Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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July 28 2021

Problems suffered by Children due to Parental Alienation
Dr. L.F. Lowenstein - Southern England Psychological Services have been involved with and heard ...

Brainwashing Children
Mothers are generally quite nurturing, and the easiest way to melt their heart is through a child...

FAQ ex-fathers.org
What is an ex-father? An ex-father is a man denied the opportunity to raise his child. Fathers a...

Ontario only province where police force must pay suspended cops 4 child pornography & Child victims
Occupy Canada audience: Authenticated Login and access Ontario only province where police force must pay suspended cops 4 child pornography & Child victims
Toronto police officer charged with making child pornography, the officer is suspended ...
Father Rights Canada / My kids stay with their maternal grandmother and myself 50/50
Not disclosed audience: Public
My kids stay with their maternal grandmother and myself 50/50 . The kids mom . In ...
Re: I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever
Marcie Humphrey audience: Public
I'm so sorry for your loss and your partner's devastating decision. It's a horrible situa...
You are not alone.
audience: Authenticated Login and access You are not alone.
Thank you.
Loving Father told by Judge R. Kwolek he is of no benefit to his 10 year old son
Steve Schauland audience: Authenticated Login and access Loving Father told by Judge R. Kwolek he is of no benefit to his 10 year old son
This judge needs to be IMMEDIATELY removed from the bench and the Sun Newspaper chain s...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Father Rights Canada / title to be edited
Not disclosed
audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

Canadian Judicial Council. Several fathers who have gone to court h...
If you vote against C-560 you have betrayed middle class parents and children for the profits of an elite
A reader
audience: Public

Is anyone working on legally defining and seeking CHILDREN'S RIGHTS in Canada? <br...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Father in despair needs support
Nicholas Andrew
audience: Public

Don't give up my friend, I was told the same thing and I never seen my boy again, it br...
Preparing A Factum
audience: Public

When you navigate the legal system, don't let your lawyer do all the work.Educate yours...
I will make sure I point a gun to my self and she won't receive a penny
Luis Frazao
audience: Public

I am making a statement if my ex wife brings me to court for more child support I will ...
Re: Re: The night dad went to Jail - Daddy doesnt live here anymore
Jeff Thur
audience: Public

although i agree this is out of date, i dont think that any book should be removed from a ...
Father Rights Canada / Donations
Not disclosed
audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / Donations

Would like to speak to someone regarding sponsorship an donations Please cal...
Father Rights Canada / I`ve spent the last 10 years on reprogamming myself.
audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / I`ve spent the last 10 years on reprogamming myself.

Good Morning Jeremie Thank you for&nbsp;contacting Fathers Rights. If you are l...
Re: Re: Felipe B. Record of the Mother of your Child started August 27 2013
Amanda Charron
audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Re: Felipe B. Record of the Mother of your Child started August 27 2013

stupid here is still asleep, eh \\keep it up 'idiot' malnutrition on education and most...
I am not sharing for sympathy
Suzanne Lombard Elmore
audience: Public

I stopped advocating for a few months for personal reasons... I just moved ie: downsize...

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Ombud oversight of CAS needed to give vulnerable children voice

In an interview this week, ombudsman Andre Marin, the province&rsquo;s crusading watchdog, told me he gets 500 complaints a year from people asking him to take up their issues with the CAS.<

Canadas child-support guidelines a scandal

Authenticated Court
Sixteen years ago, the Attorney General of Canada (AGC) was negligent when he recommended the establishment of mandatory child-support guidelines (Guidelines) which he knew or should have known we

FYI another suicide this past weekend Family Law related in Sarnia Ontario

by: Canadians For Family Law Reform CFFLR
Public FamilyCourt
Sarnia is the single parent suicide capital of the world. Murder or suicide how many are George Mcfadyen directly related to? Last two wives murdered in town were clients of his. Sarnia family law


by: Cassandra
I went to CAS for help to look after my five children for one week while I attended cancer treatment. I was a divorced, single mother. When I got home from the hospital after my biopsy, the male C

divorce-related, malicious mother syndrome

by: Ira Daniel Turkat Ph.D.
Public Experts
the divorce-related, malicious mother syndrome has been identified in cases in which mothers not only try to alienate their children from their fathers, but are committed to a broadly based campai

What qualifications must a person have to be a Parental Alienation Advocate?

by: Suzanne Lombard Elmore
Public Advocate
One has had to face or experience the horrific loss of a child at the hands of a narcissistic ex. (male or female), they must have experience a grief that is almost inexplicable as days turn into

Your children on the other hand, by Nelson L Moody Sr.

by: Nelson L Moody Sr.
Public Experts
When two people end a marriage or break up as boyfriend and girlfriend and children are involved, you as a mother may say,"you don't need a man in your life". your children on the other hand certa

Dramatic Saga

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
message recovered 8 years back, a request, seek for intervention decades prior to this,

The Dramatics....

