Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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May 17 2022

FAQ ex-fathers.org
What is an ex-father? An ex-father is a man denied the opportunity to raise his child. Fathers a...

Re: Childrens Aid Society workers love to troll this sites and forums
ano audience: Public
They have every position in place they need to take your kids away. When it comes to co...
Homosexual Child Molestations by gender disorderd Foster Parents
Lorraine Grenier audience: Public
Children's Aid Society Seeks Gay Foster Parents transgenders, transsexual, cross dresse...
Re: Father Rights Canada what is this group all about
FRAC audience: Public
We are about help, we are about bringing awareness to the dads, and to the moms that go...
Corruption In Our Canadian Justice System
Derrick Finkle audience: Public
A while back I posted a photo of Romeo Phillion and explained that he was wrongfully co...
I was good father still being punished for leaveing Ireland
Ed Hughes audience: Public
How more lonely can this Nova Scotia ,be ,,,Empty house and no family , 3 1/2 years of ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: Father driven to suicide w/messages from a spiteful ex I WILL DELETE YOUR WHOLE FAMILY
Teo Ren
audience: Public

So weird question. But if you emotionally abuse bully (take your word of choice) someon...
Re: Mom gets visitation at my discretion with conditions (sober, supervised)
Mindie Lynn Smith
audience: Public

In my opinion I would let her file. She has the burden of proving she CAN provide for h...
Waterloo Regional Police frivolously charged Cop Watch Canada founder
Michael Schmidt
audience: Public

I was walking down King Street in Kitchener, Ontario on August 27, 2016 at approximatel...
CFS kid-jacking system
Marty Max Wendy Bowcott
audience: Public

In Wendy Bowcott request to free the children from Manitoba's CFS kidjacking system. . ...
marriage solution
cassie tiago
audience: Public

Am testify to the general public how my relationship was restored back by the great power'...
Father Rights Canada / title to be edited
Not disclosed
audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

My spouse and I have been separated for 3 years we have 2 children from the marriage 6 yr...
The Epidemic of Parents and Families Systematically Abused by our Family Courts - Radio Talk Show
A reader
audience: Public

the cases are dreadful,did you see this one? A mother drowned her two little girls in t...
Re: they monitor these pages and print parents posts off - Log in and I show you who
audience: Public

I really like this site great information and insides
Re: Re: I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever
Cassandra Gibb
audience: Public

This isn't my fight but I'm here to support Galena.
re file format

audience: Authenticated Login and access re file format

We did not plan to take a video as we were on school grounds,  I was going to scho...

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If you need information on LOI drafting contact me

by: David DeLugas
Public Lawyers
Are you in business? Before entering into a Letter of Intent (LOI), be sure to consult with legal counsel and make sure your counsel is aware of Landan et. al. v. Wal-Mart Real Estate Business Tru

i need help to stop facs niagara from stealling my unborn baby can someone please contact me and help me and my wife

by: A concerned parent in Ontario
Public FACS
what are their concerns? 2) secretly record everything they put there concerns in wrighting and we been addressing their letters with letters addressing there letters

Ontario Children's Aid Society Incident Referral Report Part IV

Authenticated CAS
Ontario Children's Aid Society Referral Report Domestic incident  Inside look @ THE Children's Aid Society Application Referral Report Flow Part IV  This Re

It has to be stopped so no more children and fit parents are victimized by that relentless cesspool of sexual favours

by: Joseph Kenick III
Public Drafts
And the nightmare from Hell which leaves me no options except those now being taken on behalf of myself and my children. It has to be stopped so no more children and fit parents are victimized by

Flow of a domestic incident Ontario Childrens Aid Society Referral Report Part III

Authenticated CAS
Ontario Children's Aid Society Referral Report  Inside look @ The Children's Aid Society Application Referral Report Flow  - PART III Case Note X 2 Two

Re: Harassment and obstruction of justice by the Sergeant of the court devision Sault Ste Marie Ontario

Authenticated Law
I totally agree with you. I am going through the same situation in the Kitchener Courthouse right now which is how I found your article. It appears that your situation has just been tossed around

She is the children's voice the only time they speak is to insult their father

Authenticated AbusesToChildren
Mom and Dad for Shared Parenting I know how that feels Yes me too..i have a child that isnt his,and if she had to speak to her father like the they way the speak to theirs,and let

