Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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July 28 2021

Eleven days into Justine child protection trial Judge Lyndsay Smith questions the ministrys case
Eleven days into an intense child-protection trial, Judge Lyndsay Smith paused the proceedings to...

Are you a good separated or divorced parent?
Hostile Aggressive Parenting or HAP is a serious form of child maltreatment and abuse, and is enc...

A Fathers note book on Family Law and Social Services manipulated and facilitated abuse October 23 2009
Vincent Schiele audience: Authenticated Login and access A Fathers note book on Family Law and Social Services manipulated and facilitated abuse October 23 2009
Victim’s melodies portrayed herself as victim to anyone who is listing to her. Li...
Constantly abused she just can't cope with the pain sometimes
CR audience: Public
It eats away at her life she grieves desperately for her stolen babies taken from her a...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Its been over a year, and me and their mother still dont get along.
Mike Alexander audience: Public
If you have proof she looks out for her not the kids then file a verence application. This...
I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever
Galena Jolene Shkooratoff audience: Public
YOu are so full of BS. Or you would know. I sent you all my lawyers name. She can in on...
Workers get all the dental/medical coverage $30 p/hr and keep their drug addictions while employed
Living Nightmares audience: Authenticated Login and access Workers get all the dental/medical coverage $30 p/hr and keep their drug addictions while employed
Children's Aid Societies /MCFD never act in good faith from any experience or informati...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
My ongoing nightmare with the protection system
Not disclosed
audience: Authenticated Login and access My ongoing nightmare with the protection system

Dilico Anishinabek Family Services, Question; My ex and I were in court until November ...
Father Rights Canada / Ex is lying and being abusive
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hi there Not sure what to do feeling pretty upset.. my sons ex girlfriend is a...
Re: Lawsuit against the Algoma CAS Childrens Aid Society Sault Ste Marie Ontario 2015
Hilary Q
audience: Public

CAS Is the most destructive entity in Ontario. Privatized police Stealing children, loo...
Father Rights Canada why MEP actually exists and that the children are just the excuse
Michael Pewtress
audience: Public

Hello Fathers Rights Alberta, I had previously talked with your group about what w...
Re: Keep my child from him or her because I dont approve of ___ (--- insert bullshit here)
Stephan Daoust
audience: Public

When the relationship fails for one reason or another something in her head snaps and she ...
Are you able to recommend lawyers who can help?
audience: Public

My 30 year old son has two children (1 & 2 yrs old) with woman he is living with. H...
Re: Examples of Parental Alienation

audience: Public

This Excel sheet is it available anywhere?  interested to have such for my present...
Assist in this fathers struggle to bring Dani Back Home!
Joseph Di Lella
audience: Public

What would you do if your one and only child was taken from you, without prior notice, ...
June 15 2013 the night before fathers day
Vincent Schiele
audience: Public

Sleepover with her homosexual and drinking/drug party partner Krista and her nephew ??,...
Re: If you know of anyone with evidence of the Childrens Aid Society (CAS) criminality
Karen Baumann
audience: Public

This is Mia White; a Larimer County CPS worker in Loveland ...

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Court for my baby girl who was born 3 days after my 16th birthday

by: Canada Court Watch
Hi I am in a group home and they took my baby girl away from me.. my name is ________ and i am under ______ child and family services in Orangeville.. i need help. they took everything from me, hu

Steve Finney Kitchener Ontario Bail Court

Public Court
Update to ITCCS leader Steve Finney assaulted and bloodied by Kitchener police jailed Tuesday Bail hearing in Kitichener Ontario Criminal court Kitchener Ontario &nbs

Re: ITCCS leader Steve Finney jailed - Monday October 01 2013

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
Monday October 01 2013 Bail Court Kingston OntarioScheduled bail hearing for Steve Finney on Tuesday October 02 2013 Kingston Ontario apperantly No charges have been annou

I believe that when voices are heard loud and clear people begin to listen and think about change

Public ChildAbuse
Off to Washington, DC to Speak UP at "National Safe Child Day " tomorrow. It's time to make some loud noise about protecting our children and protective parents from our failing court system!<br /

I found out my mom was such a liar about everything and we barely speak anymore

by: Mark Godbey
Public Justice
So, I was standing in line at the store today talking to the clerk about how difficult child support payments are, and yet on top of it the ex-wife has deliberately disobeyed the court order for v

Alienated or not, no parent has to take abuse and no child should be rewarded or their love bought

by: Suzanne Lombard Elmore
Yeah, that was a tough razor to swallow Vincent. There comes a time and an age that a parent has to take the emotional control of the other parent off of themselves and hold their almost adult chi

