Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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December 10 2022

Problems suffered by Children due to Parental Alienation
Dr. L.F. Lowenstein - Southern England Psychological Services have been involved with and heard ...

Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the Family Court System
Why can't you both just get along for the sake of the children? Those words are like nails on ...

Eleven days into Justine child protection trial Judge Lyndsay Smith questions the ministrys case
Eleven days into an intense child-protection trial, Judge Lyndsay Smith paused the proceedings to...

Hamilton Police Service is notifying the public about his release because of his potential to re-offend
Hamilton Police Keith Theodore Constantin audience: Authenticated Login and access Hamilton Police Service is notifying the public about his release because of his potential to re-offend
In the interest of community safety Hamilton Police Service is releasing a Public Safet...
Notice of Motion September 05
audience: Authenticated Login and access Notice of Motion September 05
The above motion is scheduled from 1pm - 3pm, Concil of applicant are wishing to adjour...
Great Dad Picture.
audience: Authenticated Login and access Great Dad Picture.
&nbsp; <img src="../../Portal/Material/1/pictures_for_PAS_14.jpg" alt="" width=...
Native Languages are Banned while Children are in the Care of Children's Aid Societies
Brandi Martin re memories of audience: Public
Native Languages are Banned while Children are in the Care of Children Aid Society of O...
False accusations.
Cella Fontenot audience: Public
Maybe Family Courts should utilise the LIE DETECTOR to ascertain who is telling the TRU...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Destruction of a Childhood: Parental Alienation as a form of child abuse
Ricki Poppe
audience: Public

I wrote a 10 page essay in my social work English course I took last year. I chose pare...
Real Woman respect Fathers Rights
Florence Neumann
audience: Public

It never fails to surprise me how little outrage there is over our current family law s...
Charlie Mercieca

Here is just a small amount of evidence showing the Parental Alienation that my three b...
I've watched this scum sucking agency for almost 17 years
Lisa C Shears Kendall
audience: Public

I've watched this scum sucking agency for almost 17 years, seen the way they work, how ...
A father is vital to the success and well-being of the family

audience: Authenticated Login and access A father is vital to the success and well-being of the family

Consider these facts. Children from fatherless homes account for: &nbsp...
We have many battles ahead of us to solve this
Velvet Martin
audience: Public

My little girl with her hair cut off and wearing size 5 clothing although she was 12 ye...
Appeal / Motion Court Preparations 94/09 June 04 2013
audience: Authenticated Login and access Appeal / Motion Court Preparations 94/09 June 04 2013

I just arrived back from camp and strengthen my inner centers with from the surrounding...
Father Rights Canada / Looking for a lawyer in London
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I need to find a respectable lawyer in London Ontario where I can once again respond to a ...
Re: Lying swearing under oath, Police interrogation video of a vindictive ex creating false abuse charges
Steve Allgoewer
audience: Public

Joe Bidon and his Violence Against Woman Act is in fact an illegal law. It is against G...
Re I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever - Letters and text messages

audience: Public

Carolyn is a great woman with a good heart. Be strong and kick ass !

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April 07 2014 7pm Phone Call between father and child call from

Authenticated Truth
Phone Recording from April 07 2014 7pm , two recordings as phone call was accidently interrupted Michaela said, not the mother at the moment as I ask if she had supper yet today.

Re: Horror stories about abuse of children given to me by Childrens Aid Society kids

Public CAS
Hi, I hope you are aware of the Class-action suit launched on behalf of Crown wards here in Ontario? If not contact the lawyers office below:&nbsp;Ontario Crown wards are encouraged to contact the

Horror stories about abuse of children given to me by Childrens Aid Society kids

Authenticated CAS
I was sexuly abuse by the faster parent for 3 long years I told my worker and he said I was dreaming all I got was a letter saying the will be talked to about&nbsp;it! I still feel like he got&nbs

Re: Class-action suit launched on behalf of Crown wards - Current or former Crown wards Printable Intake form

Public Justice
Video footage Paola Loriggio, The Canadian Press Published Monday, March 24, 2014 3:14PM EDT Source: Video http://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/ontario-could-face-class-action-suit-over-alleged-fa

Re: Examples of Parental Alienation

Public LookingFor
This Excel sheet is it available anywhere? &nbsp;interested to have such for my present

People need to pressure the Judges to do their job properly

Authenticated Accused
Some women are much sneakier than punishing the child by sending them to their room. Some women just busy the child with other things that the dad could also be attending.This is also PA.Some wome

Forward conflict of interest procedures in your case, especially to do with the Sarnia Courthouse

by: Bob Law
Public MisConduct
NOTE: Those of you who have documentation that CLEARLY shows "wrong doings" or "conflict of interest" procedures in your cases, especially to do with the Sarnia Courthouse you can forward your doc


Authenticated Drafts
My name is Caren Ragan and I have been imprisoned by the divorce court system for 8 years. Being a law abiding citizen of the United States my whole life I never imagined the level of corruption t

Catherine Ann Landers Domestic Violence mentor/Parental Alienation advisor PA is robbery and punishment is in order.

