Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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September 17 2021

Brainwashing Children
Mothers are generally quite nurturing, and the easiest way to melt their heart is through a child...

Are you a good separated or divorced parent?
Hostile Aggressive Parenting or HAP is a serious form of child maltreatment and abuse, and is enc...

Parental Alienation Syndrome How to Detect It and What to Do About It by J. Michael Bone and Michael R. Walsh
Any attempt at alienating the children from the other parent should be seen as a direct and willf...

Social Development, Mental Health, CAS, town council... expose corruption and broken laws
Carey Mc audience: Public
I had no idea how corrupt the CND system is, from judges, lawyers, Ombudsman, RCMP, Soc...
Don't have Kids if you can't afford them. It's called equality, and only us women having the choice to keep kids
Lecyn Williams audience: Public
My child's father and I do not speak at all. I found out he was in a car accident and b...
Father Rights Canada / Have I been taken for a ride
Not disclosed audience: Public
My name is------- Redacted I’ve been in a nasty divorce now going on my 6th ...
Re: Injustices by Tom Wood of the Barrie, Orillia or Gravenhurst Ontario court
audience: Public
I am a grandmother of a child that was taken from her father because of his drug and al...
Re: She is constantly looking for a fight send messages like: good morning, your child support is due today
audience: Public
From my understanding you can file for ‘undue hardship’ in regards to child support. They ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: Manipulate the criminal justice system in their favour to gain the upper hand in Family Court
Paul Williamson
audience: Public

Its not right how the system is.its all wrong. Innocent men has lost there lifes becous...

audience: Public

AGAIN MY NAME IS LIGIA BUMBESCU, As I explained in the previous post, I am writ...
Re: Womens Aid? OR would a better descriptive name be SCUM AID aka Legal Aid
Audrey Attigan
audience: Public

lawyers? are all the dam same sorry to be bloody brunt, money grabbing leatches that ousie...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Ive seen my daughter maybe 10 times in 19 years
Carl Wilson
audience: Public

Fathers Rights Alberta canada Have this guy send me a pm. Might have some options to ge...
Study Of The Implementation Of The Performance-Based Incentive System
Donald Langdon
audience: Public

Here are some PDF's that I have in my library concerning the family court system's FOR-...
Family court this Thursday

audience: Authenticated Login and access Family court this Thursday

I am going to family court this Thursday. The child support collection folk, with the s...
My ex wife played the fabricated dead beat dad card for all these years
Constance Dane Overturf
audience: Public

I have been accussed of being a 'deadbeat mom' - I moved t...
Re: I found out she was cheating on me with multiple other men
Mike Ferrazzano
audience: Public

Drop an atom bomb on this situation ASAP...or you ll never see your kid...advice that w...
Re: Manipulating the Justice system: The penalty should be the sentence that I was facing!
Jason Renwick
audience: Public

Had the identical thing happen to me. Was locked up for 24 days before they began to fi...

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Public protests are an important tool which help bring public awareness to problems affecting Canadians

by: Vernon Beck
Public Judges
One 80+year-old grandmother asked for a Canada Court Watch T shirt and holding signs up had no problem in engaging people on the street in conversation about how the family court system had made i


by: John Ranger
Public Malfeasance
YES LADIES AND GENTLEMAN - - - - MORE AND MORE ABOUT BATSHAW YOUTH AND FAMILY CENTERS ...... and it's only going to get much worst for this LAWLESS, RECKLESS and DANGEROUS entity.I fir

Re: Weekend September 09 2013 / 23 Sep 2013 Conversation Record

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
You dont even know her and she doesnt know you so stop with the bullshit please,she has stopped and i talked to her,so just stop k fuck 4:15pm ok she does not know me and she sa

Thousands of complaints from inmates every year aberrant criminal behaviour by Ontario correctional Instituation

by: Ombudsman Ontario
Public Malfeasance
Ugly conspiracies to cover up violence by guardsInmate allegedly assaulted by guard at Ottawa jail files $1.45M lawsuit - A brain-damaged inmate whose alleged assault at the hands of a

They deserve there lavish holidays, while our children are raised full time by psychopathic Liars

by: Glenn Gordon
Public Malfeasance
Great news wahhh whoooo ~~!!! Trial court starts , and the judges on all levels are gearing up to "Stab us in the Backs " And take ownership of our god given right To parent our

Give us a ''C'' children's aid societies of Ontario

Authenticated CAS
The province of Ontario is the legal guardian to more than 8,300 children and youth connected to child protection services, which are delivered by 46 independent, non-profit organizations run by l

She cried to her lawyer and the court about being broke which later was proven a lie

by: James Bryan with: The Fathers Rights Movement
Public ChildSupport
I gave my entire life savings to a lawyer and the court's for one reason only; in hopes of gaining my best odds in a system that is heavily weight against me. My ex fiancé showed that all s

