Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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May 17 2022

Are you a good separated or divorced parent?
Hostile Aggressive Parenting or HAP is a serious form of child maltreatment and abuse, and is enc...

Problems suffered by Children due to Parental Alienation
Dr. L.F. Lowenstein - Southern England Psychological Services have been involved with and heard ...

Monday September 29 2014 Protocol notes
vincent audience: Authenticated Login and access Monday September 29 2014 Protocol notes
My ex interprets all legal orders or previous arrangements "by the book" and is not fle...
Father Rights Canada / List of lawyers for red deer please
Not disclosed audience: Public
Would like a list of father friendly lawyer in red deer area . Have a lawyer pretty much b...
Re: Tips to Determine if Your Ex is Harassing and Abusing You through the Court System
Jessica Erin Larcy Abrams audience: Public
and when you loose rights without doing ANYTHING wrong, but your ex blames the courts. ...
October 31 2012 - Trick-or-treating
Vincent Schiele audience: Authenticated Login and access October 31 2012 - Trick-or-treating
Phone call 31 October 2012 Wednesday 7pm duration 50sec Phone sweet talk bet...
Provide lazy greedy from the Sault a method of free sustenance
Josh Wengler audience: Authenticated Login and access Provide lazy greedy from the Sault a method of free sustenance
Will someone please explain to me why there are no penalties for blatant, demon...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

Needing some advice. I have court ordered Skype contact with my children that has now been...
Father Rights Canada / What do we need and where do we start to get this changed or looked at?
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hi, I reside in Ontario however this applies to everyone across...
People need to know the truth once and
On behalf of Shawn Cullen of Edmonton who has faced great dangers to get this news to you
audience: Public

<a href="**Intro to Conspiracy and Scandal** to falsely brand and label to hide...
Father Rights Canada / We need to get the ball rolling on changes in our Family Law system
Joe Gowing
audience: Public

We need to get the ball rolling on changes in our Family Law system. The only way to do...
Motherisk is the scapegoat for the sins committed by those governed under the Ministry of Child and Youth Service
Elizabeth Mary Windsor
audience: Public

Has anyone stopped and asked themselves ; if just MAYBE there was NO wrong done by Moth...
Re: Is there a lawyer that can help - Appeal Case CAS Ontario
Stuart Gilboord
audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Is there a lawyer that can help - Appeal Case CAS Ontario

CFSRB formal complaint of CAS actions is what I suggest.
Re: Father Rights Canada / Living with abuse, speaking out.
Hilarie Fortune
audience: Public

There is men's group at Desca. Its located 115ave 71 st..if your in Edmonton. If not call ...
Re Father Rights Canada / Ex is placing kids in harmful situations
William Gaidies
audience: Public

See you post is gender neutral, it hard to give advice on your concerns. The family court ...
Father Rights Canada / I feel broken and heading into depression again
audience: Public

Good morning &nbsp; We posted your message anonymous on our Quebec and ...
Re: They can make false statements to the police in an attempt to get the targeted parent arrested and jailed
Travis Shanks
audience: Public

The police should be smarter than to fall for this to bad most police are worse at family ...

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They have also systematically made efforts to make me homeless in order to obstruct me even living near my son

Public PAS
My partner has systematically alienated my child from me. Her father was abused as a child. I now suspect she was by him. I'm concerned for my son who has been kept from me, my family and our home

Family day pain 2014

Authenticated Famille
Family Day is right around the corner again! So for you stinky, dirty rotten c*nt workers that will not work that day to provide access to the families that you ripped apart....I HOPE YOUR OWN KID

Parental Capacity Assessment used by CAS to fabricate evidence against a parent

Authenticated Help
Is there anywhere in Kitchener/Waterloo Onatrio that offers a PCA assessment at no cost? My sister is currently getting one through CAS but wants to get her own to be sure she can combat their cor


Authenticated PAS
As nobody will give me an address to serve my ex with a contempt motion and as you would hear from the audio recordings I put on here just a few moments ago ( A FATHER'S STORY PT 2 DILICO RECORDIN


by: Charlie Mercieca
Public CAS
Hi Everyone Please listen to this recording of a phone call I was on with Dilico (Children's Aid Society for Native Reserves)&nbsp;Although it is approximately 40 minutes in duration, it is is mus

How to proceed when CAS provides confidential personal info to ex?