Re: Video of a Social Worker abusing a loving father

Public MisConduct

Judge McCree Judge McCormack in Judge Jones Judges Ciavarella and Conahan Judge Hodges in New York and so many others

by: Joseph Kenick III
Public Judges
My wife of seven years obtained her Masters and PhD at my expense then announced she was having an affair and filing for divorce. Then she filed delay after delay until I couldn't afford a lawyer,

Corrupt Ontario Guelph Superior Court

by: julie french
Public FamilyCourt
I have been dealing with the superior court in guelph with a nasty custody battle. The courts took my boys and gave my ec sole interim custody in a 20 minute motion after I left at the advice of t

Can someone explain to me what a children's lawyers main purpose is

Authenticated OfficeOfChildrenLawyer
children's lawyers main purpose is, are they  trained on issues such as parental alienation, do they meet with the child privately away from the mother and her family ex: at school. And final

Re: Alienated Family Members I am a child of the 70s and of Divorced Parents

by: Emanuel Kant
Thank you for ending message so optimistic . " Never give up hope " Good

Alienated Family Members I am a child of the 70's and of Divorced Parents

by: Keith Marsolek
Public PAS
Father re-married once and mother re-married 3 times. They Divorced when I was 2 or 3. To this day they still use us kids against one another. I was physically

Ontario Children's Aid Society Incident Referral Report Part II Safety Assessment

Authenticated CAS
Flow of a domestic incident Ontario Children's Aid Society Referral Report Part II Full exclusive insides @ The Children's Aid Society - Referral Report: Part II of t

Inquiries regarding the distribution of decisions may be directed to the Executive Legal Officer of each court

Authenticated Court
good information in this email i received today from the Brockville ON courthouse manager re: the issue of how judges' decisions get posted or don't posted to internet law databases. in this insta

Re: Re: I have hit every woman I have been with says The Cheerleading affidavit hearsays

Authenticated Lawyers
the evidence is here no doubt ... The Family Judge not intervening should be criminal,

Re: I have hit every woman I have been with says The Cheerleading affidavit hearsays

Authenticated FamilyCourt
I did not meet anyone yet who would say such, and for sure to the girlfriend who is wri

Alienated or not this is not a battle of the parents but for the Rights of Children

by: Alienated Family Members
Public PAS
To congratulate a parent that is awarded Sole Custody is neither worthy of praise nor in the children's best Interest. Alienated or not, this is not a battle of the parents but for the Rights of C

They took him when he was 16 months old and I got him back when he was 22 months old

Authenticated ChildApprehensions
This is just a small piece of my story Please readHI MY NAME IS TABITHA! When I was 16 years old I had my first born child her name is ____-____ she is going to be turning 14 yea

Re: Father Shot And Killed As Police Try To Take Child

Authenticated AbusesToChildren
Oh wait ! That's right . Child mommy had child vest interest to kill off daddy slowly ! So she accused him of garbage and found guilty before courts n blood test . How sickening that this father

Ontario Children's Aid Society Referral Disposition and Eligibility

Authenticated CAS
Ontario Children's Aid Society Referral Report Domestic Incident Inside look @ THE Children's Aid Society Application Referral Report Flow Part I File Summary Data

Family Court Financial Estate Matter Screening Form Children's Aid Society Record Letters and a Transcript

Authenticated FamilyCourt
Exhibit Book Family Law Case 1997/10 Ontario Sault Ste. Marie Canada Family Court: Financial, Estate Matter, Screening Form, Children's Aid Society Records, Letters, Transcripts<br /

Re: Child support payment for her bills her vacations hair styles nails booze, etc.

Public ChildSupport
Well something has to be better, my money going down the throat of my ex with every glass of her fancy wine while my child lives with her grandmother. What is happening currently is fraud! thousan

It's NOT about the welfare of my child it's about mom screwing me one more time

by: Father
Public AbusesToMen
Child support, she doesn't need my money, she has a better paying job than me, her mother(child's grandma) is filthy rich and buys the child anything she desires, but she wants my money to fuel he

Seriously endanger victims of family violence who too often trust that the family court system

Authenticated FamilyCourt
The Family Court System Operates on the Weakest Standard of Evidence. The Criminal Court System Operates on the Strictest Standard of EvidenceBeware Family Court: What Victims and Advocates

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