Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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May 16 2022

Parental Alienation Syndrome How to Detect It and What to Do About It by J. Michael Bone and Michael R. Walsh
Any attempt at alienating the children from the other parent should be seen as a direct and willf...

Parental Alienation Is Emotional Abuse of Children
Psychology Today Parental alienation is a set of strategies that parents use to undermine and in...

Mom sues child protection agency after affair with case-worker results in pregnancy
audience: Authenticated Login and access Mom sues child protection agency after affair with case-worker results in pregnancy
Call for assistance: A Batshaw worker manipulated a single mother client (he indirectly...
Daniel Perrins Hunger Strike at Queen's Park Until Gov Promises to Open Shelter for Abused Men
Daniel Perrins Paulette MacDonald audience: Public
We’re failing our fathers, our sons, our brothers,” says Perrins, whose bro...
Father Rights Canada / Need help in Edmonton
Not disclosed audience: Public
Hello I am having diffuculties in Edmonton, i have a hearing on tuesday I will need to ...
You need to seek help and support for yourself.
Mom and Dad for Shared Parenting audience: Public
I never used the word liar? I never said you are damaging your child. you came to...
Re: I stood my ground. As soon as the judge saw this video it was thrown out
Donna Lynn Mitchell audience: Public
Brian, thought I would share my current status with you so you can get an idea of what ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
easier accessible pages
audience: Authenticated Login and access  easier accessible pages

FYI just updated the code to make the pages NOT to require SSL on the http request...
Do I continue to deal with the Children's Aid Society or ask them to leave next time they show up?
audience: Public

I have recently became A 'victim' to the (CAS) the Children's Aid Society in family law...
Victim of Adam Ashley Warren: I don't want to be reminded of the shit thats happend to me.
audience: Authenticated Login and access Victim of Adam Ashley Warren: I don't want to be reminded of the shit thats happend to me.

I never want to think about that again.. I'm in a good place in my life and I want to f...
Daniel Perrins social determinants A Men's health walk for equality health and Justice Canada April 2015
Attila L. Vinczer Daniel Perrins
audience: Public

Dan Perrins Hungers For Change: Queen's Park May 8, 2015 Dan Perrins has begun a h...
The stress of all the lies and oppression Family Court and FRO in Ontario had been taking it's tole.
Trena Thompson
audience: Authenticated Login and access The stress of all the lies and oppression Family Court and FRO in Ontario had been taking it's tole.

Dad was getting sick at this point and the Holmes foundry had closed down in 1988. The ...
Access Court Order Motion/grandmother visit
Bonny Mclean
audience: Public

Court Ordered extra visits as the mother was not able to consent. They stared and mumbl...
Father Rights Canada / I would like to know more about your organization
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Dear sir/madam I would like to know more about your organization, Iā€™m a father of two. My ...

audience: Authenticated Login and access I LOST MY KIDS FOR SWEARING AT THE PRINCIPAL

 CAS brought so much stress on me and my family. They told me that they can write ...
Father Rights Canada [Brainy] / Please contact me Access Denied
audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada [Brainy] / Please contact me Access Denied

Can you be more specific , with a screen capture , where are you denied access , what e...
Re Real Woman respect Fathers Rights
Douglas Munroe
audience: Public

It's amazing how many articles (posts) on here are a mirror of my past with the family ...

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October 30 2010

Authenticated MyChildren
5 page pdf file     Links to attachments: http://www.

RE OCL final meeting before disclosure meeting

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
A few words in regardss of my thoughts of the Ontario childrens lawyer after the final meeting in private I know she is trying to mediate and attempting to fix or start a dialog between me

Re Asking for his child voice

Authenticated MyChildren
a relative normal conversation as I can hear the mother is busy and Michaela was free to talk on the phone without beeing directed, other then beeing told that the she also need the phone later, a