Authenticated BrainWashing
Thank you Angie for being a strong advocate and sharing this.The neglectful abuse and lies our children must endure will put emotional scars on their souls forever. Be ready, because when th

They threaten our children or us and we have to make sure they are certain of equal consequences

by: Joseph Kenick III
So long as they can take our children and our home, and we'll just send money so it's profitable, nothing is going to change. They don't care how much we or the children cry, plead, or commit suic

Fathers always being portrayed as a threat to women and their children

Authenticated AbusesToMen
this report is from 2005 but thanks because it really highlights the shrillness of the..."in domestic violence cases men are always abusive women are always victims, in the jargon used

Falsified abuse greeted by Ontario Works alleged abuser pays the alleged victims OW bill

Authenticated AbusesToMen
They should start to teach how to follow up on this alleged stories of abuse or any claim of being a victim of domestic abuse. Claims of all kinds of abuse are not verified, the words from a talen

Falsified abuse greeted by Ontario Works alleged abuser pays the alleged victims OW bill

by: Living Nightmares
Public Awareness
Here is some interesting information on OW Ontario Works in regards to women leaving domestic violence. Ontario Works providers are being trained to assist Ontario Works sta? in providing more e?e

In civil trials where the burden of proving liability has NOT been clearly satisfied but damages are apparent

Authenticated LawSchool
This week in my Evidence Law class, the age-old question about the difference between justice and fairness came up (yeah, we've some real newbs in that class). I personally phrase it to mean that,

Workers get all the dental/medical coverage $30 p/hr and keep their drug addictions while employed

Authenticated CAS
Children's Aid Societies /MCFD never act in good faith from any experience or information I have reviewed. They drop their ethics and policies at the door before entering the office and never look

Church of Canada and British Crown are harbouring paedophiles & Murders for generations

Authenticated Murder
The British Crown and the Vatican stand guilty as charged as disestablished criminal bodies and can no longer have any lawful or legitimate constitutional authority if the rule of law is to be fol

Authorites sexually assaulting and torturing and jailing people

by: Kendra Welch
Public PAS
Parental Alienation teaches a child that it is ok to throw someone in your family away like a piece of trash and that abusing someone is acceptable. Creating a&nbsp;psychopath Ph

When my children were here I was weak but now I will give them the legal hell

by: Not disclosed
Public LookingFor
Contact details: My name is _______ ______ . I used to be a special police instructor at a special federal agency for fight against the organized crime in _____ , ___ _____ . I have pressed crimin

Loving parents who wish to be a part of their children's lives should not suffer to be visitors

by: Mary Prayne
Public Visitation
I have been fighting this war on Alienation for sometime now. Along the way I have heard many stories and theories. Yes, the children suffer the most because they are young and at the heart of the

Tortured by the Canadian Government

by: Tortured
Public Oppressed
Tortured. An introduction. I was falsely accused of rape and was subsequently tortured by the Canadian government for over 2 1/2 years. I have a story to tell, and I aim to tell it here on this bl

Sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance

by: Vernon Beck with: Canada Court Watch
Public Oppressed
Everyone must come forth with their stories. Its time to break down the walls of injustice in our family courts. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or st

Can we identify the key players who are merely devils advocates?

by: a helping hand with: Catherine Madof
Ok so my friend was to be in court today but his judge left the local bench at last minutes to help in Chatham, obviously on the Lev Tahor cases.&nbsp;Other than watching the media, ar

I couldn't imagine not seeing my kids for a whole week

by: The Fathers Rights Movement with: Jamie Ugalde
Public Equality
My ex and I do the 50/50 thing.. So many People snubbed their nose at me for letting my daughter see her dad half the week.. We do a crazy two day here three days there, back and forth.. Even my f

Das korrupte und kriminelle deutsche Jugendamt System muss umgehend zerschlagen und beseitigt werden!

by: Manfred Troeger
Public Advocate
Das deutsche Jugendamt ist eine kriminelle und korrupte Beh&ouml;rde Das System basiert auf L&uuml;ge und Willk&uuml;r! Das komplette System muss umgehend zerschlagen und beseitigt werden! <p

Re: Obstruction of Justice forgery professional misconduct malice of the Family Law and FRO in Ontario

by: Michael Dimitriyadis
Public AntiAnything
More professional misconduct and malicious prosecution in child support through out the de

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