Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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May 17 2022

FAQ ex-fathers.org
What is an ex-father? An ex-father is a man denied the opportunity to raise his child. Fathers a...

Parental Alienation Syndrome How to Detect It and What to Do About It by J. Michael Bone and Michael R. Walsh
Any attempt at alienating the children from the other parent should be seen as a direct and willf...

Parental Alienation Information Page
Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre ... I have created this page to aid parents and children sufferi...

reI can’t afford to retain a lawyer or even ready for divorce and it’s consequences now
n a audience: Public
do not  delete the email account,  dont you wish to b available for communica...
Because some woman got bored and her reputation is more important than your life
James W Szotak audience: Public
The law a law, it's not the woman really doing it, it's the support she gets, it's the ...
Adam Warren Claude Lafreniere revenges his child hood dramatic psychotic episodes
obsa Adam Ashley Warren audience: Authenticated Login and access Adam Warren Claude Lafreniere revenges his child hood dramatic psychotic episodes
The acts you have done to others Adam Warren are of similar nature of what has been don...
Viorica Lungu's EX is using false names to attack his ex wife on the Internet.
Viorica Lungu audience: Public
My name is Viorica Lungu and I want to let everybody know that my ex has threatened to ...
Re: My ex wife played the fabricated dead beat dad card for all these years
Alicia Keller audience: Public
That meme is my husbands ex wife EXACTLY!!!! She only follows the laws and rules when t...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
this is part 2 of my autobiography of being married to a psychopath
Yvonne Craig
audience: Authenticated Login and access this is part 2 of my autobiography of being married to a psychopath

Today is wedding day for the ex-psychopath. Gosh, the deeper I get into that book on th...
Father Rights Canada / Father having issues with family court
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hello my name is (redacted). I am contacting you because of a situation with my nephew . H...
Re: So the family court system is stuck dealing with us unrepresented folks
Mr Accountant
audience: Public

As a professional accountant, the incompetence and criminal activity of family court la...
Re: Drunk mother breastfeeding and scraping with the father
Karen Tokar
audience: Public

This absolutely breaks my heart! Please, for everyone's sake take your daughter and go ...
I am the Drone
audience: Authenticated Login and access I am the Drone

Hi This is Hilary, Vince's girlfriend, also known as his "drone" referred to in the abo...
Lets all band together & hold a rally outside the London CAS office at 1680 Oxford Street on Monday March 2nd 2015
Jen Mcmurray
audience: Authenticated Login and access Lets all band together & hold a rally outside the London CAS office at 1680 Oxford Street on Monday March 2nd 2015

Lets all show CAS the world how corrupt the family courts are & Ontario Child Prote...
Court Order December 18 2012

audience: Authenticated Login and access Court Order December 18 2012

approved copy: <img src="../../Portal/Material/1/OntarioBreakUp_236.jpg" alt="" wi...
Father Rights Canada / ex doesn't let me see my son without her written consent

audience: Public

Since my son was 10 months old I have been fighting tooth and nail to see him as much a...
Father Rights Canada / is the doctor allowed to refuse my request for note?
Not disclosed
audience: Public

My son is seeing a psychiatrist in red deer. I sent a letter outlining history to the d...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Class action lawsuit against the government of Canada
Barracuda Welding
audience: Public

So whats the procedure or method behind a class action suit? Whats involved?

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Court Corruptions are going on every day.

Authenticated Court
What's on my mind is this. You have the court system that really dont look on both side of the story.I have been through the courts all my life.and I'm still going to court next month .against the

The day they will be with the blood that loves them best

by: Yvonne Evanoff with: Canada Court Watch
To the young mothers and fathers of children who have been separated from their love...Please take comfort in the fact that, no matter how long it takes to get your babies back, they w

Nelson Mandela Following His Life Sentence In 1964

Public Prision
On June 12, 1964, Nelson Mandela and other members of the African National Congress were sentenced to life in prison for sabotage against the state. While Mandela's attorney said that the accused

Re: The cover-up of an alleged sexual assault of a young boy by a senior CAS worker and the disappearance of the boy

by: Tammy Everest
Public Accused
Sad this boys lost within the system but he's gotta grow up, and I'm sure his freewill will strengthen as he gets older and he's left his marks of evidence with Verne hopefully Verne will hang on

Before you lose your children to a system where anything can happen to them and usually does

by: Rufus J. Peckerwood
Public Malfeasance
Another tragedy at the hands of the Almighty CAS. The time is now like never before. Get into the fight before it's one of your precious little ones in the news. CAS is not impregnable like they t

The Best Interest Of Our Children must always be paramount on the minds of all parties