Meeting OCL

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
Scheduled 3pm &nbsp

False Witness Statements foundations of many child parent alienation

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
Family Court Witness Statement April 01 2009 by a narcissistic Mother in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario directed to The Police.  Secondary Interview after the previous night's preliminary investiga

toilet paper and food nails , phone call recording November 26 2012

Authenticated MyChildren
re 26 Nov 2012 another premature ended call, and other side other influence beside the importance of her father being on the phone ... last evening I dropped off Michaela and sh

Christmas list

Authenticated MyChildren
26 November 2012prematuere ended call, other influence last evening I dropped off Michaela and she would wave good bye and tell me that she loves me, 24 hours later I receive a c

re file format

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
We did not plan to take a video as we were on school grounds,  I was going to school were our daughter goes to be part with the expierence of my child and my partner was just holding the phon

April 01 2009 Part 1

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
The events of the 01 April 2009, &nbsp;this postings are multi part posting&nbsp;the events of the night before please review here: March 30th 2009 Part 1 <p

November 23 2012

Authenticated MyChildren
7:06 pm Getting ready, cutting down a christmas tree 2012     <source src="http://www.brainsyntax.com/Portal/Mate

October 16 2010

Authenticated MyChildren
I loved you always with all my heart, no matter who told you different, this were lies.I tried not to show you but my heart riped apart every time we said good by. We always wished for more

Re meeting with OCL Monday November 17 2012

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
OCl called Monday announcing her absents / HealthOCL Office will be in contact by the end of the week, , Preliminary OCL discloser meeting scheduled for December 03 2012 <b

October 02 2010 observation notes from an Alienated Father

Authenticated MyChildren
Father visited child bi-monthly in Supervised Access Facility for 2.5 years for<span

March 30th 2009 Part 1

by: Sault City Police Statements by C. O.
the events of 30th march 2009 Part 1 various witness statements and synopsis Attachments &amp; Links<img src="../../Portal/Material/5/Folder/OntarioBreakUp_132.jpg" alt="" width=

November 21 2012

Authenticated MyChildren
phone record&nbsp;init:654pm&nbsp;November 21 2012 - Alienated child and father     <source src="http://www.brainsyntax

September 18 2010 with you

Authenticated MyChildren
I love your cooking sweet child. I wished we had more time, wished we could have a real breakfast together, wished I could waked you up, wished I could have brought you to bed, I cannot imag

June 2012

Authenticated Miscellaneous
you, me for the first times, Hilary taking a video - Just north of hereAttachments &

Re Asking for his child voice November 19 2012

Authenticated MyChildren
short phone conversation as I could feel my daughter being uncomfortable with the situation and most likely pressure is in the air where she is calling from.Call init 7:02pm <aud

10th September 2010 observations

Authenticated MyChildren
With you * "I am not going, I am going to play all night", multiple diaper changes deprived of each other dictated by the other parent on how when and how long and where&nbsp; , 3hrs a month if th

a contribution - Re Info

Authenticated Miscellaneous
our idea of a application started last Monday November 12 2012 creating digital &ldquo;brainsynta

meeting with OCL Wendsday November 28 2012

Authenticated Court
- 8 weeks into the relationship 1. time Police involvement, &nbsp;call from S. O &nbsp;6 am looking for his sister as he was just told by me to check on her .

Study finds obvious Personality Disorders in PAS parents

by: Gardner
Public PAS
It was concluded that parents who engage in alienating behaviors are more likely than other parents to use the psychological defenses of denial and projection, which are associated with this valid

fathers in action on behalf of Jeremy Swanson

by: Jeremy Swanson
Public Other
fathers group in Canada announcing Another Dad-A Canadian Fathers rights Activist died on Sunday. He was only 37 years old. He went into an open field in a car and gassed himself to death

November 16 2012 phone call child instructed to hang up

Authenticated MyChildren
"Well I got to go" &nbsp;instructed to hang up by her mother. &nbsp;Father does not know if the child attends school or not see child only on an hourly bi weekly visitationShe is

re I listened to some calls

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
thank you for your incur raging thoughts,&nbsp;&nbsp; I can also tell when someone was reading my file &nbsp;I picked up the last endorsement of the judge who was present on the last motio

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