Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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October 18 2021

FAQ ex-fathers.org
What is an ex-father? An ex-father is a man denied the opportunity to raise his child. Fathers a...

Are you a good separated or divorced parent?
Hostile Aggressive Parenting or HAP is a serious form of child maltreatment and abuse, and is enc...

Parental rights
audience: Authenticated Login and access Parental rights
We support the traditional family. Children do best when raised by their mom and ...
Re: Re: They can make false statements to the police in an attempt to get the targeted parent arrested and jailed
Brian Albert audience: Public
Its not the police, its.the law, police enforce the law not make it
Child-support Spousal support MEP FRO etc
Jennifer Spackman audience: Public
This needs reform and it needs reform now. Child support is not one-size-fits-all. So m...
Father Rights Canada / I'm trying to figure out what to expect to pay for university
Not disclosed audience: Public
I'm trying to figure out what to expect to pay for university as my oldest is going.......
Who do I file a complaint against CAS with?
Richard Lee audience: Authenticated Login and access Who do I file a complaint against CAS with?
Under current corruption and bureaucratic ontario children and family service system, y...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: Father Rights Canada / If Im not the father of a child that the mother had in previous relationship
Owen Goodfellow
audience: Public

Rob Valletta hmmm I was told I was fucked even though there's a support order and she c...
Her new boyfriend has more parenting time with my son than me and he's really not a nice guy
Rob Kruyt
audience: Public

I've never experience a worse situation, while at the same time the courts expect exemp...
Father Rights Canada / extorted belittled manipulated need some encouraging words and helpful advice
audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / extorted belittled manipulated need some encouraging words and helpful advice

Hi there, we are currently in the middle of a custody battle that is defeating my boyfrien...
Father Rights Canada / Question. I am a father of 3 children 13 11 7. I am currently being alienated from them.
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Question. I am a father of 3 children 13 11 7. I am currently being alienated from them. H...
Re Brian Matthews sentenced to eight years for the death of Kody Smart
Jaclyn Matthews
audience: Public

Some food for thought .... It has bothered me for 3 year that the so called "griev...
National Legal Coalition against CPS Fraud efforts
Mary Robbin Carroll Bower
audience: Public

I am happy to announce I have been named VP of M.A.F.A. Mothers Against Family Abuse. W...
Re: Waterloo Regional Pig Service is one of the most cowardly CA$ ass licking Pig Services in Canada
Denise Soucy
audience: Public

This attatude stuff needs a kick in the ass....... your not thugs.grow up. No hounor here.
Re: Deprived Alienated and Indoctrinated child tells loving devoted Father to F off Audio linked
Stewart Valin
audience: Public

They steal from the alienated .... rationalized by the mistaken beliefs. Stealing is wrong...
Re: Re: Father Rights Canada / How do I collect the child tax
Cameron Miller
audience: Public

My MP’s office made a call and boom 2 weeks later I got the back dated. I al...
Dr Kathleen M Reay talks about signs of Parental Alienation

audience: Public

Dr. Kathleen M. Reay http://...

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Re: Class-action suit launched on behalf of Crown wards - Current or former Crown wards Printable Intake form

Authenticated Lawyers
ATTENTION ALL CURRENT AND FORMER CROWN WARDS!!!!NEWS CONFERENCE March 24,2014 early afternoonHere's a message I received from the lawyers that launched the class action law

Re: Lying swearing under oath Police interrogation video of a vindictive ex creating false abuse charges

by: Good Day
Public Accused
And these are the sort of statements that perpetrate the myth that we are such a society, and make it public opinion that it is. Liars do matter, What was it one study said a few years ago, less t

Legal Mattes OCJ 94/09 March 04 2014 SCJ 2825 -13

Authenticated Lawyers
For the record and availability of family and friends, ... To Attn: To the Office of ____ _____ Law From Vincent Schiele Sault Ste Marie Ontario, Canada ___

Vice principal to CAS worker if she threatened to suspend the child she would talk to them

Authenticated CAS
So CAS was called by my school due to a mark on my sons face. They attended the school and attempted to speak to my children. The kids told them they don't wish to speak to them and to call their

Government surveillance of the public must stop and stop now

Authenticated FACS
I have sent a letter to the Niagara CAS to request they inform me if they are monitoring the members only Facebook site "Stop the Children's Aid society from taking children from good parents" The

Romeo Phillion

by: Romeo Phillion
Public Accused
Romeo Phillion&nbsp;This is taken in the court room after it was time for lunch my two lawyers then coming out happy how things turned out.</

Goes without saying

Authenticated Children
Goes without saying painting for MR.&nbsp;Nicholas Michaels ... &nbsp; More text needed &nbsp; &nbsp;.... &nbsp;&nbsp;Goes without saying painting for MR.&nbsp;Nicholas Michaels ...&nbsp;Goes with

