Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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July 28 2021

I Lost My Children to Parental Alienation
Group with Personal Stories, Forums and Chat

Denial of the Parental Alienation Syndrome Also Harms Women
Denying reality is obviously a maladaptive way of dealing with a situation. In fact, denial is ge...

FAQ ex-fathers.org
What is an ex-father? An ex-father is a man denied the opportunity to raise his child. Fathers a...

It's called child abuse and one day you will regret you ever hurt our children in this way
Alienated Family Members audience: Authenticated Login and access It's called child abuse and one day you will regret you ever hurt our children in this way
We have chosen to Divorce each other not our children. You do not hurt me in any way by...
How to APPEAL in Family Court to Superior Court
Kieren audience: Public
Tackling the justice system can and will be overwhelming to anyone! When your involved ...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Being unfairly garnished and destroyed
audience: Public
People do NOT listen to this deadbeat, he went to court years ago when I got custody of...
Re: Father Rights Canada / 2 months of alienation
Paul Robertson audience: Public
A police enforceable order will do nothing for you, even if the police do respond,...
Family Law-- Welcome to Hell!
Tony M audience: Public
I've said this before, and I'll say it again: If you are a custodial parent who is...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Dereck Jenny
audience: Public

Father Rights Canada / Class action lawsuit against the government of Canada
John St Germain
audience: Public

I think it is a great move. Personally I see it as being guilty of an offence that was ...
Please assist father in search for lawyer in Edmonton
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Please message me i need help to get my kids they are living with the in-laws for now <...
Re: Childrens Aid worker and Police unlawfully detained terrified and interrogated Mother and 12 year-old child
Dan Davies
audience: Public

Is this true? Why is has there been nothing on the TV , Radio or Free Press about this?...
Powerful politicians and their depended judges disclosed before me why and how their legally murder unwanted witnesses
audience: Public

I made overview of your pages in fb, and want to tell you that you are doing a great jo...
Re: Tips to Determine if Your Ex is Harassing and Abusing You through the Court System
Jessica Erin Larcy Abrams
audience: Public

and when you loose rights without doing ANYTHING wrong, but your ex blames the courts. ...
Children's Services of lanark leeds chose to ignore legislated duties
Trevor Taylor
audience: Public

Well since it is quite obvious that your ministry is protecting the family and Children...
Re: Justice Review Committee
Alan Charles
audience: Public

What's the criteria for having your committee look at an OCL?
False structures related to custody and visitation by the Department of Justice w/the Battered Women's Justice Project
Fathers in Action
audience: Public

National Parents Organization wrote: The Family Court Enhancement Project is a ...
June 03 2013 re-initialized phone call with Michaela
audience: Authenticated Login and access June 03 2013 re-initialized phone call with Michaela

June 03 2013 &nbsp;court orderd phone call between Michaela and me No phone ...

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Non Censored Affidavit of Adam A Warren Case 256/11 Sarnia Ontario February 13 2013

Authenticated Evidence
underlying affidavit in support for a Notice of Motion case 256/11 Sarnia Ontario February 13 2013Pursuant to s. 24 (2) of the Children&rsquo;s

Elderly Alienated German Oma granted access in Canadian Family Court opposed by vexatious parent

by: Canadian eh
Public Other
tim horton's how Ca

Time has come to put an end to the harassment and intimidation of Canadians at our courts by court security officers

Authenticated Evidence
Request to release of information, video footage, notes, and any material regarding Mr. Vincent Schiele on May 28, 29 2013 Court security premises.After multiple avenues and requests,

Bonny McLean from Sault Ste Marie Stay away warning by City Police

Authenticated Evidence
Phone record to advise the mother not to have Bonny around me or my child. Christina uses her car and her support in family court&nbsp;litigations. Cheer leading association by the McLean

Re: Adam A. Warren Sault Ste Marie Ontario Phone call between Ron Adam's mom

Authenticated Accused
Phone record 48 hrs after the last communication between Adam Warren and myself, I recorded to back up my peace April 25 652 pm

Saturday before fathers day 2014

Authenticated MyChildren
Evening before fathers day 2014, court ordered phone call, I did not hear or know of your whereabouts since last week, a dis-interest of course as you are coached trough the phone call by your mot

They are intentionally manipulating and exploiting you hoping to make you lash out against their ugliness

