Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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September 28 2022

FAQ ex-fathers.org
What is an ex-father? An ex-father is a man denied the opportunity to raise his child. Fathers a...

Parental Alienation Syndrome How to Detect It and What to Do About It by J. Michael Bone and Michael R. Walsh
Any attempt at alienating the children from the other parent should be seen as a direct and willf...

Ontario Children Aid Society poking fun: I was just an over protective mom of some autistic kid
Derek James audience: Public
Anyone still doubting this kind attitude isn't far to common among the elitists and wan...
My daughter has attempted suicide and is cutting herself writing all over the internet that she wants to die
Patricia Pelley audience: Authenticated Login and access My daughter has attempted suicide and is cutting herself writing all over the internet that she wants to die
1. My daughter was taken from my care because of MCFD - Social Worker Andy Attfield lyi...
CFS kid-jacking system
Marty Max Wendy Bowcott audience: Public
In Wendy Bowcott request to free the children from Manitoba's CFS kidjacking system. . ...
October 05 2012 620pm Phone Record 02
Vincent audience: Authenticated Login and access October 05 2012 620pm Phone Record 02
Duration 10:04 min Call hanged up, not enough time for Michaela to talk <a href="http:/...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: Father Rights Canada / police and there I was told “did I really want to .. bust in and arrest their mother
I originally posted
audience: Public

I was not a bad parent to the boys. She had mental issues from day one. Everything was alw...
Can we get some support going for Alain Nickolas Daigle
Alain Nickolas Daigle
audience: Public

re Alain.. he had his hearing on Monday and represented himself...The crown also gave h...
I knew nothing about Parental Alienation or the Family Law system being so twisted
Ryan Tamayo
audience: Public

I've been completely alienated for almost 4 years now and was fighting the courts for 3...
Can a CAS worker bring a police officer to the door and demand entry?
Canada Court Watch
audience: Public

They can if they are there to apprehend. No warrant required. CAS workers bring p...
Father Rights Canada / Single father with some good questions
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I'm a single father living with my daughter. I got involved in a relationship in 2011 with...
Thomas Wood's injustices - Christine Rupert rips from the pain and suffering of a wrongful conviction
Christine Rupert Tom Wood
audience: Public

Christine Rupert can huff and puff, but no amount of hot air will ever blow over our de...
My ex wife played the fabricated dead beat dad card for all these years
Constance Dane Overturf
audience: Public

I have been accussed of being a 'deadbeat mom' - I moved t...
Re: Sons letter reply to Judge F. R. Kwolek who claims his father is of no benefit
Charlie Mercieca
audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Sons letter reply to Judge F. R. Kwolek who claims his father is of no benefit

This is the same piece of garbage judge that, when he made the order of February 19, 20...
Is there a time frame for police to send a report to Children Aid Society?
Chris Carter
audience: Authenticated Login and access Is there a time frame for police to send a report to Children Aid Society?

depending on the incident, could be immediately to a couple/few days. they have interna...
Father Rights Canada / Hello I am a father who is experiencing parental alienation.
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hello i am a father who is experiencing parental alienation. I need help please im dying i...

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Canada Children's Aid Handbook of DIRTY TRICKS KIDNAP Ontario's Children PROTECTED TO DEATH

Authenticated CAS
Question- if Children's Aid Society of Ontario calls and says that a worker wants to come and speak to your child what rights as a parent do you have? depends if they have a cou

Assist in this fathers struggle to bring Dani Back Home!

by: Joseph Di Lella
Public Help
What would you do if your one and only child was taken from you, without prior notice, and whisked away to a foreign country? Moreover how would you react if you were not allowed to commun

Re: Father Shot And Killed As Police Try To Take Child

by: Fighting for Families Support Group
Public Malfeasance
It's been going on for well over 50 years, the News Media were able to cover it over before the Internet... our son was winning his battle with the STATE for his child when they sent a State Whore

Looking into the case of a Manitoba judge whose nude photos ended up on the Internet

Authenticated Judges
OTTAWA Lawyers argued Wednesday over whether the Federal Court has the authority to review a panel looking into the case of a Manitoba judge whose nude photos ended up on the Internet. Man

Children's Aid Society of Ontario and his doctor say I'm not capable

by: Canada Court Watch
Public CAS
Out of the blue Children's Aid Society of Ontario is going for crown wardship of my son. Now what? I have no lawyer anymore. Now you fight your A$$ off. No doubt they found a bu

Abuse of the Family Law process conspiring Extortion by initiation of malicious prosecution

Authenticated FamilyLaw
Can someone out there offer their suggestion specifically where I can look up the court systems, Family law systems criteria for criminal prosecution in family court proceedings. What

