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September 17 2021

Denial of the Parental Alienation Syndrome Also Harms Women
Denying reality is obviously a maladaptive way of dealing with a situation. In fact, denial is ge...

Are you a good separated or divorced parent?
Hostile Aggressive Parenting or HAP is a serious form of child maltreatment and abuse, and is enc...

Eleven days into Justine child protection trial Judge Lyndsay Smith questions the ministrys case
Eleven days into an intense child-protection trial, Judge Lyndsay Smith paused the proceedings to...

Re: Father Rights Canada - my rights as a father in Manitoba
Ray Nowicki audience: Public
The legal aid system, the court's themselves, and family maintenance programs in Manitoba ...
e: I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever
G audience: Public
Actually Phill and myself the mother of his child had been lovers, Carolyn is an Ex, an...
Tony Dewar To Mr. Peterson to the lawyer mouthpiece who indulgences in inflammatory statements
Anthony Tony Dewar audience: Public
In regards to your reply as to contact information for ___...
Romeo Phillion
Romeo Phillion audience: Authenticated Login and access Romeo Phillion
DEAR mr vincent schiele.you are a leader you made me proud vincent i dont and did,nt be...
Ill do anything for my kids including summoning in a shit ton of people
Tony Dewar audience: Public
So my kids mothers laywer says he gonna serve me papers to take me to court and take aw...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Father Rights Canada / Im definitely in dire needs
audience: Public

We are not Lawyers, we try to offer as much advice as we can--and steer you to the...
Extort money out of them doesn't create a peaceful society in which to raise children
audience: Public

Pointing guns at people and threatening them with imprisonment to extort money out of t...
Right to First Refusal Court order visitation clause
Parents Love
audience: Public

Dear reader if you are aware of this clause or you have this clause in your court order...
Alienated Family Members I am a child of the 70's and of Divorced Parents
Keith Marsolek
audience: Public

Father re-married once and mother re-married 3 times.  They Divorced wh...
Injustices by Justice Romuald F. Kwolek of Sault Ste Marie Ontario Court
Vincent Schiele Romuald F. Kwolek
audience: Public

Canada Court Watch would like to hear from anyone who may have had dealings with ...
Vindictive Alienating Mother consistently refusing Dad his parental rights
V Schiele drone
audience: Authenticated Login and access Vindictive Alienating Mother consistently refusing Dad his parental rights

Audio recording between an alienated father and the abusive mother of his young daughte...
Re: Re: Father Rights Canada / We need to get the ball rolling on changes in our Family Law system
Joe Gowing
audience: Public

I agree but protests that are not covered by media do not get recognized by anyone. I will...
Mom doesn't allow any non court ordered time which was expected
Sonya Byington
audience: Public

Step daughter has weekly visits now and will be starting overnights next week!! Husband...
CAS was trying to get my 11 year old son on sexual assault charges
audience: Authenticated Login and access CAS was trying to get my 11 year old son on sexual assault charges

City of Sarnia have used me as a cornucopia of adversity for their own financial gains
Michelle Pimentel City of Sarnia Ontario
audience: Public

I emailed a complaint to victim services of the Federal Ombudsman's office with regards...

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Re: Childrens Aid Societies unethical morally corrupt activities and practices

by: VV
I was a crown ward. My kids were made crown wards. CAS used my youth file against me to assure this, most of which was speculative bullshit (and worse things it would take a whole novel to explain).

Father Rights Canada / I want full custody

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I have a girl friend not married had a kid she kicked me out of the apartment. She took off left the kid so I moved out and took him with she wouldn't awnsr my text or calls now she is texting me bu

Father Rights Canada / No contact since March Break

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Neither me or his brother , my oldest son who lives with me has any contact since March br

Father Rights Canada / Dad has a Question

Authenticated Fathers
Hello. My girlfriend and I (unmarried) have a 2 month old. We got into an argument before this past weekend. She went to the lake for the weekend and I noticed yesterday that she was texting her ex-b

Father Rights Canada / Mother moved away without telling dad

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
My children were taken by their mother and moved out without telling me. It’s been 50+ days without contract. What are my options since cops said get a lawyer. This meets the criteria of parental abd

Father Rights Canada / First Moments For Dad

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Hey there,I wanted a bit of important information if you guys can help me out. My son is due to he born any day now and I’m taking a trip out from Ingersoll to Brockville to s

Father Rights Canada / Carrots and Apples

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I fought the good fight for years and I wrote a book, if you like, one way to read it is you can probably request that your local Library add it to their collection: Plus I could use the exposure.