Authenticated CAS
My son's father &amp; I are getting married on June 21st &amp; I have just about had enough with London &amp; Middlesex Children's Aid Society Specifically Steve Didham &amp; Kevin Graham Ignoring

Mr. J. has threatened to kill Viorica Lungu in the past and she fears for her life

by: Costel L.
Mr. J. stop slandering Viorica Lungu in the Internet. I have your convictions from being in prison few times and if you continue this, they may be post it for everybody to understand this real dra

Re: Viorica Lungus EX is using false names to attack his ex wife on the Internet.

by: A concerned neighbour
Public Accused
I know what you mean Vioricia, sorry for your struggle, sometimes is it best just to wa


by: pro V
Public Accused
he is just another

Adam A. Warren Psychotic episodes in Sarnia London Ontario shame on him

Authenticated Accused
Adam Ashley Warren child molester games and slander of this site and my hosuehold are continuing. Sick Psycho Adam Ashley Warren from Cheaplau Ontario, resident of &nbsp;Sarnia Ontario/ London Ont

Re: This women is nuts she has them falsely accuse their father of atrocities

Authenticated Accused
she probably has more courage then you all together, what makes you say that , where is your courage what did you do? Because you now suck his cock does not make you a hero or gives you a&nbsp;pri


by: Vincent
Public Accused
if you click one more time more then you have to reply i delete this whole fucking thre

Provide the knowledge to your children that was given to you

by: Monty Shultz with: Kids have rights too
Public Fathers
I want to wish all the father's out there a Happy Father's Day. I had a interesting opportunity yesterday to attend a wedding. The wedding itself wasn't the interesting part but it was what the pr

Re: Christina Olsen lying swearing under oath Police interrogation video of a vindictive ex creating false abuse charges

by: Jennifer Schmitt
Public Fathers
It's so sad that "moms" tell their children that she hates their father and they too should hate him! Those are not real mom's at all! They do not fully understand how a child needs both parents and

A Big shout out and Good morning to all the Great Dad's out there

by: Jennifer Engles Matthiesen
Public Fathers
I have much respect for the men that know the importance of their role and others in a child's life.&nbsp;There is a strength we get from great fathers in life that change the dynamics of ev

Don't forget you are still a dad celebrate the fact you have survived

by: Ed Hughes with: Vanessa Court
Public PAS
Makes Me sick watching Everyone Celebrating Farther's Day ,, Just rub ones nose in it Suffering from PARENTAL ALIENATION , going 4 years of NO sight of both children- - -Bianca W

Happy fathers day 2014 to you in heaven dad I love you more than words

Authenticated Fathers
I miss my daddio today! After almost 11 years since he has been gone and I'm just realizing why he was pushing me to do certain things. My dad was truly the most amazing, compassionate, brilliant

The law needs changing for the decent dads out there

by: Paul Gilbank
Public Fathers
Had a wonderful Father's Day been spoilt rotten by my daughter and my soon to be born little boy. Just feel sorry for all the dads out there who have been denied access or not allowed to see there

Re: This women is nuts she has them falsely accuse their father of atrocities

Public Accused
Very sad story about your grandmother. Sorry you had to go through this. Seek justice for your grandmother. Viorica had no business with your grandmother, her main concern should be her kids.

A domestic violence helpline for men

by: johntheother
The Violence Against Women Act with the surrounding propaganda is deceptive. VAWA the foundation for the anti-father anti -male docma and indoctrination. Why do the actors and operators of the she

Re: Fathers Day 2014 is everyday for an Alienated Parent looking for a lost child

Public Accused
This fit father has been alienated from his children and has not seen them for over four years celebrates Bubbles of Love Day with Sherry Palmer of <a href='http://www.fixfamilycourts.com' target=

Re: Fathers Day 2014 is everyday for an Alienated Parent looking for a lost child

by: H. Q.
Public Accused
Video Source:https://www.youtube.

Viorica Lungu video footage Oct 2012

Authenticated Accused
Mother Viorica Lungu speaks out against her restricted access to her children perpetrated against her by the father, Family Court's and the Social workers who were responsible for the

Fathers Day 2014 is everyday for an Alienated Parent looking for a lost child

by: Hilary
Public Fathers
Fathers Day is fast approaching us, prior to the commercial holiday I would like to remind alienated fathers not to be reclusive or saddened by this hallmark holiday. You are a Father every day of

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