Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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July 28 2021

A Brief Synopsis of Parent Alienation Syndrome (PAS)
Dr. Richard Gardner, psychiatrist, first described “parental alienation syndrome” in 1985 to expl...

Parental Alienation Is Emotional Abuse of Children
Psychology Today Parental alienation is a set of strategies that parents use to undermine and in...

FAQ ex-fathers.org
What is an ex-father? An ex-father is a man denied the opportunity to raise his child. Fathers a...

Re: Parental Alienation as an Expression of Domestic Violence
Dennis Gagne audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Parental Alienation as an Expression of Domestic Violence
Ive been through hell. Have a heart covered in scars.i have felt pain so intense you wish ...
FRC - She has invited me in and then called the police to have me charged
Not disclosed audience: Public
My beautiful wife of 4 years together for 10 decided to go have a “Girls night&rd...
Opening of the Courts 2015 Court A disgusting cesspool by the participants of the Court of Justice
Chris Carter audience: Public
I would like to update the readers about the Opening of the Courts Protest in Toronto C...
She won't open up to anybody, but at least puts things down on paper
End Parental Alienation audience: Authenticated Login and access She won't open up to anybody, but at least puts things down on paper
Things have gotten "odd" with my daughter again. She's been here for the week (spring b...
Re: Father Rights Canada / I am a father fighting for my kids
Nicholas Andrew audience: Public
Attorney, one who turns one over to another. Sadly this is a game to them, they are try...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Response to Andrew Scheer

audience: Public

My response to Scheer Good morning, After careful consideratio...
Except his fool of a step grandfather decided to show us all what a big shot advocate he is
audience: Authenticated Login and access Except his fool of a step grandfather decided to show us all what a big shot advocate he is

Little Kody wasn't in foster care, he was in Kincare. Kincare is where you are placed w...
SSMP investigation against ADAM A. WARREN October 30 2015
Adam Warren
audience: Authenticated Login and access SSMP investigation against ADAM A. WARREN  October 30 2015

Phone call recording, from SSMP 815pm October 30 2015 according to the constable on the...
Father Rights Canada / He bought a DNA test and she will not allow the test to be performed.
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Can you tell me what your service is. My son has been told that he got a gi...
Claims of raising child alone were a lie Dad was fighting too see child withheld from alienating mother
Christopher Folz
audience: Public

This is absolutely awful...and from my home town no less....apparently this is quite co...
OCL Ontario Children Lawyer and Evidence Ontario Family Court
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Could you please post anon. Today my son had his disclosure meeting with the his and he...
Now my daughter is terrified of Police CAS and Hospitals
audience: Public

Hello, Peel Ontario CAS is out of control. They recently, had her admitted to hospital,...
Friday June 04 2010 Observation notes facilitated child abuse continues by the mother and friends of the family
audience: Authenticated Login and access Friday June 04 2010 Observation notes facilitated child abuse continues by the mother and friends of the family

Observation notes June 04 2010, the facilitated child abuse ccontinues - mother an...
The best advocates are Alienated parents themselves
Suzanne Lombard Elmore
audience: Public

This is true. Most advocates are people who do this free of charge after experiencing y...
Re: I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever
audience: Public

Thank you to whoever wrote this. This story is far far embellished and untrue. The pare...

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Re: Fathers have been driven away because the pain of not seeing their kids regularly is too much to bare

by: Ryan Tamayo
Public MyChildren
My greatest pain was my children crying because they wouldn't know when they see me again.

Share equal time with the child or enter a fight to the death

by: Joseph Kenick III
Public Bias
Those who profit from such atrocities are hoping the victims will just "go away", e.g. Move away, go to jail, commit suicide. All that does is confirm for the victimized child that something or so

Her new boyfriend has more parenting time with my son than me and he's really not a nice guy

by: Rob Kruyt
I've never experience a worse situation, while at the same time the courts expect exemplary behaviour from dad Send to 310 parliamentarians, Canadian MP's via <a href="http://www.advocacycanada.co

Lawyers put money above the true best interests of the child

by: ano
Comments to Barbara's column in the National Post.Lawyers put money above the true best interests of the child&nbsp;But many have ignored persuasive evidence showing that the single most important

R.I.P Stephanie Jobin

by: Donna
I def remember this. I remember it very clearly as I lived in that house with Stephanie and I was there when it all took place. It haunts me every single day and night and I was 11 years old at th

Defence Strategies from attacks by children's aid, FACS

by: Fixcas
Public FACS
Most families attacked by Children's Aid can not spend the over fifty thousand dollars that it takes to bring a case to trial. For CAS victims who must rely on legal aid, there is no

