Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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October 02 2022

Problems suffered by Children due to Parental Alienation
Dr. L.F. Lowenstein - Southern England Psychological Services have been involved with and heard ...

Denial of the Parental Alienation Syndrome Also Harms Women
Denying reality is obviously a maladaptive way of dealing with a situation. In fact, denial is ge...

I Lost My Children to Parental Alienation
Group with Personal Stories, Forums and Chat

July 16 2010 notes
Vincent audience: Authenticated Login and access July 16 2010 notes
Friday July 16 2010 http://www.brainsyntax.com/Portal/Material/3/Folder/with...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Looking for help with possible fraudulent use of mep
Clint Tweedle audience: Public
Zero discussion with, or sympathy from MEP, they’re the devil. Talk to a lawyer quick and ...
I lost my fight... claiming to have witnessed me losing my mind and threatening my child
Vyronika Ladile audience: Public
So, my story actually begins 21, almost 22 years ago. I was born to my parents on Decem...
Without a presumption of equal shared parenting the system will continue to fail children and non-custodial parent
Jeremy Swanson audience: Public
Have you heard about the new organization  Leading Women for Shared Parenti...
Father Rights Canada / I have not seen my child for almost 3 months.
Not disclosed audience: Public
I am going through a divorce and custody battle I have no extra funds . I am not in the...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Parental Alienation Ontario Case 1997/10 Mother Alexandra Jaffitt alienating the father in spite
Felipe Basoalto Salvestrini Alexandra Jaffit
audience: Authenticated Login and access Parental Alienation Ontario Case 1997/10 Mother Alexandra Jaffitt alienating the father in spite

Tatiana, my 6 year old daughter... I hope you had a nice birthday, with many balloons, ...
Re Angry Sudbury father flips out on children - Splinter of CCW - sabotaged and misguided souls
Lillian Christine Sorko
audience: Public

sadly this man manipulated some of the best advocates who ever lived in Ontario in my o...
Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

I need help asap. My son for to a foster home for no good reason. I have gone 9 courses...
How long can the C.A.S. hold the reccomendations of their psych reports on you against you

audience: Public

i have a question , somebody please answer me. ok my kids are crown ward in foster care...
Got this letter of my son today guess its time to give up!
Jesse Larabee
audience: Public

Please dont give up. Please.
Re: He works for c.a.s.. he gathers info on people and gives it to c.a.s
audience: Public

that phone call was just recently?
Omitted case notes embellishments in Society Affidavits and using Case Law
audience: Public

One of the most useful tools anyone can use in a child protection is Case Law. I recent...
VIORICA LUNGU: This is the real story and nobody can touch it, because I am protected by the Canadian Constitution
Viorica Lungu
audience: Public

Justice for Viorica Lungu to be Reunited with Her Children Considering that, in accorda...
I've been harassed by FACS in St. Catharines and Algoma CAS
Stephanie Marshall
audience: Public

My children's father has had some shady things pulled by the Algoma Children's Aid Soci...
2014 Opening of The Courts in Toronto Ontario OCJ annual ceremony
V Schiele
audience: Public

Standing with Solidarity together on the grounds of the Toronto Court house, a house of...

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Father Rights Canada / First Moments For Dad

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Hey there,I wanted a bit of important information if you guys can help me out. My son is due to he born any day now and I’m taking a trip out from Ingersoll to Brockville to s

Father Rights Canada / Carrots and Apples

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I fought the good fight for years and I wrote a book, if you like, one way to read it is you can probably request that your local Library add it to their collection: Plus I could use the exposure.

Father Rights Canada / Father unsure of wife's intentions

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I am on PR.My wife seprated by Me. We recouncile one time. But separated again now she has given me threats of restraining order, in order for me to stay away from my boy .... what to do

Father Rights Canada / gofundme

Authenticated Fathers
https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-a-dad-protect-and-keep-his-kids-safe?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_co_campmgmt_wContact Location: British Columbia Canad

Father Rights Canada / Help to how to resolve a matter

Authenticated Fathers
Hi, my name is Talha Israr and I'm hoping someone can help me in regards to advising me in how to resolve a matter that has to with my children. Please contact me at 905 903 1144. The email provid

Father Rights Canada / I raised my kids.

by: family
Public Fathers
Good afternoon   are you able to send us a message  in the Fathers Rights Ontario Messenger This way I can respond by sending you a link to Contact the Director o

Father Rights Canada / I raised my kids.