Father Rights Canada / Father unsure of wife's intentions

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I am on PR.My wife seprated by Me. We recouncile one time. But separated again now she has given me threats of restraining order, in order for me to stay away from my boy .... what to do

Father Rights Canada / gofundme

Authenticated Fathers
https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-a-dad-protect-and-keep-his-kids-safe?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_co_campmgmt_wContact Location: British Columbia Canad

Father Rights Canada / Help to how to resolve a matter

Authenticated Fathers
Hi, my name is Talha Israr and I'm hoping someone can help me in regards to advising me in how to resolve a matter that has to with my children. Please contact me at 905 903 1144. The email provid

Father Rights Canada / I raised my kids.

by: family
Public Fathers
Good afternoon   are you able to send us a message  in the Fathers Rights Ontario Messenger This way I can respond by sending you a link to Contact the Director o

Father Rights Canada / I raised my kids.

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I raised my kids . Moved 20 times in 20 years cause the mother could not hold a job. Helped her with 5 careers. Now since 2013 I have to pay her 1300 a month . My kids live

Father Rights Canada / About to go to court with my ex for rights over my two girls.

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
About to go to court with my ex for rights over my two girls for shared custody, which is how it is now. She wants 60/40 and primary parent. I can’t afford a lawyer so I will be doing the wo

Father Rights Canada / Information for Saskatchewan needed

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Is there a websites a link a guy can go to and get the rights of a father in Saskatchewa

Father Rights Canada / Hello my name is Bront Diduck

Authenticated Fathers
HelloMy name is Bronte Diduck. I am from the Canadian Centre for Men and Families, and am emailing you today in hopes of corresponding and/or meetin

Father Rights Canada / She lied to the courts about an absurd amount of support owing.

by: Daryl Vague
Public Fathers
Hi, I am wondering if anyone else has this going on or happen to them which can give some insight or advice/info. So my ex sends me through the ringer any chance she can, she lied to the c

Father Rights Canada / Dad looking for others in his area with experience

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I was just wondering how a single dad that’s had both kids one week on and one off for almost 4 years and his son full time for almost two years and after ocl report go from Primary custody for the m

Father Rights Canada / can not come to an agreement

Authenticated Fathers
Hey. I'm in the military. 12 year's of service. Can not come to any agreement whatsoever for me to see my son. My son is 16 weeks old. Time is not my friend.<br

Father Rights Canada / ex not being easy

Authenticated Fathers
All good back at job I was tops and lots good things and ex is not being easy I see dau

Father Rights Canada / False wellness check done to Father

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Wow an entirely new low. I left my x a year ago today (july 26) . We have 2 beautiful children one son (3) and a daughter 1. Since day one she has tried to control everything, everything is about her

Father Rights Canada / Parenting agreements with lawyers

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Me and an ex-girlfriend had a child, now we are trying to come up with a parenting agreement. With joint custody intention. We both got our own lawyers to set the agreement. Today the agreement came

Father Rights Canada / I am a Father who has worked on an issue that has lasted over 2 decades.

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
I am a Father who has worked on an issue that has lasted over 2 decades. I am looking to post information about my daughter! Statute law 19 years documented.Contact Location: Canada</p

Father Rights Canada / Going through seperation now for almost 4 years.

by: Not disclosed
Public Fathers
Hi I&rsquo;ve been going through a separation now for almost 4 years after 16 years of common law. When we separated we agreed for 50-50 custody it&rsquo;s been 50-50 custody for four year

Father Rights Canada / when I came to Canada 3 years ago

Authenticated Fathers
Hello your kids are living with you? and you are still paying child sup

Father Rights Canada / when I came to Canada 3 years ago

Authenticated Fathers
&nbsp; when I come to Canada about 3 years ago my entire family was going through depression due to the changes in life style for a couple of months. The first two years I was the

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