Re: Native Languages are Banned while Children are in the Care of Childrens Aid Societies

Authenticated Truth
Linda Reynolds anyone surprised? its totally AGAINST what they are MANDATED to do ! illegal, corrupt, name it !! IF their mandate was followed, their wouldn't be these prob.s !! proof would be needed

re Native Languages are Banned while Children are in the Care of Childrens Aid Societies

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
Much of everything in reality had been taken away from our Nation that includes: Our Language, our Culture, our Identities, our Country, our Children, and to the extremes of self worth, driven to

Child molester's mother is once again cyber stalking Jennifer

Authenticated Drafts
help protect my girls solano county judge gave full custody of 3 little girls to a father who has a documented history of sexual and physical abuse against the children, domestic violence, as well

Stipulated Access letter by CAS to the father

by: Kenneth Reid
Public Bias
Stipulated Access to the child for the fatherhow does the other parent has access to the children? same stipulation ? nope they work with her unsupervised, with the mother,

That system is indescribably complicated and benefits corporations (which have the resources to utilize it) over people

Authenticated Law
This picture relates to CAS and their false assumptions to take children and babies. "If you didn't hear it with your own ears, or see it with your own eyes, don't invent it with your small mind a

It's a personality type What's worse is there's an entire system designed to enable that behavior

by: Brad Shavensky with: The Fathers Rights Movement
Public Narcissistic
Aren't "parents" supposed to be loving, caring, nurturing people? How is it possible to literally use your own child as a means for a financial gain and a resource to manipulate others into feelin

A person who is very helpful or alluring

by: Lorraine Grenier
Public Awareness
What to look for: ~ A person who plays tickling games and roughhouses/dog piles with kids ~ A person who is very helpful or alluring ~ A person who exhibits peer-like play ~ A person who has no ad

Parental rights and children of Divorce

by: Parents Love
"The central focus of judges in the family court system should be on children's rights and protecting the children. Custody determinations should not be based on father's rights or mother's rights

Under the quise of them hosting Christian girls sleep overs, tactics of a Pedophile

Authenticated ChildAbuse
Encouraging the child to keep secrets that at first may not be of a sexual nature. These 'fun' secrets are intended to build up a sense that the abuser and the child have a 'special' relationship.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month - Hit a Man ... Go to Jail

by: Friends of Protection For Men with: Parents Love
Public AbusesToMen
Domestic Violence Awareness Month ~ 2018 Women a more likely to abuse children, or a male intimate partner. Men assault

Keep getting up for every time you get knocked down. You only lose when you give up

Authenticated ProMom
I got good news today believe it or not.... The endorsement from last Tuesdays hearing came in the mail... The one hearing I broke down, the one I told the judge he was a piece of shit and walked

So the family court system is stuck dealing with us unrepresented folks

by: Julie French
Public FamilyCourt
Here is another thought for today.... So many of us are forced into poverty because of the Family court systems unfair child support orders and court costs alone... But t

HE walked away from his kids

by: The Fathers Rights Movement with: LBJ
Public Mothers
Really? Did he walk away from his kids, or did he walk away from YOU and the relationship you had?There is a big difference.I wish more women were intelligent enough to make the

Homosexuality is not only tolerated but also accepted as good and normal to fund this dysfunction

by: Diane Booth
Public Malfeasance
The expression&nbsp;homosexual movement&nbsp;is used to designate a vast network of organizations, pressure groups, intellectuals and activists who strive to impose changes in laws, custo

Canada that meets the express and mandatory requirements of the Canadian Constitution

by: Julie Gates
Julie Gates commented on a link. February 1 Where can I make a complaint about the victim blaming and abuser protecting being perpetrated by Ms. Fox in this broadcast? <br

I am free no matter what rules surround me

by: Mark Godbey
Public Truth
I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for

re Homosexual Child Molestations by gender disorderd Foster Parents

by: Lorraine Grenier
Public AntiFamily
there is a big story and new documentary....The boy with the Henna Tattoo...google it.......Two gay men purchase a baby online for 8,000 dollars US.....he was finally rescued at 5 yrs old......but

Homosexual Child Molestations by gender disorderd Foster Parents

by: Lorraine Grenier
Public CAS
Children's Aid Society Seeks Gay Foster Parents transgenders, transsexual, cross dressers are also allowed as Foster Parents Homosexual, lesbian, foster 'parents', all welcome.&nbsp;Besides advert

CAS policing power over taking babies from Mothers and not allowing them to breastfeed

Authenticated AbusesToMothers
I am looking at Risks of not Breast Feeding and policy changes to help promote support for Mothers who want to breast feed their babies who were taken. I want this research to show that the baby n

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