Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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June 24 2022

Brainwashing Children
Mothers are generally quite nurturing, and the easiest way to melt their heart is through a child...

I Lost My Children to Parental Alienation
Group with Personal Stories, Forums and Chat

Romeo Phillion: The cop that framed me I'm not going to go easy on this guy
Romeo Phillion audience: Public
This photo is the cop that framed me he buried my air tight alibi .so the jury in my ca...
Grandmother and Mom team up for child abuse.
audience: Public
Words from the Grandmother alienating our child, brainwashing and indoctrination. Grand...
Re: Father Rights Canada / I paid MEP but someone is lying
Craig Barker audience: Public
It comes down to he said/she said. Who do you trust? If your bank statements show you p...
I'm nothing but a glorified foster parent her real parent is the Government of Ontario
Glen Donald Stevens audience: Public
So went to court again today and lost again today.. The way it stands now Nicole will n...
Re: When the debate is lost slander becomes the tool of the looser
Const. SSM Police check up Adam Warren Inv audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: When the debate is lost slander becomes the tool of the looser
Follow up Phone call Sault STe Marie Police Station Constable Turco conv. H. Q.  i...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: If you are a lawyer or know a lawyer that can help this father please get in touch
Terrence Abate Lisa Johnson
audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: If you are a lawyer or know a lawyer that can help this father please get in touch

Lisa Johnson is good, very thorough and professional, specializes in cases involving ch...
Please do look up David House Lorraine's live-in boyfriend of four years
Catherine Frei Lorraine Grenier
audience: Authenticated Login and access Please do look up David House Lorraine's live-in boyfriend of four years

THIS IS HOW EVIL PEOPLE CAN BE.............Please do look up David House,, Lorraine's l...
Father Rights Canada / Moncton father out of options needs guidence
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I live in Moncton New-Brunswick. A new law came out in May 2018, Intimate partner violence...
Brent Blair all alone with the female child is asking sexual questions ALGOMA SAULT Childrens Aid Soiceties new Lawsuit
Vickie Smith
audience: Public

They did the same to my kids with their step father but never asked my son or daughters...
Affidavit of Alexandra Jaffit September 07 2012 Ontario Case 1997/10
Felipe Basoalto Alexandra Jaffit
audience: Authenticated Login and access Affidavit of Alexandra Jaffit September 07 2012 Ontario Case 1997/10

This case of Parental Alienation. The mother of the children choose to smoke during her...
There is so much to talk to u about i am so frutrated and tried of the aid harrassing me
CAS did not investigate this concern
audience: Public

hello i would like to speak to you about my recent and pass involvement with the societ...
How to APPEAL in Family Court to Superior Court
Iona Blessworth
audience: Public

What is court cost ? Is that  part of an appeal? I received papers&nb...
Transparency - Definition

audience: Public

a : the quality of being transparent: such as&nbsp; a</...
Re: Father Rights Canada /mother makes all the decisions for our child without me
George Virlas
audience: Public

It’s horrible that a parent has to ask to be with their own child. What a joke.
Video Interview Claude Lafreniere
audience: Authenticated Login and access Video Interview Claude Lafreniere

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Woman Against Feminism October 2014

by: Hilary
Public Feminism
Woman Against Feminism has become a wide spread movement of woman standing together against Feminism, embracing equality not diversity.Young, aged, and senior woman are posting picture

Alienated father of 2014 wishes to his estranged child

by: Kyle Langford
Public Accused
Turning my self into police (RCMP) after arrest warrant put out for a father loving his kids. Showed up in style. RCMP (police) contacted my lawyer and let use know there is an arrest warr

Re: Mother wouldnt share child. Custody awarded to Dad

by: Tracy Morelock
Public Miscellaneous
They probably shouldn't talk about mom's sexual preference, no. But this was still a bi

Mother wouldn't share child. Custody awarded to Dad

by: h Eireann Domhnaill
Public Awareness
Bravo! (However, I'm wondering wtf the sentence "The mother entered a lesbian relationship" has *any* relevance in this story at all. Seriously? NY in a same sex marriage state.) But big kudos to

Mother wouldn't share child. Custody awarded to Dad

by: Jesse Bullens IV
Public Accused
Hell I wish I could get custody of my son so I won't be denied my son and everything that has to do with him and I can raise him the right way and not like his mother. She has alienated him from m

Mother wouldn't share child. Custody awarded to Dad

by: Lynn Leclair
Public Accused
Yes girls that is EXACTLY what can happen.With the Court costs attached.It is starting to happen more often.All dad needs is the accurate evidence.It is ABSOLUTELY about time.Love it.

