Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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February 05 2023

Denial of the Parental Alienation Syndrome Also Harms Women
Denying reality is obviously a maladaptive way of dealing with a situation. In fact, denial is ge...

Parental Alienation Syndrome How to Detect It and What to Do About It by J. Michael Bone and Michael R. Walsh
Any attempt at alienating the children from the other parent should be seen as a direct and willf...

I Lost My Children to Parental Alienation
Group with Personal Stories, Forums and Chat

January 18 2013 phone call
Vincent audience: Authenticated Login and access January 18 2013 phone call
620pm call phone audio recording from Friday 18 Jan. 2013 <audi...
Re: Observation January 15 2010 Algoma Family Service manipulated by mother: Facilitated child abuse
Algoma CAS audience: Public
Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada capital of falsified claims of victims of domestic abus...
She kidnapped my daughter and the police let her do it
Lloyd Lambert audience: Public
On April 23 2016 my wife was going to take our daughter to visit family for the day. Wh...
Re: Lying swearing under oath, Police interrogation video of a vindictive ex creating false abuse charges
Naomi Kieswetter Legg audience: Public
So much done for abuse against women and children ........ But Who stands up for the th...
Caleb Roy from Waterloo Ontario Canada assaulting sexually allegedly
Caleb Roy audience: Authenticated Login and access Caleb Roy from Waterloo Ontario Canada assaulting sexually allegedly
MISSISSAUGA, ONT.&mdash;Ontario's Special Investigations Unit says a Waterloo region po...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
We should foster co-operation and equality for newly minted separated couples Bill C-560
John Spafford
audience: Public

The current child-custody reform proposal, Bill C-560, would move Canada to an equal pa...
A support for the broken hearted and oppressed
Trena Thompson
audience: Authenticated Login and access A support for the broken hearted and oppressed

Woke up 100 times last night and all I could think about is how much I miss my son, the...
Uses their son as a pawn you have to step back in order to protect
Jason Ferrone Loveshisboys Brian D. Perrone
audience: Public

I choose not to fight anymore....I will not contribute to the further use of my childre...
Father Rights Canada / About to go to court with my ex for rights over my two girls.
Not disclosed
audience: Public

About to go to court with my ex for rights over my two girls for shared custody, which ...
Justify alienating that child from the other parent and not helping to encourage a loving relationship
Odemaris Mari GambinoSantiago
audience: Public

If a parent loves their child as much as they say they do, how do they justify alienati...
It has to be stopped so no more children and fit parents are victimized by that relentless cesspool of sexual favours
Joseph Kenick III
audience: Public

And the nightmare from Hell which leaves me no options except those now being taken on ...
Alienated Fathers speak PAS realities longing for their indoctrinated children
Charlie Mercieca Alienated Father
audience: Public

I had to send at least these to give you and the viewer/listener a good idea of what's ...
Friday 19 October 2012 - I am my mom's baby not yours
Vincent Michaela
audience: Authenticated Login and access Friday 19 October 2012 - I am my mom's baby not yours

The voice of an innocnet alieanted child who repeats " I am my mom's baby not yours" th...
November 12 2012 phone audio recording
audience: Authenticated Login and access November 12 2012 phone audio recording

7:02 pm scheduled phone call&nbsp; -&nbsp; November 12 2017 Canada&nbsp; duration ...
RE: Jacqueline Bobyk-Krumins from the Office of the Children's Lawyer and CAS worker
Vernon Beck
audience: Public

The Family Justice Review Committee is conducting an investigation into Ms. Jacqueline ...

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They had planned on having a closed adoption where I couldn't see them for all these years

by: Stephanie M Varin
Public CAS
My kids were adopted in 1998-99, I made a big mistake of having the cas involved in my life at the time.They wouldn't give me an open adoption, they insisted that a closed adoption would be best,t

Family Law prisoner served and filed for the best interest of the child 94/09 OCJ

Authenticated FamilyLaw
Today December 01 2014 I started my third Court Matter for the better and the best of one of my children &nbsp;back in the game a family Law prisoner served and filed for the best interest of the

The system is destroying children and families

by: Vernon Beck
Public Accused
I've been a child and family advocate for 20 years with Canada Court Watch and have video interviewed hundreds of children and parents who have been affected by the child protection system. There

Not ALL social workers are evil twisted and part of the child trafficking ring

Authenticated Truth
All CPS and CAS workers should have random drug testing. A lot of them are damaged goods who, while high, make a lot of ill fated decisions that messed up kids and families for life.Le

Good luck to Canada Court Watch and the other groups that claim to push to better courts

Authenticated Court
I feel sorry for the future of families in this country. I see now that people within these groups are surprised that nothing ever really changes and think they will at all with these little prote

