Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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May 16 2022

Brainwashing Children
Mothers are generally quite nurturing, and the easiest way to melt their heart is through a child...

I Lost My Children to Parental Alienation
Group with Personal Stories, Forums and Chat

Parental Alienation Information Page
Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre ... I have created this page to aid parents and children sufferi...

Father Rights Canada / Father fustrated with family law
Not disclosed audience: Public
How is it that a man has to take the mother of his child to court just so he can gain acc...
Sault Algoma CAS Brent Blair interrogating child alone with tough abusive questions
Russ McNeil H Chris Ericksen audience: Public
Russ McNeill When I had to deal with Social Services, I had a lawyer involved. My lawye...
False Allegations of Domestic Violence the Truth
Cory Dean Kohlenberg audience: Public
My ex has tried to get me thrown in jail twice with lies. I stood my ground and told th...
Children's Aid Ontario snatches children - Three Week Trial Has Begun for Custody of a Young Girl
Rachel Czifra audience: Public
The problem with this case being connected to Tim McLean's murder is that it shows furt...
Child(ren) Held Hostage
Terry audience: Public
I hope this Blog will prove helpful in the recognition and useful in deterrence of Pare...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Christmas list
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26 November 2012 prematuere ended call, other influence last evening I...
Father Rights Canada / I had to go bankrupt due to court and that included her court cost she got awarded
Not disclosed
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im reaching out as my ex inlaw has custody and i have access and she has to consult wit...
Father Rights Canada Contact - Have full custody after 8 yrs of lies and bs. Lost everything
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audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada Contact - Have full custody after 8 yrs of lies and bs. Lost everything

It will take me 2 hrs to type out my story but interested in helping. Have full custody...
Re: If anyone has lawyer recommendations in Edmonton, please share
Karen Treit
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What kind of lawyer are you looking for
Re Real Woman respect Fathers Rights
Janice Carleton
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Agree totally. There is nothing equal or reasonable or rational in our current system. ...
How do I start the process of reconnecting with my alienated child?
Keith Marsolek Dr Sue Cornbluth
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Youtube videos are dead links , page is up to be deleted due d...
Fathers Day 2014 is everyday for an Alienated Parent looking for a lost child
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Fathers Day is fast approaching us, prior to the commercial holiday I would like to rem...
Father Rights Canada / looking for a lawyer Waterloo Ontario
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I'm looking for a lawyer to discuss my situation in Waterloo Ontario <...
Alienating Parent and targeted Parent phone conversation
Lee Wiseman
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I truly understand where you are coming from, been dealing...
FRC - MEP is going to push me over the edge Please help!
Not disclosed
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I need help please my daughter not in a good environment with her mom and she won't let...

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Children's Aid worker reports that their fellow workers are abusing children and parents intentionally

by: Vernon Beck
I'm a child and family advocate with Canada Court Watch. I get calls from teenage girls and mothers who have been sexually and physically abused by CAS workers. I have women call me to tell me tha

Unavailable Message

Authenticated Other
trap to be followed by people who are not welcomed here and be tracked by my tracking c

Re: this poor lady has already suffered enough False abuse claims are the new court weapon

Authenticated AbusesToChildren
I am also being victimised of false claims my sons father d j sandford is using my ex partners tattics to say my son sexually abused my yoingest and i do to to my youngest im am a woman facing los

CAS NSB has recently changed their name to Six Nations Family Services

by: Brandi Martin
Public CAS
If you haven't heard - an Official Decision has been made by the Confederacy Council on Saturday, December 7, 2013 - Children's Aid Society WILL BE REMOVED FROM OUR TERRITORY !!! I'll post more de

Because she has a vagina Doesn't mean she's not an abuser

Authenticated AbusesToMen
so true and it pisses me off so bad, whats wrong with society why do we men have to suffer this way Because Society dictates that Men are the aggressors...Women can do no wrong.....Makes m

Our Charter is founded on the principals of God! Yet we spit in his face by the way he is so deeply disrespected

by: Attila Vinczer
Public Pages
It was exactly 40 years ago yesterday, on December 5, 1973, that I arrived in Canada with my mother, father and my two brothers. I recall my paternal Grandmother looking through the window as her

We knew that one of numerous people who were responsible for his death

Authenticated Activisim
on Wed. Dec. 5/13 three of us attended the afternoon session of the Coroner's Inquest into the murder of Jeffery Baldwin. we knew that one of numerous people who were responsible for his death...