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I raised my kids . Moved 20 times in 20 years cause the mother could not hold a job. Helped her with 5 careers. Now since 2013 I have to pay her 1300 a month . My kids live

Father Rights Canada / About to go to court with my ex for rights over my two girls.

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
About to go to court with my ex for rights over my two girls for shared custody, which is how it is now. She wants 60/40 and primary parent. I can’t afford a lawyer so I will be doing the wo

Father Rights Canada / Information for Saskatchewan needed

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Is there a websites a link a guy can go to and get the rights of a father in Saskatchewa

Father Rights Canada / Hello my name is Bront Diduck

Authenticated Fathers
HelloMy name is Bronte Diduck. I am from the Canadian Centre for Men and Families, and am emailing you today in hopes of corresponding and/or meetin

Father Rights Canada / She lied to the courts about an absurd amount of support owing.

by: Daryl Vague
Public Fathers
Hi, I am wondering if anyone else has this going on or happen to them which can give some insight or advice/info. So my ex sends me through the ringer any chance she can, she lied to the c

Father Rights Canada / Dad looking for others in his area with experience

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I was just wondering how a single dad that’s had both kids one week on and one off for almost 4 years and his son full time for almost two years and after ocl report go from Primary custody for the m

Father Rights Canada / can not come to an agreement

Authenticated Fathers
Hey. I'm in the military. 12 year's of service. Can not come to any agreement whatsoever for me to see my son. My son is 16 weeks old. Time is not my friend.<br

Father Rights Canada / ex not being easy

Authenticated Fathers
All good back at job I was tops and lots good things and ex is not being easy I see dau

Father Rights Canada / False wellness check done to Father

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Wow an entirely new low. I left my x a year ago today (july 26) . We have 2 beautiful children one son (3) and a daughter 1. Since day one she has tried to control everything, everything is about her

Father Rights Canada / Parenting agreements with lawyers

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Me and an ex-girlfriend had a child, now we are trying to come up with a parenting agreement. With joint custody intention. We both got our own lawyers to set the agreement. Today the agreement came

Father Rights Canada / I am a Father who has worked on an issue that has lasted over 2 decades.

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I am a Father who has worked on an issue that has lasted over 2 decades. I am looking to post information about my daughter! Statute law 19 years documented.Contact Location: Canada</p

Father Rights Canada / Going through seperation now for almost 4 years.

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Hi I&rsquo;ve been going through a separation now for almost 4 years after 16 years of common law. When we separated we agreed for 50-50 custody it&rsquo;s been 50-50 custody for four year

Father Rights Canada / when I came to Canada 3 years ago

Authenticated Fathers
Hello your kids are living with you? and you are still paying child sup

Father Rights Canada / when I came to Canada 3 years ago

Authenticated Fathers
&nbsp; when I come to Canada about 3 years ago my entire family was going through depression due to the changes in life style for a couple of months. The first two years I was the

Re: Re: Father Rights Canada / I chose to leave she called police said I assaulted her

by: You know who
Public Information
Shamir get off the internet trying to play the victim like all the other millennial babies. You raped my brother you sicko. I'm sure the mother had a good reason to run as far away from you as she co

Father Rights Canada / What happens when your child turns 18 years old

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I was wondering what happens when your child turns 18 years old? Do you still pay the mother or do payments stop or do the payments go to the child? Thank you&nbsp;

Father Rights Canada / My ex keeps breaking court orders

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I need help. My ex and I have been separated for almost 2 and a half years. She continually breaks court order and keeps my children away from me. She has tried saying i am abusive, which is bs and c

Father Rights Canada / I had my final pay garnished

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Well its a nutty system. After loosing my job to a closure. I had my final pay garnished taking all my severance pay, leaving me with 400 bucks from June 4 till my&nbsp;EI starts(tomorrow) which&n

Father Rights Canada / Who to turn to

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
My girlfriend attacked me two weeks ago. I've been trying to figure this out on my own

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