Aparna Sanwalka: The problem I believe is that we are all fighting our own individual battles

Authenticated Accused
Good evening all: thanks for your advice and support. This group rocks for real! The support is unbelievable, thank you. The only thing is, I think we need a little action. Admin, can you guide us

ASAP judge went against everybody recommendation even last min settlements

Authenticated Judges
I need advice my first trial I got back oldest child other five crown ward no access I appealed it and won new trial , at new trial kids lawyers and mine stated kids home best interest or at least

Money is spent on litigation not child care I was also informed that one CAS agency has 20 lawyers on board

Authenticated Lawyers
Maybe we should all start a letter writing campaign to companies who give CAS money thinking they are a truly honest Charitable Agency.... Just a thought for today... <a href="../../

If a child complains of sexual abuse target parents label them mentally ill

Authenticated Experts
The drug hair test scandal is just the tip of the iceberg! The next revelation will be the broad, blatant cover up of pedophilia in professional Social Welfare sector: schools, Churches, CAS, CPS,

Aparna Sanwalka asked for her injustice to be published now speaking ill of us

Authenticated Information
It comes to our attentions that the story got twisted the moment CAS put up a fight because her posting her injustice on the internet, now blaming the advocate community of turning against her. I

Falsely Accused OF Molestation

by: staff
Public Other
Dear poster, I switched the post of yours from private to authenticated now members can read it, I believe this was your goal?If you like we can make it public and ask others for input

Please help CAS wants crown wardship for purpose of adoption

by: James Mcbride
Public Accused
What blows me away about these so called court cases is that they stand up there and yap obsenities into your life while all that you are permitted to do is write an essay as to why your child nee

Falsely Accused of Molestation proven innocent CAS keeps the record and acts upon

Authenticated Information
My Common-Law husband has been falsely accused of Molesting his Niece, and it's only on the CAS computers in Nova Scotia. &nbsp;There was a medical done on the child which found no molestation inv

I do not have legal guardianship of my son they could not release any information to me

Authenticated Alienated
I just got off the phone with the manager at St.Clair child and youth centre. I was inquiring about counselling for my boy who will be 12 in jan. Also to see if he was indeed put on a wAiting list

Please help CAS wants crown wardship for purpose of adoption

by: mommy8it
Public LookingFor
I need any help and advice from anyone who could help. I can't afford a lawyer and I don't qualify for legal aid (over by $1200/yr). I have represented myself but I need a lawyer that is willing t

Parental Alienation Ontario Case 1997/10 Mother Alexandra Jaffitt alienating the father in spite

Authenticated PAS
Tatiana, my 6 year old daughter... I hope you had a nice birthday, with many balloons, yummy cake and lots of friends and family!! I think about you every day and can't wait to see your face again

Re: Audio Phone conv attachment Re he works 4 cas 25min with Lisa C

by: Lisa C Shears Kendall
Public Truth
After further researching John Ranger, I think I jumped the gun, but his attacks infuriated me, the one on his side at the time.Which in turn made me question his sincerity... , I defi

Re: Obstruction of Justice forgery professional misconduct malice of the Family Law and FRO in Ontario

by: Adam Rayner
Public Bias
FRO is no good they

Audio Phone conv attachment Re he works 4 cas 25min with Lisa C

by: Nannie
Public Accused
all PM are saved on

Phone recording Lorainne's insides about Trevor Doering and his splinter group entourage

by: Erinn Hempel
Public Accused
he is ridn cocktails &nbsp;a goof who should come one more time here we make sure he ge

Phone recording Lorainnes insides about Trevor Doering and his splinter group entourage

Authenticated Accused
We need to focus on making sure that Families who's children have just been apprehended don't get involved with groups who secretly record. Posting your legal stuff and drama online is the worst t

Admitting to domestic violence and neglect I refused to sign which made her say we were uncooperative

Authenticated DomesticViolence
Our new Fostercare worker just ledt a message saying she needs to come to our home this week for an inspection! CPS never entered our home, and made false allegations regarding our home. <br

Christina Jane Olsen Sault

by: Ben Brumitt
Public Liars
we need to pay this lady to come out with the truth. it might only take 5-10 alienating parents to admit all they have done and it might just blow the lid off this mys

He works for c.a.s.. he gathers info on people and gives it to c.a.s

Authenticated Awareness
ShawnaLea Fraser I left that group. I am hearing it is infact run by CAS moles. Sherry Black I heard the same Jeannette King &Acirc;&ucirc; In all honesty tha

Re: He works for c.a.s.. he gathers info on people and gives it to c.a.s

by: Aron
Public Transparency
How can we hear the en

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