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August 17 2022

FAQ ex-fathers.org
What is an ex-father? An ex-father is a man denied the opportunity to raise his child. Fathers a...

Problems suffered by Children due to Parental Alienation
Dr. L.F. Lowenstein - Southern England Psychological Services have been involved with and heard ...

Father Rights Canada / I need help, CAS...
Not disclosed audience: Public
I need help CAS has placed my child with someone who has had meningitis so there fore h...
I will Vote for the Politican that reforms Family Law
Ramsey Politics audience: Public
Dear Political Party that wants to talk about the fart in the room!!! <...
Re: We Judges know that women lie and deceive in family court but we accept that as part of the process
Gag audience: Public
Stop them in there tracks From crippling our society to teach Self greed ....&nbsp;Your...
Sorry Jacob (16) and ____ (14 on Sunday! ) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIET
Roger Hecht audience: Public
I've given up. ...there's no completion date...no more Court. Why bother? Next time she...
Telephone recording of Alienated child and Father July 2014
V. Schiele audience: Authenticated Login and access Telephone recording of Alienated child and Father July 2014
Phone Recording of an Alienated child and the Father fighting to be involved. In this r...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Original post record
audience: Authenticated Login and access Original post record

I am reporting an incident that happened on June 14,2014. A young girl of the age of 15...
Father Rights Canada / I was a stay at home dad
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I was a stay at home dad as my wife went to school to become a nurse. She had an affair...
My kids would never forgive me..they are hoping I can get them out of jail
Angie Cooke
audience: Public

So you know what thought did....we stuck in court just one more day verdict and all..so...
MEP - Wages were being garnished over $3500 in errors on my Debtor Statement
audience: Public

trying to contact MEP about their mistake will be completely pointless and painful beca...
I listened to some calls
audience: Public

Your preface stating that these are likely to be the only memories your can hold on to ...
Father Rights Canada / Is there a service in Ottawa that will help fill in paperwork?.
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Is there a service in Ottawa that will help fill in paperwork?. Since the flic office i...
Father Rights Canada /she picks her up and runs away to the bedroom yelling things like dad doesnt want us
Not disclosed
audience: Public

We are going through a very hard time in our marriage right now and it seems regardless...
Re: Question
Danette Kluth
audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Question

I could relate to Sooo many but didn't get through all, is one of the child attempting to ...
Part II Asking 2 share the child 4 a few more hours on thanks giving weekend does not fit the abusers mind set
audience: Authenticated Login and access Part II Asking 2 share the child 4 a few more hours on thanks giving weekend does not fit the abusers mind set

Do you think the way I asked for a little bit more time on the phone wasn't nice? I bee...
Movement against the Children's Aid Societies
Stephanie Tremblay
audience: Authenticated Login and access Movement against the Children's Aid Societies

One thing I want to get across, we have been victimized by the most evil entity known t...

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Re: I hate everyone that is involved in the alienation of my children from me

by: David McDonough
Public Boycot
Our entire governmental system is a narcissistic abuse network.&nbsp;Narcissists love to create parental alienation syndrome in their victims for no other reason that the agony it crea

Bringing families together Justice Weagant and the corrupt CAS pieces of s*** parasites

Authenticated AbusesToMothers
It is my third Christmas in a row now that I will not be able to spend with my daughter. I won't even get a phone call to to say Merry Christmas all thanks to "Justice" Weagant and the corrupt CAS

Re: A child who experiences warm care from a father becomes more social

by: Lisa C Shears Kendall
No good parent would deprive their child of a relationship with their spouse regardless of a disruption in the relationship. Didn't do it to my daughter, the choice is/was hers where she wanted to li

A child who experiences warm care from a father becomes more social

by: Jim Merrifield
Public Truth
I am the oldest of 8 children, raised 6 &nbsp;all done well, raising their families,even under to days &nbsp;corrupt system, it amazes me, 25 yr olds, with bs degrees, they brag about, abduct chil

Holidays 2015 to an alienated grandmother longing to be with her grandchild

by: Christina C Braun
My mother was so torn up inside when my ex took my 2 children, (whom are adults now) wh

Re: Holidays 2015 to an alienated grandmother longing to be with her grandchild

by: Rick Garza
Very true. It's evil. A very evil thing to do to a child. Period. Emotionally unstable parent would do that to a child in revenge to the other parent, but in their twisted mind fail to see the harm i

Holidays 2015 to an alienated grandmother longing to be with her grandchild

by: Alienated Father with: Alienated Grandmother
Public PAS
I became an Alienated Father in March 2009. Since then I have spent 6 years struggling to get a foothold to some indispensable time with my daughter, to be included in my daughter's life. Within t

