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December 05 2021

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Hi I don't know if this will be of any use but my sons father is in Saskatchewan right ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: Why the public should stop donating to their local Childrens Aid Society
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Im sorry i want nothing to do with C.A.S They ruined my life Im not giving any donation...
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Dilico CAS Ontario covering up child abuse - Audio linked
Charlie Mercieca Vincent Schiele
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Phone conversation between two alienated fathers. A Recent CAS disclosure is subject of...

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Family Law Ontario Clowns in Gowns Opening of the Courts 2013 Toronto

Thursday, September 3, 2015 - FamilyCourt - V. Schiele - Canada Court Watch

Some photos and videos from the Opening of the Courts Rally in downtown Toronto. It was a good day for those who participated. September 24 2013 @ the Court house with front line activist from the CFFLR and CCW


Opening of the Courts Rally in downtown Toronto September 24 2013 Participants came as far a way as Sault Ste Marie, Sarnia and Brantford to attend. 

Toronto Court yard, words of wisdom not for the Court only the yard

Every Individual is Equal before and under the Law ??? @ the Court house in TO Equality in Ontario Family Law Court rooms. Anyone here has experienced Family law equality lately, please tell us a story of equality, I am all ear, besides my ex of course she got 95% of our child, I bet that equals equality in her mind. 

Mysstic Rose 
I agree with u 100% fairness in family law is completely unheard of.

Ron B Palmer 
I'm trying to read the fine print on the bottom. It looks like it says "except for parents in divorce"

Larry Resendez 
I'm with you; our "judge" here in Stockton, CA. States in closed court that "there's no such thing as equal rights." Reason why it's closed is because her statements aren't recorded; only her judgements. . .

Family-Court Political Prisoner Larry. Request the audiotape of the proceedings. They have it. They just don't want to admit it. I'm in touch with Gene Wzorek in Chicago and he assures me we all need to request our tapes. Where they don't provide them, they are denying us the official record of the proceedings. Game over.

Larry Resendez 
Thanks, i will . . .

Family-Court Political Prisoner http://law.justia.com/cases/federal/appellate-courts/F3/203/440/474775/

203 F.3d 440: Douglas Smith, Plaintiff-appellant, v. United States District Court Officers,...
Justia Free Databases of US Court of Appeals Cases 203 F.3d 440

Suzanne Lombard-Elmore Good point Vincent Schiele. I am sure many parents who have complete control of the child/children an the other parent will be the ONLY ones who will have stories of equality.

Equal Justice 
Come on...the real world.... only criminals have the law on their side in criminal cases...in every other case.. equal only applies to some people.

Dave Aldridge 
I battled for 3 years in the family court for the right to raise my own daughter and rescue her from a life of abuse and neglect and eventually won sole custody. I also spent the next 10 years repairing the damage done and taking her from bottom in the school and the Special Needs class at 8 yo to a 1st class honours degree in Psychology and the university medal when she was still only 21 yo. Now at 23 she is in the second year of her PHD. I found NOTHING fair about the system though. I had to fight everyone including the social workers, the psychologists/report writers, the police, the crisis care workers and the so called family court. It all but destroyed me but I would do it all again for the sake of my child. In the acknowledgements at the start of her honours thesis after thanking her tutors and fellow students my daughter wrote the following :- Finally thank you to my dad for fighting for me, guiding me through life and always believing in me. I could not have reached this point without the sacrifices you made. Made me a very proud dad yet if the so called family law system had, had its way it would never have been. Despite a mountain of evidence of abuse and neglect, in the end the only reason I gained custody was after my brave little 7/8 yo daughter voted with her feet, shoved down their throats what I had been telling them for 3 years and ultimately SHAMED the bastards into doing something. It is indeed a sad indightment on our so called family law system that it had to come to that before my daughter and I received any semblance of justice.

Dave Aldridge 
Sad that protective fathers and protective mothers are treated so differently both by family law AND society at large. You might be surprised at the number of children who are being abused and neglected in our society and who, Hey just sometimes, might be better off with a caring father. In the majority of cases a child, particularly a daughter, is better off with the mother , but what do you do when your child is being abused and neglected ???. So often children are removed into foster care instead of being placed with an at least halfway decent father. I should know. When I went to collect my daughter after the court hearing,i demanded that the social worker accompany me. All she got for her troubles was a mouthful of abuse, despite the fact that they had supported her for 3 years. I distinctly remember the social worker saying that "if she doesn't go with her father she will be be placed in foster care, but that she would certainly NOT be staying where she was. It really was that close for my daughter and I but it seems not such an uncommon occurrence for fathers involved in protecting their children.

Larry Resendez
Thanks Dave, i needed your testimony to keep on fighting for my daughters right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. . .

Nelson L Moody Sr
@ Dave the trauma a child go through while going through the judicial system can go into their adulthood ( something the vindictive parent may never understand or care about, as long as they get what they want). I could never understand why the judicial system would not put a child with his/ her father after being taken from danger. @ Dave stand your ground to the end. Go on youtube and check out my testimony - " The Nelson L. Moody, Sr. Story" and. " Interview number 6" type my name in the search section - Nelson L. Moody , Sr. I've been there and now I educate, inspire and encourage fathers Internationally to be a part of their children live's.

Video from the opening of the Courts 2013 rally

Video comment by Chris Carters we gave freedom of expression a good workout yesterday. Click picture to play



Canada Court Watch


- Canada Court Watch
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Re: Family Law Ontario Clowns in Gowns Opening of the Courts 2013 Toronto

FamilyLaw | J Canie Voice Audience: Public


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The sign which this father of eight is holding has been around the block once or twice

this is one dad and family w... Chris Carter
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The Family Processing Plant Judges and Lawyers making money

Family Law Courts a A family Processing Plant separa... Bob
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