Tough love is needed and I am going to be a good parent whether she wants me to or not

by: Suzanne Lombard Elmore
Public Parents
As I stated in the post prior to the one just below this. I do not advise any parent to do this. This was a drastic circumstance that required drastic measures and my daughters father was forewarn

Do not meet with them or let them on your property

Authenticated Wanted
almost excellent, thx&nbsp;&nbsp;do not have to meet with them or let them on your prop

foster moms treated me so bad worse then anybody ever did

Authenticated Help
CAS left a card at my door a few days ago and want to come to my house in a few days would love to find out some of the things they might do to us the caller made up many lies made us sound really

The Ontario Children's Aid Society does NOT have registered Social Workers therefore they hire just anybody

by: Palmina D Alessandro
Public CAS
The Children's Aid Society hire just anybody without doing any psychological assessments whatsoever<b

Ontario's Child Protection system INVALID!

Authenticated ChildProtection
I wrote the following composition as A PLEA to a renowned Class Action firm, Merchant law, asking them to explore commencing an action in relation to "wrongful Crown Wardship &amp; loss of life",

Fraud On The Court By An Officer Of The Court

Authenticated Court
Fraud On The Court By An Officer Of The Court"And "Disqualification Of Judges, State and Federal 1. Who is an "officer of the court? 2. What is "fraud on the court? 3

Re: Re: Felipe B. Record of the Mother of your Child started August 27 2013

Authenticated Drafts
stupid here is still asleep, eh \\keep it up 'idiot' malnutrition on education and most likely miss nourished child and welfare recipient the last two generation, parents failed attempt to teach p

The actions from groups helping out this abuser is unethical and fraudulent and most of all abusive

by: Jon Butler
My name is Jon Butler, an I am an unlikely victim of Domestic Violence. My Daughter&rsquo;s story needs to be heard. I need my daughter back, custody, visitation, something, and for the abusers to

The courthouse venue changed

Authenticated Court
Today I was brought before a judge today and I had to give testimony for the case that is a hand on call on Thursday October 3rd 2013. So at first when you order the subpoena by yourself t

ITCCS leader Steve Finney assaulted and bloodied by Kitchener police jailed illegally without charges

Authenticated Drafts
After being illegally arrested yesterday without being charged with anything, political prisoner Steve Finney, a leader of the ITCCS and Common Law movement in Canada and a declared citizen of the

Father rights protests do not work

by: Mark Godbey
Public Justice
I know. I have been to several and only a minimal amount of people show up. This has been going on for decades. It just looks like a bunch of fathers complaining. Governments don't lik

Re People unhappy with the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Brockville Ontario

by: Maureen Ann Fennelly
Public Transparency
Protesting Daily in Brockville Ontario&nbsp;Canada against the Children's Aid Society of Ontario <img src="../../Portal/Material/1/stop_cas_hamilton_ontario_8967343.jpg" alt="" width

People unhappy with the Catholic Children's Aid Society of Hamilton

Authenticated Transparency
Protest Tuesday in front of the society offices. Tina Todd, with the group Justice for Children, said her group believes the children's aid societies bring people in

video footage from September 24 2013 opening of the courts Toronto

Public FamilyCourt
Court house in Toronto Bob: Stand up for you rights, if you do not, who will stand up and protect the children from this corrupt organization September 24 2013 VideoOntario Family Court lega

The key here is not to outright deny but to qualify the concerns in advance

by: Papa Inbc
Public Experts
They are definitely setting you up by assembling a "preponderance of evidence". By the time they knock on your door, they have likely already talked to your kids and teachers.&nbsp;The

Re: I am the new slave in an era of ultra feminism and misandry Im not like your mom I am your daddy

Public AntiFather
She tells the child that's silly for suggesting she likes daddy, no need for daddy, I a


by: Joe Barrow
Public PAS
I don't recognize my daughters voice any more; all I hear is hate, lies and Christy. Teaching a child to hate is also teaching them how to be a negative person in general. And this ta

Re SHAME SHAME SHAME on you all who knew and chose to ignore this house of horrors

Authenticated Other
40 years ago and I can still remember the night I accepted a ride home from George Bullied. He raped me on my living room floor while my kids were upstairs sleeping... I only told one pers

SHAME SHAME SHAME on you all who knew and chose to ignore this house of horrors

Authenticated Malfeasance
For those families wishing to file a CFSRB compliant against the Chatham kent children's services contact me. We have advocates ready and willing to help you do your paperwork. Strike now while th

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