When you come to fight Family Law bring lawyers guns and money

Authenticated FamilyLaw
Across U.S., Non-Custodial Parents Sue Non-custodial parents seeking custody file a federal class action suite. Cut:At least 28 federal class action suits in 28 states ha

If you could change one thing about Family Court would it be?

by: The Fathers Rights Movement
Public FamilyCourt
The Fathers' Rights Movement Maybe not put men on trial without actually being charged with a crime, I mean if you're gonna take everything I love away from me at least charge me with an actual cr

Re: OCL Ontario Children Lawyer and Evidence Ontario Family Court

Authenticated OfficeOfChildrenLawyer
Do I have to grant access to the Children's Lawyer to my grandson?? She did everything in her power to keep him away from us during trial, did NOT represent him at all. Fed us some BS line that un

Bias feminism agenda invested more than $62 million to end violence against women & asking for more

by: Fathers in Action
Public AntiFamily
Bias feminism agenda to destroy more families. Alienate and jail more fathers. More money is needed for the women victim services and shelters down the street it is Christmas John Lenon singing on

Children's Aid Societies of Ontario has nothing to hide then why does that prospect scare them so much?

by: Public Court
within the total legal industries scheme there is one word that is screwing the 1% involved and also the 99% that aren't involved in this industry. Professional figure them out and you will have i

Many school officials have been misled by the Children's Aid Society of Ontario workers

by: Vernon Beck
This document contains helpful information for teachers and parents when dealing with situations where Children's Aid Society of Ontario workers are coming into schools to interrogate and in many

Re: Affidavit of Christina Jane Olsen June 16 2009 Sault Ste Marie Ontario

by: Mary J
Sick Sick Sick, This woman is sick. She should have been charged with misleading and lying to police, instead she gained sole custody which enables her to brainwash the child to hate her father. U

False structures related to custody and visitation by the Department of Justice w/the Battered Women's Justice Project

by: Fathers in Action
Public Advocate
National Parents Organization wrote: The Family Court Enhancement Project is a joint project of the Office on Violence against Women, which is part of the Department of Justice; the Batter

Senior CAS official requesting that Advocates from Canada Court Watch not speak to their Crown Wards

by: Vernon Beck
Public Crownward
Very recently I had a call from a very senior Children's Aid Society official requesting that advocates from Canada Court Watch not speak to their Crown Wards. My response was that Canada Court Wa

Parental Alienation is verified as an unspoken national epidemic, subjecting helpless children to years of torment

by: Glen Gibellina
Public PAS
I, Glen Gibellina openly and freely give "Malachi's Law&rdquo; to each and everyone here. It's time please copy, paste, share and implement in your own state. I have personally delivered t

Fighting back against the unwarranted intrusion by CAS workers at schools

by: Vernon Beck with: School
Public CAS
It is time for parents to teach students about their rights and how they can start fighting back. Interrogations at school are nothing more than a form of bullying by CAS social workers who in the

Continuing trying to manipulate those around them - Alienated Family Members

by: Keith Marsolek
Public PAS
They have chosen to use our own children as weapons against our hearts and or humanity. Why you might ask? It was the only thing left in the failed relationship they knew we still loved and

A society & community where they encourage to rat on your neighbour with $2000 REWARDS

Authenticated Something
The SS in NAZI GERMANY who encouraged the same, children started to rat on there parent

Re: Father Shot And Killed As Police Try To Take Child

Public Murder
Outraged by this my heart goes out to the little boy thats left with no father!! Protect and serve my ass, and to think this was all over accusations its the the point that cps takes their job to

Interview with Mr Vernon Beck at the Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation Syndrome

by: Vernon Beck
Public PAS
Mr Vernon Beck short video representing Canada Court Watch Interview at the Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation Syndrome Mr Vernon Beck introduces Canada Court Watch <

Causing PAS and force Dads out of their childrens lives

It is so sad when there is conflict. Even in a situation of poverty, a DAD is an asset. Kids don't care about getting things all the time, they just want love I don't think it w

brainsyntax 879

Authenticated Evidence
To whom it may concernsAs per request to send the response to the above email address Please see attachment Sincerely, Vincent Schiele November 22 2013 <

brainsyntax 879

Authenticated Evidence
Entering false data into the police computer Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada Despite conviction, Monique Rollin is now a convicted criminal but remains working for Sault Ste. Marie Ont

Entering false data into their computers and records to oppress and harass

Authenticated Police
Letter served November 18 2013 &nbsp;by City Sault Ste. Marie Legal departmentoriginal source article found here: http

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