surprise me at all and makes me wish terribly that I was one of the people who put in a complaint. She was absolutely horrible

We must stop turning children against divorced fathers

by: Vernon Beck with: Neil Lyndon
Public Fathers
Thousands of divorced fathers are eliminated from their children's lives because of the 'implacable hostility' of mothers with custody.&nbsp;The normal prejudiced assumption is that a mother will

Profiteering cronies take and keep our children and threaten our lives while they keep breathing

by: Joseph Kenick III with: Joseph L Kenick III
Public Boycot
The kidnappers, robed conspirators, badged accomplices, and profiteering cronies think they can continue to take and keep our children, homes, and threaten our lives while they keep breathing. WE

Father Rights Canada Wanted Family law lawyer in Fort MacMurray

by: Father Rights Canada
Public Fathers
Looking for a family law lawyer in Fort MacMurray area that has experience with parenta

Son in Jail Do I continue to pay the mother?

by: Fathers Rights Canada
Public Fathers
Please post anonymously. My son is 17 years old and has just been sentenced to 6 months in youth corrections Calgary. He has already been there for 5 months before sentencing through which I have

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