Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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June 24 2022

Denial of the Parental Alienation Syndrome Also Harms Women
Denying reality is obviously a maladaptive way of dealing with a situation. In fact, denial is ge...

FAQ ex-fathers.org
What is an ex-father? An ex-father is a man denied the opportunity to raise his child. Fathers a...

Father Rights Canada / Partner has not seen or talked to his children since March
Not disclosed audience: Public
Could you please make an anon post for me? We are looking for help. Ontario - Partner h...
Their is enough evidence of corruption to put a lot of politicians in jail
Amy E Smart audience: Public
they got rid of him because the reports that he released on their corruption is enough ...
Supposed to be about the children that mandate has become buried in bureaucracy
Father Rights Alberta audience: Public
Hi there, I just came across your page. I became associated with Alberta Maintenance En...
25 February 710pm phone call
audience: Authenticated Login and access 25 February 710pm phone call
25 February 710pm phone call  Michaela happy for her new toys, she talks abou...
Affidavit of Lucy Theresa Hermiston Jan. 09 2012
audience: Authenticated Login and access Affidavit of Lucy Theresa Hermiston   Jan. 09 2012
1. My name is Lucy Theresa Hermiston my date of birth is July 27 1959. I am a registere...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: Childrens Aid worker and Police unlawfully detained terrified and interrogated Mother and 12 year-old child
Jennifer Joy
audience: Public

I read the whole thing, it's really disgusting, after they realized they got the wrong ...
Info with respect that they will be reviewing 25 years worth of CAS cases involving Motherisk
CAS Victim
audience: Authenticated Login and access Info with respect that they will be reviewing 25 years worth of CAS cases involving Motherisk

You should also include some info with respect that they will be reviewing 25 years wor...
Conflict of Interest lawyer George McFadyen practices in the same courthouse with wife Justice Anne McFadyen
Jim Canie CFFLR
audience: Public

Justice Anne McFadyen sits in the Ontario Court of Justice in Sarnia where as her husba...
Durham Children's Aid Society All ods against the father Kristoffer Booth Audio Recording
Kristoffer Booth Krista Gingel
audience: Authenticated Login and access Durham Children's Aid Society All ods against the father Kristoffer Booth Audio Recording

A very important call. Krista gingel again refuses to stop Mr.Booth from protecting his...
Re: Manipulating the Justice system: The penalty should be the sentence that I was facing!
Jason Renwick
audience: Public

Had the identical thing happen to me. Was locked up for 24 days before they began to fi...
Re: False Allegations of Domestic Violence the Truth
Hilary Quarrell
audience: Public

Hi readers, I am a woman, I wrote this article... brainsytax has multiple authors. <br ...
Re: Obstruction of Justice forgery professional misconduct malice of the Family Law and FRO in Ontario
Richard Petersen
audience: Public

This is more than one group. It is something bigger than that. FRO CAS and Family court...
was waiting to hear your voice not your mothers I am sorry to hear you are crying
Vincent Schiele Micheala Schiele
audience: Public

phone recordings from 13/07/2013 I was waiting to hear from Michaela as I did not know ...
Algoma Sault CAS interrogating children parent found out 4 month later Phone call March 15 2015
Amy E Smart
audience: Public

Send letter to cease and desist and file a claim for trespass and extortion because tha...
October 05 2012 620pm Phone Record 02
audience: Authenticated Login and access October 05 2012 620pm Phone Record 02

Duration 10:04 min Call hanged up, not enough time for Michaela to talk <a href="http:/...

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Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

Authenticated Fathers
Hi my name is Cesar Elias I have a 5yr old who has been living with his mother for the last year without my care. Since she has become the primarily care giver she has barley allowed me to have visit

Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

Authenticated Fathers
I got paternity tests done 3 years ago and got a phone call from mep in bc stating 2 of th

Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

Authenticated Fathers
Can you guys please post this, I need some info from an experience point of view. MEP wasn't enforcing Section 7s for a good chunk of the year. My stepsons mother was super angry about this which

Men are finding new ways to meet their needs without the risk of a partner who could steal their child in a divorce

by: Bill Sanders with: ROBERT CRIBB
Public Fathers
Several single men seeking Canadian surrogates cited a primal desire to be a father, with reasons including homophobia, infertility issues and not wanting to wait.Men are finding

Facebook group for those living in the Okanagan

by: anthony dewar
Public MisConduct
I have just started a Facebook group called Okanagan Exposers and Outters as an outlet to report mistreatment and abuse by Government Agencies, Courts, MCFS, etc. Feel free to contact myself (Tony

You may not even have visitation with your sons and daughters

by: Joseph L Kenick III with: Joseph Kenick III
Public Truth
When the law stops protecting you from the corrupt but protects the corrupt from you a nation is doomed. Fight back!&rdquo; &ndash; Tim Tebow There will be some casualties in this war. Som

