Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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October 26 2021

Denial of the Parental Alienation Syndrome Also Harms Women
Denying reality is obviously a maladaptive way of dealing with a situation. In fact, denial is ge...

Eleven days into Justine child protection trial Judge Lyndsay Smith questions the ministrys case
Eleven days into an intense child-protection trial, Judge Lyndsay Smith paused the proceedings to...

Re: Obstruction of Justice forgery professional misconduct malice of the Family Law and FRO in Ontario
Richard Petersen audience: Public
This is more than one group. It is something bigger than that. FRO CAS and Family court...
Re: Father Rights Canada / using breastfeeding saying she wants the visits to be supervised
Robin Buriak audience: Public
She absolutely needs evidence. So you had better hope that she doesn’t. If she does, and s...
November 09 2012
Vincent audience: Authenticated Login and access November 09 2012
phone call duration 4:34 from&nbsp;November 09 2012 - Alienated father <br /...
Father Rights Canada / I got sick two years ago with my lungs and my lungs are slowly shutting down
Not disclosed audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / I got sick two years ago with my lungs and my lungs are slowly shutting down
My name is ———redacted So I have been in maintenance <b...
Father Rights Canada / Contact request
Not disclosed audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / Contact request
Contact message I Have separation with my wife .... on 13 Nov,2018. I just s...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: What does Parental Alienation look like?
Cory Spicer
audience: Public

I have lived this life for over 9 years now. She still pulls the same garbage and it's ...
Re: Reporting child abuse and neglect in Ontario Canada
audience: Public

I am reporting an incident that happened on June 14,2014. A young girl of the age of 15...
You Sicken me to not teach ur own children about abuse that can happen
Mandy Mcabe
audience: Public

I never bothered to read half these comments, all the gibber gabber and negative attitu...
Oct 17 2012 Phone Record
Vincent S
audience: Authenticated Login and access Oct 17 2012 Phone Record

7:02 PM LOCAL TIME Ontario Sault Ste. Marie Rural Ontario Canada duration 11:22 min Wha...
Bias feminism agenda invested more than $62 million to end violence against women & asking for more
Fathers in Action
audience: Public

Bias feminism agenda to destroy more families. Alienate and jail more fathers. More mon...
Father Rights Canada / police and there I was told “did I really want to .. bust in and arrest their mother
I originally posted
audience: Public

Thank you all for the kind words. My boys and are doing good. My purpose for writing ...
Seizes Two-Year-Old Child From Parents Because They Smoked Pot, Child Dies in Foster Care

audience: Authenticated Login and access Seizes Two-Year-Old Child From Parents Because They Smoked Pot, Child Dies in Foster Care

Two-year-old girl dies in foster care Foster parent charged with murder A ...
Here's Mondays debate in legislature concerning Bill 8...the very last paragraph is alarming!
Lee Bolton
audience: Authenticated Login and access Here's Mondays debate in legislature concerning Bill 8...the very last paragraph is alarming!

Child advocate&nbsp;Ms. Andrea Horwath: My next question is also for the Premier. Will ...
Real Woman respect Fathers Rights
Elizabeth Turner
audience: Public

Bravo.....I'm so glad to see that there are women of many different generations saying ...
Re: Father Rights Canada /mother makes all the decisions for our child without me
Jennifer Spackman
audience: Public

Do you have a court order? You could have 50-50 legal custody and the mother has primary c...

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Ashamed of our governments Family Law System one that is profoundly broken and has been for decades

by: Paulette MacDonald
Public FamilyLaw
Dear Santa, My name is Paulette MacDonald and I am a Family Justice Advocate\Activist in Canada and that came to be once I witnessed first hand the devastation that occurs in the hands of ou

Re: Parental Alienation is Emotional Child Abuse. Another innocent victim.

Public Accused
And this is why Par

Parental Alienation is Emotional Child Abuse. Another innocent victim.

by: Parents Love
Public PAS
Child's school project becomes a plea to the Family CourtA judge heard a ''cry for help'' from a pupil's exercise book. She has witnessed countless bitter ro

Amplifies the movement

Authenticated Activisim
The family law resource and petitioning app campaign is wrapping up 12-17-2013 and production has already begun!!! My bid for Washington State Representative is in full ge

My partner we have parted ways due to the stress of his evil ex girlfriend

by: A reader with: The Fathers Rights Movement
Public Accused
If you wish to publish this please keep my name anonymous as it may go against my now ex in court when he returns to fight again for his other children After three years of supporting

Not ever met a woman that sees their children only 4 days a month

Authenticated AntiFather
Almost every man I meet that has been through a divorce is reduced to a visitor and allowed only 4 days a month with his children. I've met and talked personally with 100's of men in

