Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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February 05 2023

Parental Alienation Syndrome How to Detect It and What to Do About It by J. Michael Bone and Michael R. Walsh
Any attempt at alienating the children from the other parent should be seen as a direct and willf...

Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the Family Court System
Why can't you both just get along for the sake of the children? Those words are like nails on ...

Re: Smiths Falls Ontario Police and Family Children Services violating our rights CAS Ontario
Keith Guilmette audience: Public
I predict this family is going to have CAS involvement for a very long time. They compl...
Reply to alienator post
audience: Public
How about you come talk to a WOMAN with a totally different perspective...is one of you...
Re: Ontario Peel CAS denied any further access for the mother outcry for help to be with her children
audience: Public
I'm glad to be a subscriber - I'm appalled at what is going on, the pain, the loss, the...
Re: All 3 Judges made malicious comments towards Mr. Booth and made wreckless endorsements against the family
Josip Gorscak audience: Public
God Bless you Vincent for everything you are doing... This is very painful for me to re...
Re: Family Law Ontario Clowns in Gowns Opening of the Courts 2013 Toronto
J Canie CFFLR audience: Public
System was misguided, officials admit Thousands of children needlessly uprooted&nbsp;<b...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: Last Testament of a loving father abused by the family court system and alienated from his children

audience: Public

Paul Gilmour Dear Christopher how sad I didn't know you. Some people say it's cowardly ...
Family Law Act and Childrens Aid Societies ripping families apart
Nicole Pokno
audience: Authenticated Login and access Family Law Act and Childrens Aid Societies ripping families apart

Had a good day protesting for our rights today against CAS! I had a total of 15ppl pick...
Sad sad situation
Dinya Farmer
audience: Public

Unfortunately this sort of thing happened to me a couple of years ago. Ex came to pick up ...
Father Rights Canada / I have a family case conference coming up, I have fired my lawyer
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hi there, My wife left 3 weeks ago with out 2 children to a tran...
Worse than Hitler and the Nazi remember the Arian race/people
Rose Dearborn
audience: Authenticated Login and access Worse than Hitler and the Nazi remember the Arian race/people

Some day, we the abused, victimized, feeding tree (CPS /CAS steals and sells our kids) ...
I am not sharing for sympathy
Suzanne Lombard Elmore
audience: Public

I stopped advocating for a few months for personal reasons... I just moved ie: downsize...
Families are fed up with hollow promises by the Association of Childrens Aid Agencies and its members
audience: Public

From my experience Legal Aid lawyers make a larger profit (On the books) if they lose y...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Came very close to the edge
Travis Shanks
audience: Public

Excellent question! And my answer after 6 years of this crap is a simple one. 6 years ag...
audience: Authenticated Login and access I WAS NEVER ENCOURAGED TO BRING CHILDREN INTO CARE

Words from an alienated child:
4 Ever Their Mom
audience: Public

"I just want to talk to both of you without any problems!"&nbsp; How sad tha...

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Radio Food For Thought December 03 Parents alienated from their kids have a Radio Voice

Authenticated Information
Tonight's guest on Food For Thought is Sandy to talk about her group Punished 4 Protecting, Food For Thought with The Jim Sunday December 03 2017 &nbsp; <audio id="brainsyntax_audi

Jason Mallett charged with 15 offences under the Police Services Act

by: Jason Mallett
Public Police
An Ottawa police constable with a history of misconduct&nbsp;is facing more than a dozen fresh charges, including&nbsp;allegations he had sex with someone while on duty&nbsp;and sent sexually expl

Plenty of Court decisions showing a double standard where abuse and lying by the CAS is given light treatment

by: Bill Korbak
Public CAS
A long article in the Star talks about how broken foster care and group homes are with workers paid low wages without training or supports for high needs kids. How cruelly ironic, CAS grab

Achille Currado charged with breach of trust obstruction of justice and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence

by: Achille Currado
Public Police
Provincial police reported Thursday that a member of the London Police Service (LPS) is facing charges following an investigation that began in August. READ MORE: Conviction, 5-year s

The wedding night she was never around and he was talking about her sleeping with some guy

by: jeff
Public Information
ok ya i sound confusing ..... so they were together on and off the five years so when the were not together my brother won 1.666666 million. &nbsp;and he went to a lawyer and made up 2 pre

Being treated un fairly by courts and dont know what to do

by: Micheal Harland
Public Accused
I am in the middle of a battle for my rights to see my son. I have had my son 76% of the time since the split. Now i got into a dispute with my parents and my ex took that information to social se


by: Bill Korbak
Public CAS
We hear a lot in the media how criminal cases are dismissed because of a Charter Rights violation, so lots of folks presume that also applies in all courts, but it&rsquo;s not true. The Supreme Co