They scam the taxpayers of Ontario and don't even know the law

by: Vernon Beck with: Canada Court Watch
Public Evidence
Just finished speaking to a 16 year old student who told me how the her lawyer lied to her by telling her that she had no right to attend family court and that it WAS AGAINST THE LAW for anyone un

I am not cooperating with them, and then punish me and my kids

Authenticated CAS
CAS broken family, and Take kids as hostage, and force a highly educated, loving and responsible father to accept psychotherapy treatment.&nbsp;In my case, CAS workers&nbsp;(1) Contemp

Re: I wish she would not have any confrontation in front of our Child.

by: PL
Public Accused
It's clear abuse to the child. This needs to STOP, the Government that structures this madness is just as guilty of abuse. The child never needed to see her mom scream at her dad, yet she retains


Authenticated ChildProtection
My son has been suspended from school twice between January 30,2014 and February 11, 2014. The principal sent me copies of the suspension letters and in both, in bold writing, it is st

I wish she would not have any confrontation in front of our child

Authenticated ChildAbuse
Wednesday 26 Feb 2014 Mother chooses to scream and pull the child inside the house.The child exchange takes place in the drive way of the mother. Last evening the Mother of Michaela chooses

Reducing the problems of children known to arise from family breakdown

Authenticated SharedParenting
First International Shared Parenting Organization Established to Develop Evidence-Based Approaches to Needs and Rights of Children International Conference on Shared Parenting 2014 to take place i

Become a Real Women/Mother get a job stop living off of welfare and Child support

by: Utah Green
Public Truth
I'm sitting here listening to this "woman" cry to her husband about her ex, who is fighting her for more visitation/custody. It has been an ongoing issue since they broke up when the child was an

Bias Judges they accommodate the mothers and say screw the dads

Authenticated Bias
So...today in Court while the judge was setting the next court date Randy Morton told the Judge that he couldn't keep missing school, it's going to affect his marks, the Judge then looked at Liam'

Re: Father Shot And Killed As Police Try To Take Child

Public AntiFamily
the person who “aledged”, that this man was smoking pot should be charged with man-slaughter, the police with murder and the Child Welfare with attempted kidnapping. These Government types are gettin

they say patients is a virtue, nobody knows the exact meaning of that better than a parent without there children

Authenticated Help
I get this, Bayleigh. Your mom has asked me to sign you over to her boyfriend soon to be husband I guess. Bayleigh Anderson I guess is the name you might have. I can't do it anymore.Go

Re: i need help to stop facs niagara from stealling my unborn baby can someone please contact me and help me and my wife

by: Nicholas Boudreau
Public FACS
FACS is an EVIL money driven organization. They get when they take a child from you. If they give back your child they still keep the 4K that they get from the Ontario Govt. They dont care if you are

This poor mans heart found it impossible to endure the pain of alienation any longer

by: Glenn Gordon
Public AbusesToMen
A sad Fucking shame ~!!! The true story, that nobody cares to believe ... That Love for your child and relationship stolen kills your insides ... The worst torture Any parent can deal with .. Pare

Documenting abuses against children over a 20 year period, it has been getting worse year by year

by: Attila Vinczer with: Vernon Beck
CANADA Criminalization of Children - Harry Kopyto will present a lecture on matters concerning children and how schools and the judicial system, including the police are needlessly criminalizing t

So called professional organizations are allowed to do the most unspeakable within our society

by: James Arthur Black
Public Transparency
Comment people..this is what I said... When will these government agencies or government paid agencies finally be accountable to the public. You and I pay big bucks and these groups are allowed to

Courageous they have taken upon themselves to expose outrageous abuse and highly questionable practices

by: James Arthur Black with: Velvet Martin
Public Murder
This appeared on the CTV web site, please consider commenting to draw attention to the lack of media attention to the harm done to children..... it is a direct line to the CTV ne

Would a good parent do anything that you've done regarding our children?

Authenticated Mothers
I honestly don't prefer to go to such extremes but I feel I have no choice. If I don't, access orders will continue to be breached. Roberta, you've made your choices of which you assum

In Alberta Canada it is a crime for a little boy to wear daddy's work boots

by: Alain Nickolas Daigle
Public PAS
In Alberta Canada , it is a crime for a little boy to wear daddy's work boots .Thats why Alison R)))Opel walk for gay pride not fathers rigths .&nbsp;I know that its all over the world that

Re Accordingly to mom teaching work values to their children is not appropriated

by: Jim Bailey
Public Accused
Says it all - Fathers/Men-Tors have little say in Kids lies - NEVER pay so called Child Support - Do the job yourself of Walk - ONLY YOU can Parent your Child - Sure Honour those who fill the gaps

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