I Might Go To Jail For This But Have Little Choice

by: Amy MacPherson
Public Jail
What I' m about to say, may or may not, be breaking a publication ban. I'm doing my best to speak carefully as possible, but I don't have much choice given the dire situation. Hopefully I don't cr

Always remember is that the courts are now an industry of corruption trafficking children for profit

by: Steven Dawe
Public FamilyCourt
The system is not broken it was designed this way for profit. The corrupt family courts are a private corporation and as such must make a profit at any cost. Corrupt Family Courts.&nbsp; <br

It was the eating aggravation I felt if I tried to give up that kept me going

by: Aaron R Bates with: The Fathers Rights Movement
Public Parents
It is unfathomable the agony that eats at you in these matters. It can turn the most loving person sour. To forget and let it go is to just give up she/he wins and your children are gone. It was t

MAG DM Monahan-the MAG refused to provide responses for a complaint to the Ombudsman

Authenticated Evidence
was able to file another written complaint to the Ombudsman today. that makes about six or so such complaints to the Ombudsman, most of them against the MCYS, which have been filed in the past few

Re: Parental Alienation Archives Orange County Divorce Lawyer Blog

Authenticated Truth
Recently in the&nbsp;Parental Alienation&nbsp;Category December

pretending to be her neighbour while calling police to suggest False accusations

Authenticated Evidence
False accuser Jessica Lynne Rogers dabbed away tears Friday as a Calgary judge ruled she&rsquo;d have to go to jail for trying to frame her ex-boyfriend for crimes he didn't commit. False accusati

This is the reality in the Sarnia Ontario Canada Family Law system

Authenticated Activisim
Just a follow up ...Dave Burgess visited Sarnia MPP Bob Bailey today to ask him what he is doing about the Family Law problems concerning his constituents...below is what happened. I also understa

The night dad went to Jail - book review

by: Marc with: Fathers Justice Photo Section
Public Jail
Something that should be standard issue from the family court system in every family court action. The night dad went to Jail, A tail to tell your children how bad dad is to the point of no return

Until the kidnappers and those who assist such atrocities are made to care half as much as the victims

by: Joseph Kenick III
Public Civil
For many victims of the family court Hell our children have been kidnapped. Sadly, nothing can be done until their kidnappers are made to stop breathing. If for nothing else than a clear example t

Affidavit by Vincent Schiele Jan 16 2013

Authenticated Lawyers
Links to attachments pdf file: re affidavit Ontario Court of Justice -- Father fighting a spiteful ex and grandmother with their promenade lying lawyer -Sault Ste Marie Ontario lying lawyer&nbsp;H

he confided that he wanted to tie up social workers hold them hostage and set traps for police

Public Pages
A North Shore social services office is in lockdown over fears of a father embroiled in a child-custody battle. A Crown prosecutor Tuesday outlined measures taken by Secwepemc Child &

Cesspool of greed corruption and interagency efforts to discredit and silence the whistle blowers

by: Joseph Kenick III
Public FamilyLaw
Our Family Court Systems are failing our children ... Really saddens me. Don't just be saddened, force it to stop destroying families, innocent children, and

Vital to Ontario's Families being destroyed by the tyranny of the unaccountable Children's Aid Societies of Ontario

Authenticated ChildProtection

I've been wrongfully accused myself and managed to find the evidence i needed to support my innocence

by: Tammy Everest
Public Evidence
I thought it was already a crime called "misleading police" and most officers at least around here won't pursue with charges without physical evidence to support...however i have seen a matter whe

I the vindictive hateful parent reflection one that is riddled with self-love rather than the love

Authenticated PAS
Hope each one of you is not stressing over the time of year, worrying about what to buy each other. You know what you can give me - if you happen to see a bright-eyed little girl! Source:<

My daughter was in care and still is a crown ward

by: Sapphire Fishback
Public Crownward
My daughter was in care and still is a crown ward. We are doing a status review in Chatham Ontario court dec 19. My daughter wrote amd sang this while living in a foster home. Hope you enjoy

filing false domestic violence charges should be charged with a crime and be fined or do jail time

by: Aaron R Bates
Parental alienators are notorious for making false allegations to gain the upper hand. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that they use family members who serve in courts, and police departments to get the j

Praise the officers for the way they handled the situation in Hamilton Ontario

Authenticated MisConduct
Have you seen the video of those Hamilton police officers arresting a woman It has now gone viral and the 2 cops in it are getting a lot of praise from the public.The video was shot in Hamilton la

Another Schwein forced to resign with a history of public complaints

Authenticated MisConduct
Durham Ontario cop terminated for violent arrest of mentally ill man. &nbsp;A hearing officer has ordered the dismissal of a Durham cop found guilty of misconduct after the violent arrest of a men

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