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August 17 2022

Problems suffered by Children due to Parental Alienation
Dr. L.F. Lowenstein - Southern England Psychological Services have been involved with and heard ...

Are you a good separated or divorced parent?
Hostile Aggressive Parenting or HAP is a serious form of child maltreatment and abuse, and is enc...

ASHLEY audience: Authenticated Login and access STOP TAKING MY KIDS WITHOUT GIVING ME A CHANCE
I was married in 2002 and had "Connie" shortly after. Thirteen months later I had "Caro...
Re: Re: I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever
Anonymous audience: Public
NONE OF THIS IS GOSSIP?  I'm not who you think I am firs...
June 7th Ontario Provincial Election For 2018 time to elect an Independent Candidate
Dorian Baxter audience: Public
I am most impressed by the coverage Kim Zarzour has given in her March 29th. Era articl...
Family Court Vindictive female judge violated my right of first refusal
Ray audience: Public
Hey I just lost a court case today to a vindictive female judge. It got so ugly she con...
Proposed legislation Bill 88 Immediate Action Required Present the reasons you do NOT want this bill to pass
Vernon Beck audience: Public
Bill 88 (Privatization of Welfare for youth under the CAS Jurisdiction) is going before...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
L. Bembescu
audience: Public

Father Rights Canada / title to be edited
Cassandra Bailey
audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

I have a redacted PDF on behalf of my husband and I. I would like to send the document not...
Shared Parenting Bill info in Nebraska
Vincent Schiele
audience: Public

Children who spend less than 35 percent of their time with either parent suffer more fr...
Admitting to domestic violence and neglect I refused to sign which made her say we were uncooperative
Thomas Legault
audience: Authenticated Login and access Admitting to domestic violence and neglect I refused to sign which made her say we were uncooperative

Our new Fostercare worker just ledt a message saying she needs to come to our home this...
Sons letter reply to Judge F. R. Kwolek who claims his father is of no benefit
Jesse Fleury Kwolek
audience: Public

in reply of and to my loving father who was just told by Judge Romuald F. Kwolek, in Sa...
Re: Re: Father Rights Canada / If Im not the father of a child that the mother had in previous relationship
Gavin Cross
audience: Public

That is our main story and problem. Paying support (not the problem) but then either no ac...
Without the protection of your rights, you cannot tell the courts and your ex to buzz off and butt out
Sherry Palmer
audience: Authenticated Login and access Without the protection of your rights, you cannot tell the courts and your ex to buzz off and butt out

Your Rights Depend on You Fighting for Them! Do not allow someone to make you afraid to...
That the courts and all have pushed these fathers to their deaths
Dave Habkirk
audience: Public

It's very unfortunate that a few lawyers and atleast 1 judge didn't go with him. That i...
talk to my daughter, my baby girl is only 4yrs. old
Jay Rayhart
audience: Authenticated Login and access talk to my daughter, my baby girl is only 4yrs. old

my wife is not letting me see or talk to my daughter, my baby girl is only 4yrs. old.<b...
Father Rights Canada / If I'm not the father of a child that the mother had in previous relationship
Owen Goodfellow
audience: Public

Loco Parentis basically states the moment you are a reasonable adult in a relationship ...

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OMG Children's Aid Societies walk into one of their offices & cause massive fatalities

by: Canada Court Watch
Public CAS
OMG CAS is is a parent and grandparents worse nightmare, how can they just take children away from parents and their families and just give them up for adoption how can this be called legal, I jus

This is what feminist driven propaganda has done

by: Attila Vinczer
Public Feminism
SIX YEAR OLD GIRL TAUNTINGLY SLAPS 13 YEAR OLD BOY IN THE FACE Today my 13 year old son in gr. 8 told me a gr. 1 girl walked up to him at school and slapped him in the face for absolu

Laws which forces families into a corrupt court system meanwhile keeping everybody in the courts employed

by: Rene Gelinas
Public FamilyCourt
The Family Law courts are Human processing plants. Justice does not preside in these courts. Greed and corruption is rampant in the Family Courts. Lawyers get richer and richer on the

Can FACS or CAS force you to go for parenting classes?

by: Canada
Public CAS
Can facs force you to go for parenting classes even if u get a letter from the parenting program that they told u to go through stating that u already completed the program?And can the

Participate against the Acts of Children's Aid Societies - Acts of Injustices across Ontario Canada

by: Advocate Canada
Public Advocate
Readers are asked to help support a letter writing campaign to Ontario's elected MPP's to stop Bill 88, an act to amend the Child and Family Services Act which is currently before the Ontario Legi

