Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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January 21 2022

Problems suffered by Children due to Parental Alienation
Dr. L.F. Lowenstein - Southern England Psychological Services have been involved with and heard ...

Brainwashing Children
Mothers are generally quite nurturing, and the easiest way to melt their heart is through a child...

FAQ ex-fathers.org
What is an ex-father? An ex-father is a man denied the opportunity to raise his child. Fathers a...

Law Societies be demolished they serve no purpose other than devising conspiracies and collusion
Tracy audience: Authenticated Login and access Law Societies be demolished they serve no purpose other than devising conspiracies and collusion
I am embroiled as well in ontario's corrupted system with delays, non access, by both t...
Father Rights Canada Your page is such a wonderful support
Not disclosed audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada Your page is such a wonderful support
I can't get on your page anymore. I hope I haven't done anything wrong. Your page is su...
People have shown useless hypocrisy as Shawn Cullen has been blissfully or callously ignored LET US TRY AGAIN SHALL WE
Supporter of the most abducted citizen audience: Public
I am writing on behalf of a man who has exposed with proofs that eps child abuse units ...
On top of that false allegations made against dads include cyber criminal activity
Steve Schauland audience: Authenticated Login and access On top of that false allegations made against dads include cyber criminal activity
This is nothing - children are then doped up on ADD/ADHD drugs by the mothers who want ...
De-Parental Alienation
Lorraine Grenier audience: Public
Courts are becoming ever so cognizant about the damaging effects had on children caught...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: Father Rights Canada - exposing the corruption and our own justice of honour, integrity and compassion
Dale Francis
audience: Public

Freeman on the land/sovereign citizen bull crap is a form of mental illness that is not he...
5050Rights.org Come support the importance of Fathers 2015
audience: Public

Friday June 19th 2015  ?#‎ Father...
The most knowledgeable people I know and her integrity is first rate
Jeff Stapleford Cathie Chansamone Costanzo
audience: Authenticated Login and access The most knowledgeable people I know and her integrity is first rate

Lisa C Shears Kendall she is one of the most knowledgeable people I know and her integr...
Daily Emotional Child Abuse endorsed by the Children's Aid Society of Ontario - Audio Linked
Not disclosed
audience: Authenticated Login and access Daily Emotional Child Abuse endorsed by the Children's Aid Society of Ontario - Audio Linked

This is a recording of my step daughter's mother abusing her brother. He is calling his...
Re: I dont plan on spending another year without my kids in my life!

audience: Public

this is what thrives this advocate
Do I sound sick to you?
audience: Authenticated Login and access Do I sound sick to you?

Monday May 13 2013 5pm Phone conversation with a co-reactive five year old child. ...
I vowed to my daughter the day she was born I would stop at nothing to allow her to have love in her life
Rob Sullivan Anthony Devin Trondson
audience: Public

Another day of missing my daughter and wondering why a country such as Canada would tur...
Childrens Aid Societies deliberately maliciously litigate against families
Scott Benninger
audience: Public

They can legally lie to the courts, falsify information to make a story, and a paycheck...
Re False Witness Statements

audience: Authenticated Login and access Re False Witness Statements

Falsely accused, staged crime szene Accusations of physical and sexual abuse, without e...
Has been censored Please review posting rules

audience: Authenticated Login and access Has been censored Please review posting rules

The only thing nice between you and me will be the knife between your ribs A...

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Shawn Burch RIP against your wishes here is daemon Adam Warren assaulting your children

Authenticated Accused
Adam Ashley Warren writing April 25 2015 <img src="../../Portal/Material/1/adam_warren_May_05_201

NEVER EVER give up on your children no matter the obstacles

Authenticated PAS
Yesterday marked the sixth month w/o contact of any type with my 5 year old daughter. Yet, life has changed most recently and this will NOT continue - either by her mother's choice of by for

Re: Shawn Edward Wiegand April Long from Sault Ste Marie Ontario

Public Rats
Shawn Wiegand called the Childrens Aid Society as revenge on Mrs. April Long in 2009 Sault Ste. Marie Ontario April Long&nbsp;will fin

Almost Father's Day ...