Wasting valuable time in the court room just because the woman wants to be vindictive

by: Diana Ernest
Public AntiMenCrimes
The sad thing is that I know of several men who are actually the better parent than the mother! A lot of men these days are getting custody of their children, and I think it's gre

Children are being poisoned while half awake, disinterested judges yawn

by: The Fathers Rights Movement
Public AntiFather
My grandson's mother was awarded full custody based on a Domestic Violence lie!!! We sat in family court in Juneau, Alaska with judge magistrate James E. Curtain hearing the

Fathers who back away from their children crazy hateful vengeful selfish Birth Mothers

by: The Fathers Rights Movement Amy Fife
Public Fathers
Maybe some fathers might not care for their children as they should. But this page is not for them!! This page is

Re: Caring About University Men Why We Need Campus Mens Centres in a Time of Crisis

Authenticated AbusesToChildren
The University of Toronto is now backing feminist agitators by charging victims for expenses caused by feminist terrorists. This can only serve to encourage the activities of those who use threats

Re: Comment: Dr. Phill will not help clean up the mess you fools created

Please come forth and STOP spreading lies. If you can show your face in the Court room than you can come and speak in person. You in fact are participating in the abuse and alienation of a young c

I learned that my own children were being used as pawns in a political game

by: The Love And Iron Project
Public Malfeasance
I was thinking about some other stuff this morning, and it got me contemplating what has made family law reform so deeply personal to me. In other words, what is it about this process

Comment: Dr. Phill will not help clean up the mess you fools created

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
I would like to stay close with the followers of brainsyntax,  thank you for sending in your comments. For the next comment nothing less was expected coming from a homosexually fr

Censor these words to fit your ignorance and shut your mouth Amanda Charron from Sault Ste Marie

Authenticated Information
Messages, post and threads, regarding to this book, to the hypocrites who are having fits Ignorance is Bliss.She Amanda Charron from Sault Ste Marie Ontario posts ag

Celebrate courts that exist to destroy my brothers and sisters in the struggle for equality justice

by: Jeremy Swanson
Public Court
Not sure i knew this. The courthouse and courts as far as I have been concerned have been open for many months. I don’t understand. I did see a party being organized on Wednesday afternoon a

Celebrate courts that exist to destroy my brothers and sisters in the struggle for equality justice

by: Jeremy Swanson
Public Court
Not sure i knew this. The courthouse and courts as far as I have been concerned have been open for many months. I don’t understand. I did see a party being organized on Wednesday afternoon a

Re: A Fathers note book on Family Law and Social Services manipulated and facilitated abuse October 23 2009

Authenticated AbusesToMen
I was the same I was ashamed maybe not worthy to be a father, I could not look in the dire

Parental Child Alienator they view themselves as victims in the failed marriage or relationship

by: Sue Cornbluth
Public PAS
Parents that try to peel a child’s love away from an ex all have something in common: they view themselves as victims in the failed marriage or relationship. A parent who is going through a

Telephone Access Telephone contact may be denied or restricted by one parent (usually the custodial parent)

by: Separated Parenting Access Resource Center
Public Parenting
A common source of friction between divorced or separated parents is the issue of telephone calls to and from the children. Learn how to manage telephone calls fairly and equitably.

What's the difference between the devil and a Children's Aid Society worker?

by: Canada Court Watch Chat
Public CAS
The Devil doesn't pretend to be something that he is not and wont try and make you believe that he is doing this in your best interest, and tell you that he is trying to help while stabbing you in

They are not Mothers. They are evil sick individuals. Mothers do not treat their children this way

by: The Fathers Rights Movement
Public AbusesToMen
This is such a horrible thing!I now do not get to see either one of my kids because of LIES!!How these sorry excuses for mothers get away with this?God help me

Bill 88 CFSA to raise the age of protection to allow 16 and 17 year old child welfare / Children's Aid Society

Authenticated CAS
Check out this crock of Sh*t! Children's Aid Society trying to be able to apprehend 16 and 17 year olds now. How many more kids do they need? Our not very caring Provincial Advocate Irwin Elman is

Here is my version of the serenity prayer I changed it to help me out

by: Sylvie Tremblay
Public Philosophy
God Grant me the serenity to stay calm when dealing with CAS B.S.The wisdom to see past their lies and stall tactics and beat them at their own game the courage to fight the

Justify alienating that child from the other parent and not helping to encourage a loving relationship

by: Odemaris Mari GambinoSantiago
If a parent loves their child as much as they say they do, how do they justify alienating that child from the other parent and not helping to encourage a loving relationship with that other parent

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