Father Rights Canada - I am being bled dry by insane child support and spousal payments

by: Fathers Rights Alberta
Public Fathers
Hi there.&nbsp; I'm kind of t the end of my rope here, and desperately need to reach out to someone.&nbsp; I am currently almost 3 years into a divorce, that gets increasingly ugly at every turn.&

Father Rights Canada terrified that she has legal representation and he does not

by: Matica
Public Fathers
Hi there. My brother is currently living in Alberta and was residing with his gf and their two daughters up until recently. She has made false accusations and somehow granted an EPO. A

December 15th is our annual Christmas Letters of Love show

by: Deborah Elizabeth
Public Children
Thursday December 15th is our annual Christmas Letters of Love show. We invite parents to come on and read a letter of love to their children on the air. Since all our shows are recorded for downl

Family law lawyers get paid by LAO or parents win or lose diligent representation takes a steep dive

by: Bill Korbak with: Jeremy Diamond
Public Lawyers
Bad Lawyers Strike Again! Dec 3 2016: Toronto Star: Personal injury lawyers Diamond &amp; Diamond advertise heavily and collect client information then effectively sell that information to other l

Another dismal recent example of the failure of the children's aid society

by: Vernon Beck
Public CAS
Attached, please find a letter addressed to Premier Wynne from Canada Court Watch regarding yet another dismal failure of the children's aid society system in Ontario. This letter is based on vide

According to custody evaluator Ken Perlmutter my kids are not bonded with me

Authenticated Mothers
I miss you so much little honey. I'm so sorry that I could not fight harder for you, I lost my voice in court and was eaten alive. I will never forgive myself. The only thing I promise is to hold

Jason Schneider police employee accused of trying to derail a father's custody application

by: Jason Schneider with: Calgary police
Public FamilyCourt
Five Calgary police officers and a civilian police employee are being sued for $600,000, accused of trying to derail a father's custody application by laying a criminal charge in what the plaintif

Father Rights Canada denied access to my children - recalculation order

by: Alberta contact message
Public Fathers
I need to know where to go for free help in Alberta. I moved from bc 4 months ago, and i need a recalculation order as well as to know where to go for help on being denied access to my children.</

Apparently Jody Wilson Raybould only represents the government interests

by: Mike Doyle with: Jody Wilson Raybould
Public Justice
Just received a response from the Canadian Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould. She informed me that as justice minister her responsibility was " provide legal advice for the government ". So bo

Pig Brandon Catcher charged with assaulting resident

by: Brandon Catcher
Public Police
MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - Ontario's police watchdog has charged an officer with assault after a man was injured during the course of an arrest.The SIU investigation found the following:&nbsp

Father Rights Canada become a professional Fathers rights advocate

by: Fathers rights advocate
Public Fathers
I'd like informatio

Father Rights Canada I've been at my wits end almost since the beginning

by: Father Rights Canada
Public Fathers
Hello my name is _____. I have been fighting for my children for 8 months now. She tried to have my kids taken so I got a lawyer. The judge after a months of court and being very agry at thier mom

Community turned a blind for over half a century until it finally cumulated in the brutal murder

by: Deborah Elizabeth Maddison
Public Murder
Deadly Secrets. Tamara Fabre's murder by her father was all over the news. You may think you know what happened because of this coverage but the real truth is about to unfold as Tamara's sister Tr

Parents in Ontario on Assistance or Disability

by: Deborah Elizabeth Maddison
Public Court
PARENTS IN ONTARIO ON ASSISTANCE OR DISABILITY There is a class action lawsuit against the government to collect past and future child support clawed back by the government. This support is your c

It becomes an invisible crime the court will never see - Motherisk Commission

by: Bill Korbak
Public CAS
Today: Nov 16 2016: Toronto Star &ndash; Front Page title &ndash; (paper edition): &ldquo;Child Protection&rsquo;s Darkest Chapter&rdquo; This is the newest installment in the Motherisk story. Sur

Father Rights Canada Fathers Rights Ontario

Authenticated Fathers
Is there a Father's

It is hard to protect your child from the children's aid society

by: William Clarke
Public CAS
The children's aid took my daughter two months after she was sexually assaulted by a sitter approved by them. They let me have three visits with my daughter and haven't let me see her since. They

Law Societies be demolished they serve no purpose other than devising conspiracies and collusion

by: David McDonough
Public CAS
Our government has been caught supporting the ongoing abuse and invalidation of RCMP victims of bullying/narcissistic abuse.&nbsp;CSIS spies on us! Frames isolated and marginalized peo

RCMP CSIS family courts and CAS playing this abuse game and it's time we called them on it

by: David McDonough
We have numerous groups on facebook all demanding an end to various examples of abuse and injustice. But we are all fighting the same people who are using the same tactics against us all.

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