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December 10 2022

Parental Alienation Syndrome How to Detect It and What to Do About It by J. Michael Bone and Michael R. Walsh
Any attempt at alienating the children from the other parent should be seen as a direct and willf...

Injustices by Tom Wood of the Barrie, Orillia or Gravenhurst Ontario court
Vernon Beck audience: Public
Anyone have an experience with Justice Tom Wood of the Barrie, Orillia or Gravenhurst O...
Father Rights Canada / worried he is reaching a point of no return
audience: Public
My brother really needs help navigating the broken legal system when it comes to child ...
Before I die there will be a system of Justice against the malice of CA$ in Ontario
Vicky Topper audience: Public
Who own children and youths' brain - those own the future. This program is part of popu...
Father Rights Canada / Alberta MEP treating me like a terrorist please help
Normand Hetu audience: Public
Are there good contacts in Alberta that I could talk with to obtain direction on how to...
Re: Childrens Aid Societies beyond reform must be chopped down at the root and discarded
Mg Massey audience: Public
These charities, often started by some rich fool with a nefarious agenda, do destroy famil...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: 60.000 fathers who committed suicide in the last 40 years because of family court
Daniel Ishmael
audience: Public

This is an attack on men. It is part of the feminist movement and it is wired from Judge t...
investigate Judge Robertson of Kingston Ontario
Steve Schauland
audience: Public

While you are at it, you should investigate Judge Robertson of Kingston Ontario....&nbs...
Trash talk by Pat to confuse and to set false propaganda
Tiffany Marie Soucie
audience: Authenticated Login and access Trash talk by Pat to confuse and to set false propaganda

I haven't got a clue i don't know with lady never seen her name before but I am assumin...
Re Father Rights Canada / My heart goes out to you all
Diane Rand Loewen
audience: Public

The fact that you had to lose everything makes me sick! I’m witnessing first hand...
Mother asking to talk with her daughter

audience: Authenticated Login and access Mother asking to talk with her daughter

This is the first weekend access sleepover with Michaela at her Papa's home after four ...
Children's Aid of Algoma destroyed 1000's of familes and children here in the Sault Sainte Marie
David McDonough
audience: Public

What I have heard first hand about the family courts here is Canada will be every bit a...
Christina Olsen Snappers Bar in Sault Ste Marie Ontario
audience: Authenticated Login and access Christina Olsen Snappers Bar in Sault Ste Marie Ontario

Christina you and your mother are goofs and need exposing of the other crimes you have do...
Do not toe the boat to appease the beast
Canada Court Watch
audience: Public

My kids were apprehended shortly after dad went to jail for assaulting me. They had tol...
C.A.S. Long story but they are breaking the law on lots of stuff & i need to make it public
Jen Burnell
audience: Public

hey you opperate the brainsyntax website right? you are connected to media right? I nee...

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Affidavit of Vincent Schiele March 13 2015

by: Kelly Dunn
Public Lawyers
My lawyer in Texas had me write out a similar affidavit when he took my case. $7,000.00 later and after he asked for another $10,000 to continue the case I threw in th

Lawsuit against the Algoma CAS Children's Aid Society Sault Ste Marie Ontario 2019

Authenticated Civil
FYI Christina Jane Olsen and Suzanne Olsen from Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada are emotional and physical abusing our daughter.Phone Recording Friday 13 2015 Algoma C.A.S. Childr

Pay Attention Ontario Canada 719 Children died No one noticed!

by: Martine D Amours
Public Accused
isn't it sickening like I was even thinking the tax payers are worried they keep saying here in Thunder Bay but in the long run if they don't do anything they are still slavering to let this conti

FACS SCAS CAS etc in Ontario Canada harassing thousands of other residents

by: Julie MacCallum
Public Accused
I was at a Prof. Dev. Day seminar for the sch. Bd. and one of the guest speakers was from CAS. She was telling us to call them ASAP if we suspected abuse or neglect so

Re: I said I already had taken all of those programs I was strong and Ive fought myself the system and abusers

by: Painful Silence
Public Accused
Thank you for your sup

FACS SCAS CAS etc in Ontario Canada harassing thousands of other residents

by: Richard Lee
Public FACS
Peel CA$ do the same dirty tricks on my baby. They took my baby away in name of protecting kid, but the fact is my baby suffered an serious reality injury in their care.They refused to

Alienated father diary phone recording Saturday March 07 and Monday March 09 2015

Authenticated Drafts
Audio recordings from March 07 and Monday March 09 2015 between Michaela seven years of age and her father. Child mirrors, alienated child deprived to freely talk with her father as the \court ord