Re: Re: More than ever before parents are fighting over equal parenting time Winnipeg Lawyer

Authenticated Lawyers
Colin peoples corner law office Michelle Szutiak is my lawyer give her a call her numbe

Re: More than ever before parents are fighting over equal parenting time

Authenticated LawyerForHire
Iam currently going through a custody battle,any recommendations for a great lawyer to rep

The wedding night she was never around and he was talking about her sleeping with some guy

by: Jennifer Spackman
Public Fathers
Your post is confusing. Sorry. I&rsquo;m trying my best to understand. Are you saying that they spent all of the money? If that&rsquo;s true then the courts will divide up the property, because if

Family Court Vindictive female judge violated my right of first refusal

by: Ray
Public Fathers
Hey I just lost a court case today to a vindictive female judge. It got so ugly she contradicted herself I called her out for doing it and she said it doesn't matter only thing that matters is the

Re: The wedding night she was never around and he was talking about her sleeping with some guy

by: Ethan Schlote
Public Information
If he goes to the rigs/oil he is going to have a big uphill battle when he wants to see his kid. He will be out of town a lot, so visitation would be at her descresion as well as what the rig&rsqu

Philip was abused and alienated by the mother of his child

by: Nightmare
Public Information
When we hear the terms murder or manslaughter we usually only think of the physical death of the body via the negligent or willful actions of another. It is something typically done with intention

The wedding night she was never around and he was talking about her sleeping with some guy

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
hi this is my last attempt to help my brother , my brother is stubborn and not the smartest guy . now here is my question.....5 years ago my brother won lotto max and walked away with

Radio Food For Thought - Nov 26 2017- Parents alienated from their kids have a Radio Voice

by: Jim Hogan with: Candace
Public FamilyCourt
Tonight's Food For Thought, after a two week break the Jim returns to Food For Thought with special guest Candace, learn more about our system of Family Law and how we can make a difference.

Don't have Kids if you can't afford them. It's called equality, and only us women having the choice to keep kids

by: Lecyn Williams
Public AntiFather
My child's father and I do not speak at all. I found out he was in a car accident and broke his neck. How do I ?nd out if he is receiving disability? He quit working after the accident and even mo

Ottawa Police They are so lacking in education of manipulative people

by: Glen Keating
Public Police
I see that you are in Ottawa Ontario. I lived there for 29 years. They are the most inept police force that I have ever dealt with. From my experiences, they can be so easily manipulated by people

Re: Father Rights Canada / Legal aid experience needed

by: Grant Kostner
Public Lawyers
A useless free lawyer is still useless. If you know he/she is useless but keep him/her employed you have no reason to bitch because you got what you paid for. Problem is while both you and the law

Father Rights Canada / Legal aid experience needed

by: Mark Simpson
Public Information
Had 3 legal aid lawyers and sounds about right with any lawyer and this system! 6 years

Re: Father Rights Canada / Legal aid experience needed

by: Ray McCoy
Public Lawyers
Go without Legal aid and Represent yourself. Its cheaper and I trust legal aid as much as I trust MEP taking the correct amount of child support on time every time! In other words I trust MEP &amp

Re: Father Rights Canada / Legal aid experience needed

by: Roy Sinclair
Public Lawyers
Last year I requested change of counsel with legal aid. I was not asked about any new financial information. Call and request the form to fill out, as you need to explain why. At first I was denie

Re: Father Rights Canada / Legal aid experiance needed

by: Dustin Hammett
Public Lawyers
I think you know the answers already. You sound like you know the process already. Why

Father Rights Canada / Legal aid experience needed

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Please post anon.&nbsp;At about this time last year we were finally approved for legal aid. We met with the lawyer appointed to our case about reducing child support and many other changes to the

Getting through the holidays and perhaps life under the plague of alienation

by: Linda J. Gottlieb
Public PAS
First and foremost: BE Proactive.&nbsp;This time of year tends to be the most painful and difficult&mdash;save, of course, for Mother&rsquo;s Day, Father&rsquo;s Day, and yours and your kids&rsquo

It's court corruption prosecuting parents David Stephen, the media is twisting it

Authenticated MisConduct
David Stephen since the media is twisting it.&nbsp;It's court corruption prosecuting parents&nbsp;Prayers for EzekielDear little Ezekiel was brought into the hospital after he stopped

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