Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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January 21 2022

Problems suffered by Children due to Parental Alienation
Dr. L.F. Lowenstein - Southern England Psychological Services have been involved with and heard ...

It only takes one lie to start the harassment and if they can steal your babies they make bank
Constance Isthename audience: Public
I wake up fighting, I go to bed fighting, I breath so I can fight, I live in fear but I...
Re: She was 8 years old and we were forced to say goodbye
Tiffany Usher Wilson audience: Public
So let me get this straight- they take away ONLY ONE child leaving the rest with you?
Re: Re: I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever
Cassandra Gibb audience: Public
You have no idea what the truth is regarding this situation. Do you know the people inv...
Father Rights Canada Your page is such a wonderful support
Not disclosed audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada Your page is such a wonderful support
I can't get on your page anymore. I hope I haven't done anything wrong. Your page is su...
You and others can and should be filing complaints with the Ombudsman
Chris Carter Canada Court Watch audience: Authenticated Login and access You and others can and should be filing complaints with the Ombudsman
I hope the ombudsman has oversight on CCAS and CAS in Ontario soon. When he does I'm go...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
C. Brauer & V.Harris Canadas Court System is Corrupt
Connie Brauer and Vic Harris
audience: Public

Do you think Canadian judges should be elected? Canada’s Court System is Corrupt ...
For those parents going through alienation
audience: Public

For those parents going through alienation of their child my...
After this last injustice for not being able to talk in Court to fulfill her last wish to see her granddaughters
Viorica Lungu
audience: Public

My friend Hilde died on May 24, 2014, one day before my Birthday and I couldn't fulfill...
Thomas John Wallace
audience: Public

WOW OMG IS THIS crazy! i flew off the handle the first time.. only once though... i was...
Father Rights Canada / Class action lawsuit against the government of Canada
Tyler McFadden
audience: Public

This is a much needed action.  Should have been done a long time ago.  Class ...
Family Court support worker: If it is so corrupt why isnt anyone helping you?
Trena Thompson
audience: Public

This lawyer has ruined my life and family. She had taken this site down but I guess fee...
Is there any help you can offer? How do I go about successfully launching a lawsuit against the CAS
audience: Authenticated Login and access Is there any help you can offer? How do I go about successfully launching a lawsuit against the CAS

Research the laws affecting your case, you can file yourself,but it must comply w/ cour...
Ex forced my son to write out false text messages
Julie French Corrupt Ontario Family Courts
audience: Public

My younger son was here on the weekend and I asked him if he could write me out what he...
Father Rights Canada / I see my own son fighting to parent his child
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hello, I have been following your page for the past few months, and have been reading w...
Parenting Time

audience: Authenticated Login and access Parenting Time

Parenting time not visitiaion time Parenting time &nbs...

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Vital to Ontario's Families being destroyed by the tyranny of the unaccountable Children's Aid Societies of Ontario

Authenticated ChildProtection

I've been wrongfully accused myself and managed to find the evidence i needed to support my innocence

by: Tammy Everest
Public Evidence
I thought it was already a crime called "misleading police" and most officers at least around here won't pursue with charges without physical evidence to support...however i have seen a matter whe

I the vindictive hateful parent reflection one that is riddled with self-love rather than the love

Authenticated PAS
Hope each one of you is not stressing over the time of year, worrying about what to buy each other. You know what you can give me - if you happen to see a bright-eyed little girl! Source:<

My daughter was in care and still is a crown ward

by: Sapphire Fishback
Public Crownward
My daughter was in care and still is a crown ward. We are doing a status review in Chatham Ontario court dec 19. My daughter wrote amd sang this while living in a foster home. Hope you enjoy

filing false domestic violence charges should be charged with a crime and be fined or do jail time

by: Aaron R Bates
Parental alienators are notorious for making false allegations to gain the upper hand. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that they use family members who serve in courts, and police departments to get the j

Praise the officers for the way they handled the situation in Hamilton Ontario

Authenticated MisConduct
Have you seen the video of those Hamilton police officers arresting a woman It has now gone viral and the 2 cops in it are getting a lot of praise from the public.The video was shot in Hamilton la

Another Schwein forced to resign with a history of public complaints

Authenticated MisConduct
Durham Ontario cop terminated for violent arrest of mentally ill man. &nbsp;A hearing officer has ordered the dismissal of a Durham cop found guilty of misconduct after the violent arrest of a men

