Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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December 10 2022

Are you a good separated or divorced parent?
Hostile Aggressive Parenting or HAP is a serious form of child maltreatment and abuse, and is enc...

FAQ ex-fathers.org
What is an ex-father? An ex-father is a man denied the opportunity to raise his child. Fathers a...

Denial of the Parental Alienation Syndrome Also Harms Women
Denying reality is obviously a maladaptive way of dealing with a situation. In fact, denial is ge...

Loving relationship with the children denied by alienating ex's and a clowns in gowns family court
Debbie audience: Public
Thank you Debbie for having the courage to speak out. This abuse will end in our lifeti...
Are you in the struggle for Equal justice and Equality in Law?
Jeremy Swanson audience: Public
Please help to achieve this by contacting Minister Mckay directly by email or letter wi...
I hate everyone that is involved in the alienation of my children from me
Joseph Kenick III audience: Public
And all those who have gone before you show overwhelmingly that so long as the kidnappe...
Father Rights Canada / I have hope again that I will get to see my daughter again.
Not disclosed audience: Public
I would like to thank the creators of this group. I have hope again,that i will get to ...
Father Rights Canada / We are looking for Canadian case law around
Not disclosed audience: Public
We are looking for Canadian case law around - in-term custody chan...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Father Rights Canada / children attend university away from where my ex-wife lives
Curtis Johnson
audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / children attend university away from where my ex-wife lives

Good Day: My name is Curtis Johnson, I am divorced and paying child support. If my chil...
Financial Strategies for Divorcing A Narcissist
Jeff Landers
audience: Public

In recent years, the word “narcissist” has crept into the popular vernacula...
A continuation of ignorance via the bias unjust failing Family Law Courts
Gary Tripp
audience: Authenticated Login and access A continuation of ignorance via the bias unjust failing Family Law Courts

Hi Frank, we met years ago in the telecom industry. I worked for Bell. I lost everythin...
Father Rights Canada / what is this group all about

audience: Public

Hi, I have been researching was to get more access to my daughter and came across this gro...
Re: Class action lawsuit against the government of Canada - How to Start
Mike Doyle
audience: Public

Those interested should supply their names, addresses and why they are interested. What...
Re: Father driven to suicide w/messages from a spiteful ex I WILL DELETE YOUR WHOLE FAMILY
Ann Drennan
audience: Public

How sad is this. Women who cause men to commit suicide because of their children should be...
Alienated Father stands against vindictive mother
Cameron Wyatt
audience: Public

This needs to end. I see it so much on this page and helps...
PAS from Dr. Jayne A Major

audience: Public

What is Parental Alienation? ...
Hugh Carl Persad Jr brandished a knife and then threatened several officers while holding that knife
Hugh Carl Persad Jr
audience: Public

A 40-year-old man is facing a combined seven charges after he entered police headquarte...
FRC - She has invited me in and then called the police to have me charged
Not disclosed
audience: Public

My beautiful wife of 4 years together for 10 decided to go have a “Girls night&rd...

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Re: Re: My childrens father is a convicted domestic abuser Alienator post

Public Accused
Leigh, what has the father of "your" children been convicted with and in what district

Re: My childrens father is a convicted domestic abuser Alienator post

Authenticated ExWife
I do not brag abot being a victim. I openly express how me and my children have come thru a hell of a time, and for u to even question that id appauling. I fight every single day for domestic abus

Re: Re: My childrens father is a convicted domestic abuser Alienator post

Public Accused
It takes two to fight,  Andrew Jones pretty much a common name in North America, I am sure your ex is Googleng you sometimes because of the kids you have together. Hopefully one day the

Re: See how long I have been offerig him to be a dad

by: Mom and Dad for Shared Parenting
Public Accused
I don't hate women, I am a woman. Highly educated, a mother a wife and an advocate for parental rights, and men's issues for many years. What I do not condone is for a young girl to come tell me w

See how long I have been offerig him to be a dad

by: Leigh Ann Turner
Public Accused
Are you for real. So noe because I am a victim of domestic violence, and because I have finally learned to stand up for what is right, I need help!!!! Wow!!! Look him up, andrew jones. Look thru m

