Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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January 21 2022

Narcissistic Personality Disorder in the Family Court System
Why can't you both just get along for the sake of the children? Those words are like nails on ...

A Brief Synopsis of Parent Alienation Syndrome (PAS)
Dr. Richard Gardner, psychiatrist, first described “parental alienation syndrome” in 1985 to expl...

Parental Alienation Is Emotional Abuse of Children
Psychology Today Parental alienation is a set of strategies that parents use to undermine and in...

Recording with Amanda the ex of A Warren the girl he claimed was raped by me
Mel audience: Authenticated Login and access Recording with Amanda the ex of A Warren the girl he claimed was raped by me
Adam Warren has a very abstract sexual urge, besides his attractions to young children ...
Lawyer who slept with family law client, Law society Kingston Ontario Canada
Law Times Yamri Taddese audience: Public
Noting his “solid work” as a lawyer, a Kingston, Ont., sole practitioner wh...
Equality all such things are not in the best interest of the lawmakers
Teresa Duncan Vincent Schiele audience: Public
Yes, this is a familiar story, also abused  and I have friends and associates were...
The whole exercise stinks of sizing the family up to see if conditions exist for a removal
Papa Inbc audience: Public
One can see CAS has put a LOT of work into this simple referral. What is missing is the...
Chaim Steinberger audience: Public
The severe effects alienation has upon children should compel judges and lawyers to be ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: How BAD it is Not only are Paedophiles in CAS they are as well behind Ontario Sex Education
Anthony Nash
audience: Public

Honestly the truth is we are the problem, us people are the ones that make our choices ...
Re: What does Parental Alienation look like?
Cory Spicer
audience: Public

I have lived this life for over 9 years now. She still pulls the same garbage and it's ...
Here is the Children s Aid Society at my door
Papa Incb
audience: Public

The context of this is difficult to determine, theirs no date or location in the articl...
This is wrong Caroline. Sick & twisted & dishonest
Galena posted by Galena
audience: Public

I am so angry at these posting. Using old texts. Galena is a caring loving mother. This...
She will come back to me when someone listens to her and I will not be quiet till someone does
William Clarke
audience: Public

I was beaten and tazored three times all while cuffed by my hands and feet. I was set u...
Re: Are you able to recommend lawyers who can help?
Dean Hedges
audience: Public

What if the alcohol use was the problem, would harmony be restored? I mean to suggest an e...
Marie Tavares: Aggressive Service Worker for CAS (edited)
audience: Authenticated Login and access Marie Tavares: Aggressive Service Worker for CAS (edited)

Marie Tavares Title or Position: Service Worker for CAS Kawartha/Halibu...
Beautiful people do not just happen
Patricia Garrison
audience: Public

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known sufferin...
Two Pigs Timur Timerbulatov and Richard Senior York Ontario Regional Police arrested for various charges
Timur Timerbulatov Richard Senior
audience: Public

Two York Regional Police officers are among seven people arrested after a 10-month inve...

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NO CRIMINAL FUCKING CHARGES ON ANYONE FROM LEV TAHOR! Any idea how much this is costing the tax payer

by: Lee Bolton
Public Malfeasance
Are all the tax payers not getting fucking irate at the CAS yet? Detain, kidnap and release. And yet NO CRIMINAL FUCKING CHARGES ON ANYONE FROM LEV TAHOR! Any idea how much money this is costing Y

Obstruction of Justice forgery professional misconduct malice of the Family Law and FRO in Ontario

by: Trena Thompson with: Wolves1
Public FamilyLaw
Alienated Child speaks out against the oppression and abuse facilitated towards her loving father and herself from Sarnia Ontario. Trena Thompson: I just want help finding

Nobody has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the oppressor

by: Bob Saunders
Public Truth
We don't need shared parenting, we want Equal Shared Parenting! Many people already have shared parenting, and have it at an unequal level (90% mother, 10% father, 80% mother, 20% father, is consi

Christine Rupert determined to steal everything and Judicial system is assisting

by: Attila Vinczer with: William Mullins Johnson
Public FamilyCourt
William Mullins-Johnson is under attack according to him, by Christine Rupert, Judge Thomas Wood, and the Judicial system. Please share this very tragic condition Bill is facing. He has be wronged

Re: Re: Child Abusing Mother Alienated child brainwashed to hate father, PAS child abusers accountable by Law?

by: Benjamin Martin
Public AntiMale
And the mother of the year from family courts go to this kind of mother this is sad and pathetic seems she is very mentally ill and needs serious help ,if you treat your kid like this please get h

Re: Child Abusing Mother Alienated child brainwashed to hate father, PAS child abusers accountable by Law?

by: Bob Saunders
Public FamilyCourt
Down with family court fascism, fraud and corruption. Any government that allows and/or funds these criminal actions (Social Security Title IV-D E, VAWA, etc.) is a government supporting terrorist

Child Abusing Mother Alienated child brainwashed to hate father, PAS child abusers accountable by Law?

by: Miriam Mosaic
Public Parenting
The child keeps saying "help me Mom.. help me" It is wrenching to watch. The Father yells at child to sit down and then turn to camera to say this is brainwashing - the mother has brainwashed the

Child Abusing Mother Alienated child brainwashed to hate father, PAS child abusers accountable by Law?