as per section 2(2) of the CFSA duties of service providers

Authenticated CAS
recieved a call today from a lady I don't even know she got my final court order in the mail in her name what can I do about this and this lady told me every thing about my case what happened in c

06 December 2013 access exchange

Authenticated MyChildren
I noticed Michaela being not her self right after a few moments with me in the vehicle, later on Michaela had no appetite for dinner and refused any refreshments offer, &nbsp;juice offered and por

RE: Representing yourself in a legal action

Public FamilyLaw
Update to our story about SRLs at the SCC (below). Another SRL has drawn to our attention the fact that a SRL named Elizabeth Bernard presented her case before the Supreme Court of Canada just ear

That report urged Parliament to amend the Divorce Act Bill C-560 equal shared parenting the normative determination

by: Paulette MacDonald
Public Parenting
Hot off the Presses; MP Vellacott's New ESP Bill C-560 Introduction of Equal Shared Parenting PMB &ndash; December 6, 2013 Mr. Maurice Vellacott (Saskatoon&mdash;Wanuskew

Re: Fathers outcry for Justice living in a tent in my brothers back yard

by: Chris Thompson
Public Pages
Just a quick update After a long day it has unfolded well.. We got to court and were told that the crown was refusing my move (We had a student lawyer) Whom called my lawyer and within 20 minutes

Corrupt Cop bulling members of the public and spreading false and misleading information

Authenticated MisConduct
Bulling people and spreading false and misleading information. Mind your own business and conduct your&nbsp;obligations serving for the trusted position you are holding. Not as I noticed, &nbsp;in

Re: 9 year old subjected to false allegations stemming from Precious Blood Catholic School in Scarborough Ontario

This is outrageous. It is time that more parents come forward. The actions of the school can be considered child abuse. Are you sure your child is safe? The coalition against the school and its ba

Judges read these things before it gets to court so the judge would already have been provided with evidence

Authenticated Drafts
Can someone put this in layman's terms for me, please. I'm reading it as no evidence shall be brought forth during this first hearing before the court has determined whether or not the child is in

Parental Alienation

by: Julie French
Public PAS
I start this with the premise that a parent has the legal right to see their children and should only be deprived of that right if they have abused or neglected their children, which I know to tho

a town full of malefasance and nonfeasance mixed with some favoritism

Authenticated Malfeasance
Evidence of carelessness in the discharge of public duties. Investigations are underlined with harassment towards them who dare complaign or bring any spotlight towards this specific criminal core

Kill Bill 88 (privatization of youth welfare)

Authenticated CAS
WE DID IT! Jane and I have presented to the committee!!! Jane handed in ALL our evidence and a commissioned affidavit written by myself stating the FACTS and showing the evidence. <a href=

Hearings at Queens Park yesterday on Bill 88

by: Vernon Beck
Public CAS
I attended the hearings at Queens Park yesterday on Bill 88. Court Watch submitted approximately 1 1/2" of documents to the Committee concerning the failure of CAS agencies to conduct business in

Can We restore fair justice in any Canadian Family Court?

Authenticated FamilyCourt
This tragedy would never happen, if the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario pay humane and fair attention to this matter. This kind oh injustice is going on in Ontario Family Court for a long tim

Then my daughter left a message with their new telephone number

Authenticated Help
Seeking assistance. Background: In 08/26/13, I lost my joint legal custody in addition to not having physical custody. However, the child reunification counseling was still in effect.

Explosive device at the Court House Sault Ste Marie Ontario

by: Sault Ste Marie Police Services
Public Court
On the morning of December 3, 2013 a female called the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service and advised then that she had placed an explosive device at the Court House and at the Crown&rsquo;s Office o

ShawnaLea Fraser is in Kitchener but she is good and will travel

Public Lawyers
Help on a good lawyer in Guelph, ontario who takes legal aid please. My friend has been informed CAS is now taking her to court. Pure retribution for filing complaints! ShawnaLe

No contact whatsoever with my child in over 45 days and countiung

Authenticated PAS
For those not following my case, I have been separated from my daughter for over six weeks - thanks to a judge ruling a move-away was in the 'best' interest of my daughter. With no 48 hour n

Sworn affidavits of misconduct not only by the courthouse staff but the judges as well

by: Julie French
Public MisConduct
Please read the letter I received in regards to a complaint i sent to the Attorney General in Canada. Then my response that I emailed back is posted after. Parental Alienation - Corrupt On

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