Authenticated PAS
For those men who have experienced the LOSS of child through kidnapping or court order you are NOT alone.&nbsp;Reach out to others who you trust, reflect, challenge the status quo, and NEVER, EVER

I surrounded my self with the voices of oppressed and their pain as it were my pain and my struggle

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
Reading what others are saying about me this Monday morning May 05 2014, this particular others do not know what my work is all about. I am with my children so much I can, I never had a court tell

Canadian Govt now admits over 1200 missing native girls not 600

by: A Canadiian Citizen
In the midst of persecuting Jewish parents, and not bothering to solve the shocking 300 serial-murders in B.C., or charging anyone at all in the now 600+ dead children in Alberta at the hands of t

Dangerous Acquaintances under the false cover of a Christian Adam A Warren

Authenticated AbusesToMothers
he was trying so he would have a record me suggesting something illigeal, he is out to hurt others as he feels they deserved to be hurt. &nbsp;Stay away from Adam Warren fucking snake and child mo

Adam A Warren group posts

Authenticated Evidence
Page by Adam A Warren Screen See Evidence folder,&nbsp; <img src="http://www

Catholic School Board and Staff

by: Attila Vinczer
Thank you for all the support and outrage, especially from police officers. Thank you for the tips including phone numbers to call and action to take. When cops fail to adhere to their sworn duty

Carol Taggio after this meeting went ahead and privately attempted to fish for anything from my son to use against me

by: Attila Vinczer
Public Evidence
If these people think I can be muzzled and their gross violation of my son kept from the public, they are gravely mistaken. If they wish they can test my resolve. It appears I have stepped

Shawn Wiegand you save any money for your childrens education or even enough to buy a house

Authenticated Rats
I associated my self with this ones not for years now who is joining ranks with Adam Warren the diddler, we can handle these scum of skeleton Shawn Edward Wiegand here are my notes: he resides lik

Shawn E Wiegand from the Sault - One would think you'd have lots saved up after couch surfing

Authenticated ToWhomItMayConcern
Here iam a Goof and I speak Where do I begin? !Maybe I'll join the party. (cite from&nbsp;S. E. Wiegand within&nbsp; &nbsp;A. A. Warren commentary)Why don't you check yourself into rehab?<br

Re: Shawn RIP your wishes & dreams A daemon Adam Warren is with your children

Authenticated Rats
Adam A Warren is wh

Bonny McLean from Sault Ste Marie Ontario her harassment needs to stop

Authenticated Accused
Bonny McLean from Sault Ste Marie Ontario her harassment needs to stop Audio Phone reording<source src="http://www.brainsynta

Re: Ontario Crown Ward Class Action Community

by: Catherine Madof
Public CAS

Police Investigation Request 30 April 2014 Audio recording VI

Authenticated Evidence
Appointment set for 630pm with SSM City Police to review the 2009 case and Adam's new revelation on the internet in regards to the criminal case involvement he refers to in his on-line posts

Follow up Phone conversation Sault Police Re Rains SSM9

Authenticated Evidence
Sault Ste Marie Ontario City Police Phone Call by Vincent Schiele about Adam Ashley Warren and the Olsen family from Sault Ste Marie their harassment in regards to a case never brought to a court

under the false cover of a Christian Phone Recording SSM Police Adam Warren harassments

Authenticated Evidence
Phone recording, contact five in regards to the above matters April 30 2014 0802pm Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada request for open case investigator to contact our household after harassment and

Shawn Burch RIP from his wishes & dreams a daemon under the false cover of a Christian

Authenticated Evidence
because you fight for the rights of others and yes I did read Vincent , you would be in jail if there was proof but I know what happened to you and you ex, and how she li

Recording with Amanda the ex of A Warren the girl he claimed was raped by me

by: Amanda C with: Adam Ashley Warren
Public Evidence
Audio Phone Recording 114pm April 30 2009 with Amanda C. Sault Ste Marie Ontario I introduce the allegation from Adam A. Warren to Amanda C cite of Adam A. Warren: <span class

Last Testament of a loving father abused by the family court system and alienated from his children

Public Accused
I too feel his pain. I tried suicide over the awful unfair treatment I received from the lawyers, family court, an narcissistic ex, judges. Paid support and still kept from my kids in spite of court

re: Cas served my mother court papers at my fathers funeral

Authenticated CAS
Are you for real, they walked into the room where everyone was paying respect ..? Can y

Re: Crown Wards can come back home

by: Charlene Hooey
Public Crownward
Hey i was a crown ward until i was 21 years of age i had my firat daughter while i was still in care but not a foster home. And they took her and gave her to ger grandparents who never let me see her

Got this letter of my son today guess its time to give up!

by: Jesse Larabee
Public Crownward
Please dont give up

Dangerous Acquaintances Adam Ashley Warren Ontario Canada

Authenticated Evidence
Adam Ashley Warren The guy sitting next to me in class is from india. He works for cas foing it. Has all the passwords 10/15, 11:27am Adam Ashley W

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