Mother wouldnt share child. Custody awarded to Dad

by: Phil Watts
Public Feminism
My children got kidnapped from Discovery schl Porirua 2012-02-22 by their mother. No free comms since then. her sister who works for the pigs helped her get a 'protection' Order against me even th

Mother wouldnt share child. Custody awarded to Dad

by: Jesse Bullens IV
Public PAS
That should be the answer when the mother alienates the child from the father. It's ver

Mother wouldn't share child. Custody awarded to Dad

by: Andries van Tonder with: Hilary
Public PAS
&ldquo;A custodial parent's interference with the relationship between a child and a non-custodial parent has been said to be an act so inconsistent with the best interests of the child as to

Re: OCL Ontario Children Clinicial Investigator Non registered Social Worker

by: Sarah
follow up should I

Court Clerk Dianne MacNeil hands me an endorsement from Justice K Baker dated August 19 2014

Public Court
September 01 2014 To Whom it may Concern, I have been a party to Ontario Court of Justice Family court since July 18 2013. I have been before the Hon Justice G Edwards and Justice Mada

They can make false statements to the police ... DIVINE TREASURES

by: Charles Buchanan
Public Syndromes
Sitting alone by a quiet lakes edge the tall pinelistens to a somber pledge-to make a blessing out of this day-whatever comes,come what may.Too frail the promise of sanity;too pa

Statment of Claim

by: Brent
Public Help
scan and create a p

How fathes out maneuver big Attorneys court whores

by: Lisamarie Ferrette Santagata
Public Accused
Yes true the father's definitely usually have the deeper pockets. Also the court is tot

Statment of Claim

by: Brent
Public Accused
Yes, proceed with y

Sault corrupt city Police Services with CAS are kidnapping my kids for a group home

by: Jeremy Bjornaa
Public CAS
I was in the court room and on recess the Children Aid Society lawyer with CAS rep left so I could speak to my lawyer and right in front of everyone they discussed our case saying that today c.a.s

Statment of Claim

Authenticated ChildProtection
Dear Brainsyntax Please contact royallcorps@gmail.com to secure a Oct 15,2014 Statement of Claim against the Chief Justice of Ontario Court of Justice re


by: Steve Rocco
Public Narcissistic
Good Morning, I am simply commenting in this forum because I noticed the picture on your homepage. That is the office where my ex works. 3 suicides by her clients... Alienating her own kids and cl

How fathes out maneuver big Attorneys court whores

by: Judith Powell
Public Accused
The first of many problems with the article is that it is actually generally men who have the deeper pockets to hire the more expensive attorneys. The premise is wrong with this article. What is w

Re: Shareing the child 4 a few more hours on thanksgiving weekend does not fit the abusers mind set

by: Angela Hawk
Public Accused
She giving the courts what they need to get their payday. Yadda Yadda yadaa I fill for

OCL- Clinical investigators in the Office of the Children's Lawyer

by: Vincent
Check out this page resource on the OCL maybe you find more answers here in regards:OCL Ontario Children Lawyer and Evidence Ontario Family Court<a href="../MessageDetail/133" target="

Canada another Alienated father

by: Jared Say
Public Parents
Are family law attorneys violating their ethical requirements when they refuse to protect your constitutional rights? Can they be punished or sued for this? The American Bar Association provides a

Anti Father judgements 2014 - 2005 Fathers dismissed from their children

by: Philly Slimm
Public Accused
Family Law upset 9 years in the making and the day has finally come. This is my trailer for my documentary coming soon THE BATTLE, - music does not belong to us TY for watching <a hr

Fathers day another hurtle abused and alienated father

by: Kyle Langford
Public Fathers
No one can steal a love a father has for his children My children's mother an her boy friend take down 2 signs. I will put up five more. And if they take down these ones I will put ten mor

Sault Ste Marie Ontario make the evidence fit, the personal biased conclusions of investigators.

by: Lona Dedo
Public Justice
I'm watching this right now. Thank God for Chris Carter, Alfredine Linda Plourde, Mr. William Mullins Johnson and for all people who stand for JUSTICEI sup

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