Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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September 28 2022

Parental Alienation Is Emotional Abuse of Children
Psychology Today Parental alienation is a set of strategies that parents use to undermine and in...

A Brief Synopsis of Parent Alienation Syndrome (PAS)
Dr. Richard Gardner, psychiatrist, first described “parental alienation syndrome” in 1985 to expl...

I Lost My Children to Parental Alienation
Group with Personal Stories, Forums and Chat

Make sure that the public is advised about how they are being treated
Julie Gates audience: Public
I was going to write a piece on this based on the fact that Victims services compensate...
More malice from the Sault Ste Marie Ontario core of assholes welcome to the most friendliest town in northern Ontario
Another Injustice audience: Public
Rallies are being held across Canada today (Thursday) to protest the innocent verdict h...
Father Rights Canada / I am a father of a 19 year old.
Scott audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / I am a father of a 19 year old.
That would depend on a couple of variables. The first would be, is there an order in pl...
Re: One of the top psychiatrists in Toronto the CAMH is very familiar with the dangers of feminism
audience: Public
Testimonials don't mention names when requested so it is not inarticulate sentiment, it...
Case Law for Motions for the Immediate Return of the Child(ren)
a helping hand audience: Public
because of govt of ON ugliness and abject lack of support for families attacked by the ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: Lying swearing the oath Police interrogation video vindictive ex creating false abuse charges
Alan Bowker
audience: Public

Been there too, Vincent. No morals, no loyalty. NAWALT. You simply can't go on locking ...
Re: Danny OMoore uninterested parent
hil omoore
audience: Public

I will be seeking legal action regarding this threatening post, my children are still m...
Re: Question where are grandparents rights?
Donovan Burnell
audience: Public

Yeah I was actually wondering the exact same thing..... (I'm using my sons account so no o...
Comment: Dr. Phill will not help clean up the mess you fools created
Vincent Schiele
audience: Authenticated Login and access Comment: Dr. Phill will not help clean up the mess you fools created

I would like to stay close with the followers of brainsyntax,  thank you for sendi...
Re: Zdenek Hanzlik died after setting himself alight Sid had been protesting Family Court issues
Deborah Hoelmer
audience: Public

Re: I cant take what my sons mother is putting me through

audience: Public

Basically committed suicide knowing police would shoot upon him. Another father gone be...
Re: False Allegations of Domestic Violence the Truth
Hilary Quarrell
audience: Public

Hi readers, I am a woman, I wrote this article... brainsytax has multiple authors. <br ...
Calling when to much fun trumps the fathers phone call
Vincent Schiele Michaela
audience: Public

initializing the phone call in a fun busy moment, &nbsp;in a moment where fun is trumps...
Supreme Court clarifies the test for civil contempt of court
Cheryl Watson
audience: Authenticated Login and access Supreme Court clarifies the test for civil contempt of court

On April 16, 2015, the Supreme Court released its decision inCarey v. Laiken 2015 SCC 1...
Disengaged from my feelings of devastation and the loss of my little girl's attention
Joseph Di Lella
audience: Authenticated Login and access Disengaged from my feelings of devastation and the loss of my little girl's attention

Funny, when I was without seeing my child for months at a time, I 'disengaged' from my ...

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Criminal charges of perjury against the Children's Aid Society

Authenticated Advocate
you can file an information yourself..... the court can not stop you.. however the people who do prosecutions can step in and take over the case or stop you.... if the file is your file, the CAS f

Criminal charges of perjury against the Children's Aid Society

by: Ed Bates
Public CAS
I am self represented in my custody battle, and I know for a fact that CAS lied in an affidavit to the court. I went to an "information" to file criminal charge of perjury, but was told that I did

Entering false data into the police computer Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada

by: Jay Graham
Public Police
My ex got up to the same crap. He knows someone in one of the detachments and he got action for a fabricated complaint on a couple of occasions. How many people out there who legitimately need pol

She runs full speed to me and gives me a big hug and kiss

by: Jamie Lynne
Public PAS
After 3 years of being alienated I have finally decided to take back some control and have found a way to see my daughter. Every morning since the school year started I have sat out front of the s

Womens Aid? OR would a better descriptive name be SCUM AID aka Legal Aid

by: Alan Bowker
Public Awareness
Violence against Women is the ONLY violence ... and any man that even suggests her hair is the wrong colour is an abuser , is that right Womens Aid? OR would a better descriptive name be SCUM AID?