Authenticated BrainWashing
Watching that was so hard ! I have so many incident video taped of my oldest daughters mom riling my daughter up during exchanges and her fighting to go with me, for my daughters own safety I have

They had us go through all these classes for 2 years

by: Sherri AN Nick
I don't have a case they closed mine but before they did they took my babies for good. They placed my 4 year old son with his father which let me add he has never had nothing to do with him an he

So much more I'd like to say but we'll let the pictures and videos tell the entire story in due time

Authenticated Something
What a heart breaking scene today on highway 40. Kids violently apprehended by the Nazis masquerading as "child protection workers" and now 5 innocent children traumatized beyond belief. All the w

Lessons From Half Of Me: My Life As An Alienated Child, Parent and Step Parent

by: Joseph Kenick III
Public PAS
I remember my mother having a long relationship with a man who I adored, he filled a lot of the void I felt for my own father who would never find me now because “mom” had changed our

A re-commitment to a special little girl & to the biggest loser I know AUTISM

by: Glen Donald Stevens
When r people going to get it stop judging me as incompetent bcause I'm a father & not a mother of an autistic child. Shadowe is now 14 1/2 ,she has gone from a severe dx. to a hf dx. You will

I'm nothing but a glorified foster parent her real parent is the Government of Ontario

by: Glen Donald Stevens
Public AntiFather
So went to court again today and lost again today.. The way it stands now Nicole will not be able to carry my family name, she'll remain with a name of a man that is not her father, I'm nothing bu

Child Abusing Mother Alienated child brainwashed to hate father, PAS child abusers accountable by Law?

Authenticated Awareness
I APOLOGIZE for this UGLY VIDEO. I KNOW NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THIS: I am curious how far we have come in bringing awareness and educating people about Parental Alienation and how to spot it. Can any

Parenting Beyond Trauma re-bonding with your brainwashed child

Authenticated BrainWashing
When a relationship with your child has been tainted by one parent, it takes a great deal of time, effort and patience on your part to re-bond with your child.  If you believe that this is go

Without the protection of your rights, you cannot tell the courts and your ex to buzz off and butt out

Authenticated FamilyCourt
Your Rights Depend on You Fighting for Them! Do not allow someone to make you afraid to fight for your rights. Do not allow anyone to put a "chilling effect" on fighting for your rights. Don't all

Court in Brampton Ontario Courthouse shooting March 2014

by: Vernon Beck
Public Court
We are likely to see more of this in the future. The court system cannot treat members of the public disrespectfully and violate their rights and freedoms and not expect some persons to come back

Re: Court in Brampton Ontario Courthouse shooting March 2014

by: Want Justice
Public Court
Something doesn't add up here. I went through a divorce in 2009 just like this guy. To most people I would seem a very nice and articulate guy. But I can say without hesitation there is two lawyer

Child Abusing Mother Alienated child brainwashed to hate father, PAS child abusers accountable by Law?

by: Legally Kidnapped
Public BrainWashing
I am absolutely disgusted with the woman who made this video.I have reached out to her on Facebook for comment and would give her the opportunity to tell her story right here on Legally Kidnapped

Re: Affidavit of Christina Jane Olsen June 16 2009 Sault Ste Marie Ontario

by: tom with: Christina Jane Olsen
Public Liars
This bitch is a liar and because she was not charged that day for misleading police this sick story continues. She tells anyone who will listen this sad story, at her work, her former college, fri

You still believe the family judge are helping you solving your family problem?

Authenticated FamilyCourt
He is a divorced father with a daughter, and was described by his neighbor a nice and quite guy. What drives such a nice and quite father acting like this? We might need to question our family cou

I will never forget the look on their faces or their anguished cries for each other

Authenticated CAS
Yesterday afternoon while waiting at CAS for my worker, I saw a scene that broke my heart. 4 children, a set of twins who looked about 3 or 4 (boy and a girl) and their newborn twin brother and si

This is not just a bad case of oppression, and miscarriage of justice this is an outrage

Authenticated Drafts
I am desperate! Please my children are being sexually abused by their father. The CAS and OCL are on his side because his uncle is a superior court judge. This is not just a bad case of oppression

Due to the unfair ruling by the judge, I am also financially impacted, and close to losing my car and being evicted

by: Robert C Mutchler
Public PAS
I am approaching the two year mark of not seeing my three children (Nicole, Rachel, and Robbie). I just had another day in court this last Wednesday, and the Court commissioner seems to have no pr

The courthouses are very dangerous places for the people of this province

Authenticated Forums
For their own protection people can and should be audio and (in some circumstances) even video recording any and all interaction with authorities including crown attorneys and any and all court st

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