Re: But u seriously need to get some education on a subject this sensitive

Public Accused
You have a name of

You need to seek help and support for yourself.

by: Mom and Dad for Shared Parenting
Public Accused
I never used the word liar? I never said you are damaging your child. you came to MY page and started an unnecessary argument. I feel by your aggressive words and false accusations towards m

Re: My childrens father is a convicted domestic abuser Alienator post

by: Leigh Ann Turner
Public Accused
Yrs he was convicted, yes he went to jail. Find him be my guest. He battered me for nearly 5yrs, the last occasion he was shouting at my daughter and grabbing her face callin her a whore, wih his

re: Let's start telling the truths and acknowledge the fact that in most circumstances children need both parents

Public Accused
Great post,  y

Let's start telling the truths and acknowledge the fact that in most circumstances, children need both parents

by: Bob Saunders
Public Parents
Unfortunately, many children grew up in a single parent household headed by a mother, many of whom alienated that child against the father via lies, misdeeds, deception and disgrace. Unfortunately

thank you for this post

Public Accused
thank you very much

The message here is quite clear gay marriage is normal it is accepted and dare I say loving

by: Lorraine Grenier
I'm not sure whether I love or hate this commercial.  As someone who believes in the right to love and celebrate that love with whomever you choose I absolutely love it. It is a huge step for

Children removal rates by provinces of Canada

by: Papa Inbc
Public Evidence
You have to look at the CIC rate (Children In Care) per thousand population. NWT has a tiny population but has a far higher rate or removal. How else can social workers pay for their salaries?<br

Rather be a mother who can say publicly that my husband and I are friendly for the sake of the children

Authenticated Awareness
Great words for new parents. Volatile relationships experts, share these words if you see abuse of such kind happening around you. Parental Alienation a severe form of child abuse. Stand up for th

Abusive fathers

by: Valerie Kirwan
Public Accused
It's quite obvious that you have not read in depth what the Fathers 4 Justice Site is all about. Sadly, people like yourself are so quick to jump on a bandwagon that even hints at rights for fathe

Reply to alienator post

Public Accused
How about you come talk to a WOMAN with a totally different perspective...is one of your kids a son?? If not, then let's just pretend. Say, 20 years or so from now, that son has a child of his own

Re: Mom and Dad, My second reply

by: Mom and Dad for Shared Parenting
Public Accused
How do I know that your daughter has been abused, where have you presented court documented evidence before me to say your daughter has been abused by her father??? Was your ex convicted of child

alinating mum

Public Accused
This convicted abuser you dident say what he did to his children to justify you not allowing your children a father until there 18 even if your telling the truth and he was abusive to you why punish

Re: My childrens father is a convicted domestic abuser

by: Leigh Ann Turner
Public Accused
So u think its right that my daughter should be physicslly sbused by her father, and then after him disappearing for 2yrs then decides that he wants to play daddy. And you say I should go and educ

Re: My childrens father is a convicted domestic abuser

Authenticated Mothers
Is he? What did you do for him to be like that? You had the child together in consent? You are an alienator, alone from this few words of yours I can read what a big alienator you are.

My children's father is a convicted domestic abuser Alienator post

by: Leigh Ann Turner
Post left on Mom and Dad's for Shared Parenting Facebook page: I find your page discriminatory against those of us single mothers who have kept the father of their child

Re: Carrie Saturday March 22 2014 CCW Page Statements

Authenticated Evidence
Post by&nbsp;Carrie Walsh onto CCW FB Group / admin block contact attachedI see a lot of abusive parents using this group. Perhaps some of you should actually take a parenting course?

You have now lost count on how many times you have been to court

by: Christian Belliveau
Public CAS
Im asking My Friends And Family and All that See this ..Help me by joining my Group STOP CAS FROM KILLING FAMILY'S lets keep are kids ....this is a WAR And i can us all the help i can get Thank yo


Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern

Who could argue with what's best for the children is maximum access to both parents?

Authenticated ChildSupport
Article from the USA of Most judges are breaking the law as they please on child support by denying due process, imputing income only to men, forcing you (men) into jobs they don't want and many o

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