Re: You all dont know squat whats in the best interest of any child

by: Tanis Brandon
Public Accused
I begged DHS to help my son. Anna Deaver (case worker) said she sees it all the time, a vindictive ex pays for their justice, and the child becomes a weapon to hurt the other parent. Her job is to

You all dont know squat what's in the best interest of any child

by: Keith Marsolek
Public PAS
Well, it is looking like I missed both my sons birthdays and I will not be allowed to have any of my youngest kids with me on my Birthday.I would like to take this time to thank my ex and th


by: Judicial Corruption with: Ted Palmer
Public Information
This is a working document, and messy in places, but it is loaded with useful information for men, their children, the vulnerable and the fair women and citizens who support and love them.I/we hop

Constantly abused she just can't cope with the pain sometimes

by: CR
Public ChildAbuse
It eats away at her life she grieves desperately for her stolen babies taken from her as a teen mother let down by the ones she thought could help her social services. I only ever asked for help!

FACS SCAS CAS etc in Ontario Canada harassing thousands of other residents

by: Anonymous
Public FACS
Subject to aggressive pressure or intimidation by the Children's Aid Societies of OntarioI just wanted to give a little insight to those struggling with the Agency and have thoughts of givin

Parental Alienation is not contagious but it is terminal as you die a little more inside every day

Authenticated PAS
No one sees the tears, not on the outside or the inside. They see only what they want to see. Platitudes like 'you'll get over it' are another knife in the heart. You are screaming so loud inside

Child Protective Services sued for kidnaping children

by: Nick St Clare with: Laurie Hurley
Public ChildAbuse
A lawsuit filed Dec. 12 2014 says Riverside County Child Protective Services staff have made a habit of kidnapping children. Attorney Shawn McMillan, who specializes in civil rights cases

Childrens Aid Society workers love to troll this sites and forums

by: Immanuel LaWays
Public Accused
*****BEWARE Public and friends!**** I had an episode last night for many hours of a "woman" under false pretenses that claimed, "She wanted to help us and our groups/friends/family/associates agai

Manipulating the Justice system to gain advantage in Family Court alienating the child from a loving parent

by: Eliza Beth
Public AbusesToMen
I am sorry for all the parents experiencing this, no matter what gender, its not right, its not fair and it is destructive and abusive. The courts need to realize that the parent in control of the

It only takes one lie to start the harassment and if they can steal your babies they make bank

by: Constance Isthename
Public Accused
I wake up fighting, I go to bed fighting, I breath so I can fight, I live in fear but I fight!!! I will stand for our children because if I don't then who will??? I am not a coward, I am a child o

I can only act on my obligation to stop this from happening to someone else while my legal options are thinning out

by: Liam Hattie
Public Accused
I wanted to ask some questions and get some advice- Its a bit long but an ongoing personal struggle. I live on the east coast in Nova Scotia, I have a ongoing problem I'm trying to fight alone. Hu

WAY TO GO BRANT FACS You will never believe what happened when i filed the Appeal

Authenticated Accused
Vince why don't you and brainsyntax - ask the Attorney General how I am able to be in 2 courthouses on the same date ? Ya I recorded that too when the Superior Court clerk asked me wasn't I just h

WAY TO GO BRANT FACS You will never believe what happened when i filed the Appeal

Authenticated FACS
heres what "Child Protection" in Brantford has been reduced to ....... I provided a copy of a REAL 8B to the CAS lawyer who told me (while secretly recording and with a witness) she didn't know "w

The more pain the System shoves down my throat the harder I work to make people see the crime

by: Diana Little
Public Accused
More and more children are being stolen from Innocent Parents by all States to fill the Homosexual Agenda by the Criminals in Government while they fight against the FAMILY UNIT... EVERY TIME THE

After a year an a half of alienation I will continue to exercise my rights

by: Kyle Langford
Public Accused
I am an alienated father. But I do got to see my children a couple minutes a week and know where they are. There is some parents that don't have any contact or know where there children are. I tho

ON Sault Ste Marie Algoma Society Mission Statement

by: Algoma CAS Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada
Public Accused
We are one of 47 Children's Aid Societies in Ontario. Each Society is an independent, non-profit organization with a local Board of Directors. Funding for our core activities comes from the Minist

After a year an a half of alienation I will continue to exercise my rights

by: Kyle Langford
Public FamilyCourt
Tomorrow have a meeting at the district school board office to discuss their part of them getting involved and participating in child/parent alienation. Help strip any rights I and my children hav

After a year an a half of alienation I will continue to exercise my rights

by: Kyle Langford
Public Accused
Thank you ______ ________ I will be keeping everyone posted. I am public and want to help educate the public on this senseless abuse happening to our children. I have been fighting for over a year

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