Constable George DUKE of the Brockville Cop Shop is charged with assault

by: Chris Kingston
Public Police
OPP CHARGE BROCKVILLE MAN (PRESCOTT, ON) &ndash; On December 16, 2015 officers with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) arrested and charged an OPP officer in

Re: I hate everyone that is involved in the alienation of my children from me

by: Terry Thorne
Public Malice
Denning a father access to his children is one thing , denning a child access to their fathers is quite SOMETHING else,, when a child hasn't seen their father for a long time they start to believe

Re: I hate everyone that is involved in the alienation of my children from me

by: Matt Scoville
Public Wanted
My thoughts exactly. Bring them to justice. Remember back when we had balls and fought

I love both my parents and I hate seeing them fight back in forth in this non stop battle

Authenticated Appeal
So the Court of Appeal judges spent a whole 3 days pondering the 5 years of evidence and attached is their decision...I lost everything. They even once again sided with my ex, dismissed my a

Class A regarding Motherisk drug testing for Child Custody and Criminal Cases November 2015

by: Lillian Christine Sorko
Public Mothers
You may not know that you have been a victim of motherisk. Many other labs have taken hair samples and sent them to motherisk for the drug / alcohol screening to be done. CAS also has sat parents

The whole Syrian refugee media and political campaign is largely a manipulation

by: Denis Rancourt PhD
Public Drafts
REGARDING CANADA'S SYRIAN REFUGEE POLICY, an aspect which is egregiously avoided and covered up is the geopolitical dimension and motives for receiving refugees preferentially from Syria (and othe

Lawyers corrupt industry It is a racket and they are after your assets

by: Leanne McIvor
Public Lawyers
The Law Society is a forced membership criminal organization that break their statutory&nbsp;obligation to protect the legal rights and freedoms of all people!! I am proof - they protect their own

Courts to take back the time honoured tradition that the courts were designed for the people

by: Mary Jane Smith with: annoymn
Public Information
We've been 'stone walled' by child welfare and protection in our province. First we wrote the Chief Justice who did a Judicature Review about the judges we compl

Peter Bier alienated father from Sault Ste Marie Ontario is longing for his children

Authenticated PAS
Pathetic to know that no one person in my family has seen Alexa. FOR ONE FULL F***ing YEAR NOW!!! Noooo. Not alienation right...DRAFTI think being told you're not worth any

Take back the time honoured tradition that the Courts were designed for the People

by: Leanne McIvor
Public Court
In The Supreme Court of British Columbia&nbsp;This is the 1th affidavit of Leanne Faye Mclvor in this case And made on September 29, 2015 Court File: 15826 Salmon Arm Court Registry&nbsp;<br

Complaint Canadian Judical Council - Mr. Justice Pearlman - McIvor v et al/Lammers

by: Leanne McIvor
Public Appeal
Please file complaint against Mr. Justice Pearlman for breach of trust and treason - the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith, treachery. I was threatened that if I didn't withdrawal

The lawyer will do everything in their power to convince you to suppress that evidence

by: David Chen
Public Judges
The justices are corrupt too, all getting checks on the side to advance the the Children's Aid Socity agenda . your lawyer is in no way obligated to you first , you are last in their obligations.

Re: Now my daughter is terrified of Police CAS and Hospitals

by: katelynns dad. fight song bsby girl
Ive been told to be careful by workers in the kitchener court. I may end up doing what chris ccarter had done to him. Appartently cas took his kids out of province for fighting loud. Are they goin

How many people had their complaint to the law societies about unethical lawyers thrown in the trash

Ive got two complaints in but nothing changes. Cas has had my daughter for four months noths because of lies they created and sct on. In addition im threatened of jail soon. Sooner then I thought

Re: Do I continue to deal with the Childrens Aid Society or ask them to leave next time they show up?

by: Liliana Diaz
Public AntiFamily
I feel for you.

Right to First Refusal Court order visitation clause

by: Julie Brown
Public FamilyCourt
We have this clause in our agreement but it's very hard to prove and I don't think anyone enforces it. It's&nbsp;difficult in this situation too&nbsp;because the child's primary residence is with

How to file fraudulent documents via the Kristi Withfield Melanie Dunns office paid by a vindictive ex

by: Charlie Mercieca
Public Lawyers
Just like you lawyers from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario aka The Soo: Michael Walz and Kristi Whitfield and also with offices in The Soo and Wawa, Ontario, Christopher Fitzgerald. Let's not forget the

She knew she wasn't going to get to keep the house so for 7 months she let dogs use the house

by: Gregg Allred
Public ChildSupport
That's nothin... You should see mine, it's a joke, was sign by a lawyer who wasn't even my lawyer. Was signed by a judge, that is not the names judge and the dates were changed with whiteout after

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