Authenticated Miscellaneous
Oh My This family is outrageous, the drama is bigger than a soap opera. There is defiantly something psychologically wrong with this "clan"..... http://brainsyntax.pissedconsumer.com/brainsyntax-a

Stockholm Syndrome - Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

Public Experts
Stockholm Syndrome is a very interesting psychological phenomenon, and it applies directly to daughters of narcissistic mothers. Stockholm Syndrome is, in essence, the trait of abused peop

March 18 2013 805pm phone call with Michaela & the mothers ear talk

Authenticated MyChildren
back to the usual indoctrinated phone calls by the motherI wish I had a phone call between me and Michaela not her mother as the ear wisper, Phone recording: <audio id="myT

Update Sarnia Ontario Conflict of interest in the Sarnia Courthouse

by: Canadians For Family Law Reform CFFLR
Public Court
Because of the small and aging bar we do what we have to do to make it work.&nbsp;She said when pushed on the issue&nbsp;Today (Thursday march 14th 2013) while I was at the Sarnia Court house I sa

Victim blames Childrens Aid Society for years of abuse by guardian

Authenticated ChildProtection
TORONTO - A slender, blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl suffered eight years of horrific physical and sexual abuse starting when she was just seven at the hands of the man the Children&rsquo;s Aid Soci

Mother asking to talk with her daughter

Authenticated MyChildren
This is the first weekend access sleepover with Michaela at her Papa's home after four years of child and parental alienation by the mother and the mothers family towards the child and father. The

Ontario Childrens Aid Societies engaged in extreme malfeasance

by: Unknown
Public Court
The case supervisor had instructed the workers to draft their affidavits in a manner supportive only of the Society&rsquo;s position and not that of the parents. Further, the supervisor had inform

Exposing the system of the Children's Aid Societies Mr Vernon Beck Sun News TV

by: Vernon Beck with: Canada Court Watch
Canada Court Watch on Sun News exposing the system of the Children's Aid Societies&nbsp;Vernon Beck of Canada Court Watch joins to discuss the failings of the Children&rsquo;s Aid Soci

CAS under fire for 'fiasco' when removing kids from school

Authenticated ChildProtection
NORFOLK - The local Children&rsquo;s Aid Society is under fire after caseworkers pursued two children f

CAS fraud, Corruption Central Notes

Authenticated ChildProtection
by Corruption Central (Notes) on Friday, January 21, 2011**Sent Via Fax to : January 13, 2011The Children's Aid Society of Sudbury and Manitoulin 521-7371Rejean Parise, Parise La

Asking to talk to say Good night too your Mom

by: Vincent Schiele
Public MyChildren
Michaela was very adamant "she has to call her mom " she announced "Mom told me I have to call her before I fall asleep" This is the first sleep over at Michaela's Papa's house, 3 years, e

One night before your sleep over at Papa

Authenticated MyChildren
Phone call recording, the night before, the first night you sleeping over at Papa's house for the first time in 3 . 5 years, you will not remember the last time I brought you to bed or checked on

Affidavit of Alexandra Jaffit September 07 2012 Ontario Case 1997/10

Authenticated Court
This case of Parental Alienation. The mother of the children choose to smoke during her pregnancy, now presently tells bogus stories of smoke being blown into the children faces by the Father. &nb

Affidavit of Alexandra Jaffit March 01 2013 Case 1997/10 w/ affidavit of service

Authenticated SuperiorCourt
Affidavit filed by the Applicant to the last address of the Respondent / apparently&nbsp;where the respondent was evicted from three month earlier. Due serving and filing of the Motion bro

Alienated Father Notice of Motion March 14 2013 Case 1997/10

Authenticated Court
Case 1997/10 Notice of Motion with supporting Affidavit &nbsp; &n

Suggested Affidavit ON Family Law Case 1997/04

Authenticated Court
March 11 2013 (Draft) 1. The Applicant brought a Motion on December 13 2010. Ultimately a temporary Order was granted to suspend access and have

Legal Responses to Alienation and Parent Contact Problems

by: PAS intervention
Public Court
All the PAS court cases in Ontario are mentioned, If you go to this site you will find a Parental alienation Syndrome (PAS) case won in Sault Ste. Marie ( setting a precedent). The lawyer

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