He will abuse and rape my daughter like the way he raped me and abused me

by: Anonymous
Public Pages
Twenty years ago in the year of 1995, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl and she was my life. Unfortunately- her father was very abusive man. One night when my daughter was couple of months o

Freedom of information work

Authenticated FOI
1. The govt does numerous various types of 'investigative' type of "reviews" on it's "transfer payment agencies." those reviews are sometimes called: operational; organizational; performance; fina

Spread this much needed movement across Canada

by: Alicia Dawn
Public Boycot
Here in Saskatchewan we have a group formed who have lost complete respect for child protection and the family law court in regards to custody, access and divorce. We are in the conflict that CPS

Chatham Court House professionals abusing their power and position

by: Gabrielle Stringer
Public Lawyers
I am a community advocate from Sarnia, Ontario . I will be in the Chatham Court House tomorrow September 18 2015 at 12:30 pm I will be speaking out in an opened court room about a Chatham lawyer t

Because some woman got bored and her reputation is more important than your life

by: James W Szotak
Public AbusesToMen
The law a law, it's not the woman really doing it, it's the support she gets, it's the government that makes her rights trump over his. It took me along time to come to this conclusion, it was my

Parental Alienation is abuse Any parent who withholds time to another parent is guilty of abuse

Authenticated Alienated
Here is the audio recording of the specific phone call just a few hours ago September 16 2015 610pm where an alienating mother is cruel and vindictive and prevents access to the loving father

I dont get child support I dont stop contact between the father and child

Authenticated Accused
So next week we are out of town, so our regular "court ordered" visits are wed after school, because we wont be here a call was made to the alienating mother asking politely to switch to monday...

I don't get child support I don't stop contact between the father and child

by: Lecyn Williams
Public Mothers
I guess I'm an unfit mom because I don't harass my ex's when they have our kids. I guess a goodmom constantly calls, does drive by's, and house inspections. Oh and because even if I don't get chil

Re: Claims of raising child alone were a lie Dad was fighting too see child withheld from alienating mother

by: Jets4Life
Public Accused
So glad she was exposed for what she did to you. You give us all hope that one day we w

Re: Childrens Aid Societies deliberately maliciously litigate against families

Public Children
Im not sure whether to laugh or cry because this article was posted on a girl( womans) page that has had 5 or6 babies with different men. The majority of her children have FASD and or other specia

False Allegations of Domestic Violence the Truth

by: Stephen Allard
Public Accused
Most men and women are not abusers. There are men who are not able to control their emotions and let their anger get the better of them. There are women who do the same, but being physically weake

September 23 2015 Protest Rally in the Sault and Invitation September 24 2015 Protest Rally in Toronto

Authenticated Protest
Two important reminder messages to all justice minded individuals: Algoma District Sault Ste Marie Ontario and Toronto Ontario @ the Court House Important EventsA Group of Justice advo

Last Testament of a loving father abused by the family court system and alienated from his children

Authenticated Accused
no references in any of the last appearances nor comments in regards of the true origin

Re: Sault Ste. Marie Childrens Aid Society ripping families apart

by: Martine Amours
Public CAS
They all do across the country , they torn mine upside down , so I know how disgusting they all are , including the Family Courts , I think the only Judge that seen the darkness was my divorce jud

Protesting in Sault Ste Marie Ontario against the malice of CAS

Authenticated AbusesToChildren
Helping to support all families and parents dealing with the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario, this young couple has a story as well.Although the audio is low, this young man makes

Re: Sault Ste. Marie Childrens Aid Society ripping families apart

Public Accused
I had my children ripped from me too, cuz everyone talking crap... my kids were always in good hands.. they are just homewreckers... and they place my children apart from eachother and put my younges

Husband and Wife Lionel and Rosemary Fleury stand together protesting against Family Court malice

Authenticated AbusesToChildren
Alienated Father and Wife, Rosemary &amp;&nbsp;Lionel Fleury speak with Hilary Quarrell about their continual battle to help Lionel's 10 year old son and bring him home. Today September 02 2015 fe

Protest Against Algoma Children's Aid Society an Alienated Mom speaks about her turmoil with the Society

Authenticated CAS
Day 2 of back to back protests in Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada &nbsp;September 02 2015. Multiple interviews were conducted, this is the interview between Racheal Summer and H. Quarrell &nbsp;<br

Sault Ste. Marie Children's Aid Society ripping families apart

Authenticated CAS
A small group of Justice advocates met today, September 01 2015 in front of the Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Courthouse located across The Children's Aid Society's building on Queen Street. The short

The excruciating emotional pain seems almost unbearable and totally savage

by: Valerie Dominianni Weiss
Vincent she is now two years old!!&nbsp;CPS has lied and said she had eplisey which she Never had, she had to endure unnecessary testing and FDA unapproved drugs for her ( this all happened when s

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