The ex wife from hell Parental Alienation life long abuse

by: Hilary
Woman can be the most vindictive, mean creatures ever. Woman have an amazing power, they can create unity, or totally destroy a man. In our case the woman abused the man, as a final act of revenge

You can only fight being alienated for so long before it changes you

by: Ryan Tamayo
Public AntiFamily
Time and Pressure Ryan - Science/Geology/ Erosion -- the problem has to be worked on constantly but in moderation. Becoming obsessed like me does no one any good other than raising levels of inten

Best way to describe that pain is grab your bottom lip and pull it over your head

by: My 2 Sons
Public PAS
This goes to the male alienators Do you realize that the mother of your child/children chose you to have children with? Do you realize that the mother of your child/children carried that child/tho

I knew nothing about Parental Alienation or the Family Law system being so twisted

by: Ryan Tamayo
Public PAS
I've been completely alienated for almost 4 years now and was fighting the courts for 3 prior to that To be honest I knew nothing about PA or the family law system being so twisted. When my legal

Children's Aid worker reports that their fellow workers are abusing children and parents intentionally

by: Vernon Beck
I'm a child and family advocate with Canada Court Watch. I get calls from teenage girls and mothers who have been sexually and physically abused by CAS workers. I have women call me to tell me tha

Unavailable Message

Authenticated Other
trap to be followed by people who are not welcomed here and be tracked by my tracking c

Re: this poor lady has already suffered enough False abuse claims are the new court weapon

Authenticated AbusesToChildren
I am also being victimised of false claims my sons father d j sandford is using my ex partners tattics to say my son sexually abused my yoingest and i do to to my youngest im am a woman facing los

CAS NSB has recently changed their name to Six Nations Family Services

by: Brandi Martin
Public CAS
If you haven't heard - an Official Decision has been made by the Confederacy Council on Saturday, December 7, 2013 - Children's Aid Society WILL BE REMOVED FROM OUR TERRITORY !!! I'll post more de

Because she has a vagina Doesn't mean she's not an abuser

Authenticated AbusesToMen
so true and it pisses me off so bad, whats wrong with society why do we men have to suffer this way Because Society dictates that Men are the aggressors...Women can do no wrong.....Makes m

Our Charter is founded on the principals of God! Yet we spit in his face by the way he is so deeply disrespected

by: Attila Vinczer
Public Pages
It was exactly 40 years ago yesterday, on December 5, 1973, that I arrived in Canada with my mother, father and my two brothers. I recall my paternal Grandmother looking through the window as her

We knew that one of numerous people who were responsible for his death

Authenticated Activisim
on Wed. Dec. 5/13 three of us attended the afternoon session of the Coroner's Inquest into the murder of Jeffery Baldwin. we knew that one of numerous people who were responsible for his death...

as per section 2(2) of the CFSA duties of service providers

Authenticated CAS
recieved a call today from a lady I don't even know she got my final court order in the mail in her name what can I do about this and this lady told me every thing about my case what happened in c

06 December 2013 access exchange

Authenticated MyChildren
I noticed Michaela being not her self right after a few moments with me in the vehicle, later on Michaela had no appetite for dinner and refused any refreshments offer, &nbsp;juice offered and por

RE: Representing yourself in a legal action

Public FamilyLaw
Update to our story about SRLs at the SCC (below). Another SRL has drawn to our attention the fact that a SRL named Elizabeth Bernard presented her case before the Supreme Court of Canada just ear

That report urged Parliament to amend the Divorce Act Bill C-560 equal shared parenting the normative determination

by: Paulette MacDonald
Public Parenting
Hot off the Presses; MP Vellacott's New ESP Bill C-560 Introduction of Equal Shared Parenting PMB &ndash; December 6, 2013 Mr. Maurice Vellacott (Saskatoon&mdash;Wanuskew

Re: Fathers outcry for Justice living in a tent in my brothers back yard

by: Chris Thompson
Public Pages
Just a quick update After a long day it has unfolded well.. We got to court and were told that the crown was refusing my move (We had a student lawyer) Whom called my lawyer and within 20 minutes

Corrupt Cop bulling members of the public and spreading false and misleading information

Authenticated MisConduct
Bulling people and spreading false and misleading information. Mind your own business and conduct your&nbsp;obligations serving for the trusted position you are holding. Not as I noticed, &nbsp;in

Re: 9 year old subjected to false allegations stemming from Precious Blood Catholic School in Scarborough Ontario

This is outrageous. It is time that more parents come forward. The actions of the school can be considered child abuse. Are you sure your child is safe? The coalition against the school and its ba

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