Encouraging me to keep trying to reach out I never would have done this

by: Veni Fieldsposted
Public PAS
Miracle moment. I just had to share, because so many of you were with me last year, and I posted my super sad moment earlier today. Emotion got the best of me because my middle son is turning 21 S

Re: Party at the Olsen House with my alienated Child

by: Kovin
Another example of injustice - I had similar happen to me, and my two daughters who were taken from me based on allegations only... the foster parent (single mother in it for the money so the fat

Re: Re: Take a step closer and you will catch what I have

Authenticated AbusesToMen
words of my desire<

Re: Take a step closer and you will catch what I have

Authenticated Evidence
Positive attracts; negative repells. a long day. Getting up at 5 am. Getting my sons ready for school. Driving the 25 miles to get them there by 8am. Turning around and going back the 25 miles to

You are not alone.

Authenticated AbusesToChildren
Thank you.

Take a step closer and you will catch what I have

by: Keith Marsolek
You can not extinguish or take away what I have. It's not yours to take. Take a step closer and you will catch what I have. The Power of Positive Thinking. You can't stop it no matter how hard you

The Ontario Government assisting in Child and Parental Alienation

Authenticated ChildSupport
The Family Responsibility Office of Ontario Canada... They DO NOT care if you are ALIENATED from your children. They DO NOT care if your ex has dragged you Threw The Bloody Hells Of Family


Authenticated AbusesToChildren
Please register with our page as follows...https://www.facebook.com/defensordel.nino, we can help you and we will help you.&nbsp; When and i

Theft Of Children Parental Alienation Done By CAS

Authenticated AbusesToChildren
Dear Advocates I am planning a protest for 5 days at queens park on Oct.28 to Nov.1.This protest will take place on the sidewalk so the petition for bill 42 can be signed.I will be doing this from

Re: Video of a Social Worker abusing a loving father

Authenticated Transparency
Her family noticed and can hear her action, her action, the action of the agency is now

Affidavits in Nova Scotia

by: Brenda Larson
Public Court
Apparently there are two types of affidavits. definition from the Black's law 4th edition.&nbsp; "Affidavits" are of two kinds; those which serve as evidence to advise the court in the dec

Ontario Family Law Case Answer to Application from Alienated Father Two children missing their Papa

Authenticated FamilyLaw
This Father is alienated from two of his three now four children by the Mother here in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario was in Toronto Ontario Canada now in Israel. Alexandra Jaffit is her name. T

Re: Sault Ste. Marie Ontario AFS Algoma Family Services malice Sault Ontario Canada

by: AFS
The capital model or First welfare theorem is based on consumerism, the best consumer and serviceable individual is a female. While you may be correct in the form the state enables and finances id

Parental Alienation Corrupt Ontario Family Courts

by: Corrupt Ontario Family Courts
Public PAS
Today I miss my boys as court is next Tuesday. I see the pictures of when they lived with me.They were once happy and laughed all the time. My older son sure looks afraid of me doesn't he... my ex

Kidnappers torturers and in some instances murdere'rs and our dollars are funding this

Authenticated CAS
I am from Clinton Ontario Canada I get a flyer once a week and of course it's close to the Christmas seasonThe purple ribbon campaign is upon us it's the childrens aids way of collecti

Just to speak with my children but my ex wouldn't allow me to see them

Authenticated AbusesToMen
My name is Jacob. In 2008 I divorced my sons Jeremiah and Brody, mother. It has been an uphill battle since then. I have lost so much in five years. My then wife, was handling the finances while I

She is dangeling

by: Christian
I will jump hang on

Fathers outcry for Justice living in a tent in my brother's back yard

by: Chris Thompson
Public Justice
I have been on house arrest living in a tent in my brother's back yard as he is married and they have 5 kids in a 3-bedroom house. I am hoping my OSAP is in real soon so I can build a hut/shed wit

I feel my son could be in danger by his mother due to the fact that she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder

by: Chris Gray Sr.
Public Fathers
Fighting For Father's Rights because mine are being violated. I have a 7 month old son whom his mother had set me up and came in and took him on 10/14/13. I have called the police to repor

Changes to law is not enough reform of policy and practice is needed as well

by: fathers in action yahoogroups.com
Public Malfeasance
That is because they fixed family law two years ago -- didn't you notice? Messed up the pension system while doing it.&nbsp; ---In fathers_in_action @ yahoogroups.com, &lt;president @ cana

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