Authenticated Jail
Yes, Clifford Ray Hall Jr. is in fact incarcerated as posted by Leisha Tringali below and here is a link to the Harris County Jail information: https://apps.jims.hctx.net/sopublic/Inquiry.do


Authenticated PAS
Here is just a small amount of evidence showing the Parental Alienation that my three beautiful children and I have and continue to suffer at the hands of their mother and my ex-wife.&nbsp; It is

The cover-up of an alleged sexual assault of a young boy by a senior CAS worker and the disappearance of the boy

by: Vernon Beck with: Canada Court Watch
Public CAS
The cover-up of an alleged sexual assault of a young boy by a senior CAS worker and the disappearance of the boy Attached to this letter, please find a very short and disturbing MP3 audio clip of

Happy Birthday Carmela 22 January 2014 Alienated father birthday wishes

Authenticated PAS
Father longing for his child, child is withheld, a case for parental alienationHappy Birthday

Real Men Don't walk Away by PAUL GILBANK

by: Paul Gilbank
Public AntiFather
Hi would like people to look at my book and what I went through to see my daughter. I was sent to prison twice and after 15yrs the system has still not changed why not? I can say I now

Re: Two Stories the Same Battle - She is mean, hateful, spiteful and munipulative

by: V
Public Accused
We are in a similar situation here in Ontario Canada, no matter what we filed to the court record, it is questionable if they actual read it, depends from Judge to Judge and for sure the do not ac

Re: Assist in this fathers struggle to bring Dani Back Home!

Authenticated LookingFor
Finally progress!&nbsp;I now can finally confirm that Daniella IS in Switzerland AND in the elementary school that I visited years ago, in her grandparent's hometown.So . . . the principal h

Two Stories the Same Battle - She is mean, hateful, spiteful and munipulative

by: TBC
My fiance and I just got out of court over his two boys who are 4 and 10 years old. We filed to have an emergency custody hearing after the boys came back from a night with their mother and told u

Papa you will not live much longer because mom is going to kill you

Authenticated BrainWashing
very disturbing and of great concern, teaching a child to hate a parent see attachment&nbsp;... words by a four year young child alienated of her father and brother Affidavit of V

Parental Alienation Syndrome often causes a child to express extreme hatred towards one parent

by: My 2 Sons
Public PAS
Children need to have positive relationships with both parents, even if the parents are not together. When one parent is trying to undermine any good relationship, it places everyone in a bad situ

It's a way for me to tell them that I love them and miss them

by: Kendra Welch
Public PAS
When our hearts are heavy with thoughts of your alienated children, writing can often be the outlet where not only emotions can come out but a resource of knowledge to help others.&nbsp;<br

Severe Parental Alienation kills 9% of all children when alienated from the other parent

by: Kendra Welch
Public PAS
I know how serious PAS is. Lives are destroyed. Children and alienated parents. The punishment should be reversal of custodial rights immediately!!! Therapy for the parent with PAS. Education for

484 child deaths in Saskatchewan while in close connection to the ministry

Authenticated Death
Saskatchewan's Ministry of Social Services says 484 children over the past two decades have died while in close connection to the ministry, a CBC investigative team has learned The numbers

now she is hiding the children from the father

Authenticated Accused
removing the children, Zecke new lover is helping to flee with the children to the prom

Children's Aid Harvesting for Economic Gain in Ontario

by: Papa Inbc
Public CAS
I would estimate perhaps a half dozen babies per CAS office, per month are removed.&nbsp;In Ontario, perhaps a thousand or so kids of all ages per month are newly removed.&nbsp; If C

Trevor Doering removing posts and links to CWW and AdvocacyCanada

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
Conversation started June 21, 2013 6/21 12:52am Vincent Schiele hello I re publishing your story if you are in consent, in an effort to make people aware of this malfeasances a

Please keep CCW shit off my pages. Please hahaha by Trevor Doering

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
6/11, 9:11pm&nbsp;Trevor Doering&nbsp; That you Don? haha... Post away. I believe in God. Or a higher power. They are so lucky of that fact. July 11, 2013 Trevor Doering<

Connecticut State Legislative Task Force on Shared Parenting and Parental Alienation

Public PAS
Dr. Steven Miller and Linda Gottlieb, two highly respected and renowned parental alienation and estrangement experts in the United States testified at the Connecticut State Legislative Task Force

The lack of Accountability Childrens Aid Societies of Ontario Canada

by: Sharon Dockhorn crompton
Public Court
Your right been thr

Re The lack of Accountability Childrens Aid Societies of Ontario Canada

by: Renee F. McDonald
Public CAS
and a disgrace!!! T

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