Authenticated Law
Chris Carter: Are you sure that the info they provided was, technically speaking as per how it's viewed by the law, "confidential personal info." what's your evidence that they

CAS private investigators taking photographs through the windows of the mother's residence

Authenticated Crownward
Chatham-Kent Children's Aid Society hires a private investigator to track parents in an effort to gain crown wardship and adoption of three children, the family is not entitled to view of copy of

Re: Parental Alienation in Sarnia Ontario Canda

Authenticated Truth
in every town where this failing English Family Law here in Ontario is in effect you find tremendous amount of suffering for the children it is more then ignorance, the city is profiting on this m

Parental Alienation in Sarnia Ontario Canada

by: Mark Thecrusader
Public PAS
In Sarnia Lambton the court system has allowed women to abuse their title of Mommy. A Mommy is a woman who has their children's best interest in mind. A Mother is a woman who wants control and pow

Semblance of justice from the family law system I SHAMED the bastards into doing something

by: Dave Aldridge
Public FamilyLaw
I battled for 3 years in the family court for the right to raise my own daughter and rescue her from a life of abuse and neglect and eventually won sole custody. I also spent the next 10 years rep

Dear supporter of Equal Parenting CEPC AGM 2014

by: Glenn Cheriton with: Canadian Equal Parenting Council
Public Equality
For all of the good work done by our directors in 2013, the CEPC Annual General Meeting is undoubtably the most important meeting of the year. The president's report at the meeting will detail pro

Remove the word justice at the court house justice does not exist in Family Court

by: Rene Gelinas
Public Justice
My lawyer dumped me four days before my settlement conference because she had spent all my money and I didn't have a thousand dollars for her to represent me that day! Needless to say I lost at th

Misconduct of Judge - Canadian Judical Council Complaint Form

by: CFFLR with: Bob Law
Public MisConduct
Anyone having a problem or issues with any of the above concerning decisions and especially BIAS can file a complaint here Canadian Judical Council Complaint FormSource:htt

Words from the ex

Authenticated Awareness
" I DO NOT LIKE YOUR SITE!" ......Well Thanks for telling us! However your approval is not needed.But thanks for being a bitch and inspiring us to make change in Fami

Re: Childrens Aid Society workers love to troll this sites and forums

by: ano
Public CAS
They have every position in place they need to take your kids away. When it comes to court consider yourself screwed, most legal aid lawyers won't file anything that could help you win your case.

RE: a post title and contents

Authenticated Awareness
THIS POST&nbsp; The only thing nice between you and me will be the knife between your ribs <form action="/Home/CreateMessage" enctype="mul

Marie Tavaras of Kawartha/Haliburton CAS causes great harm to Family

Authenticated CAS
Marie TavaresTitle or Position: Service Worker for CASKawartha/Haliburton Childrens Aid1100 Chemong RoadPeterboroughONTARIO Post

Kawartha/Haliburton CAS (Peterborough) Marie Tavares

Authenticated CAS
Type of Report: Complaint Last Name: Tavares First Name: Marie Title or Position: Service Worker for CAS Name of Organization: Kawartha/Haliburton CAS Street: 1100 Ch

Birthday wishes to alienated child Nicholas, by Mom, Canada 2014

by: Melissa Kelly
Public PAS
Born 12 years ago, the most beautiful baby boy, a mom could ever ask for, you are my everything, I love you more then any words could ever describe..Happy Birthday Nicholas!Source:<br

Re: Family Law is abusive As a Canadian I am disgusted with the Family Law System

Authenticated FamilyCourt
The judge saw the injustice, &nbsp;the lawyers in the room knew but all just looked at her as she is a Alien from a distance star system who can not understand the Latin they speak here, the audie

Make sure that the public is advised about how they are being treated

by: Julie Gates
Public Malfeasance
I was going to write a piece on this based on the fact that Victims services compensates victims for violent crimes. There s a lot more to be said here. People should apply and make sure that the

October 2015 current or former Crown wards Ontario Class action law suit

by: Koskie Minsky LLP
Public SuperiorCourt
This class action claims that the Ontario government systematically failed to take all necessary steps to protect the legal rights and claims of children in its care. In Ontari

I was not abused in anyway shape or form until I became a Crown Ward Children's Aid Societies of Ontario

Authenticated Crownward
thank you to Holly and the others including the two lawfirms for doing this legal action class action lawsuit. as stated on this page a few days ago, there was a press conference scheduled for thi

Has been censored Please review posting rules

Authenticated Truth
The only thing nice between you and me will be the knife between your ribsAfter I asked the last three years to share our child with each other, the years before to please let me see,

Court Session for Trevor Doering

Authenticated Accused
&lrm;Court Session for Trevor Doering John Ranger is going to post some important information about Trevor's case and then send this page to CTV. Could an admin please pin John Ranger's post

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