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June 23 2021

Vital to Ontario's Families being destroyed by the tyranny of the unaccountable Children's Aid Societies of Ontario
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Dorian Baxter announcing mass protest spring 2015 against the malice of the Childrens Aid Societies
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I would love to protest with all the advocates and family's strong enough to stand up f...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
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FRC - I decided to ask a friend for a favour, who had connections

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 - Fathers - Not disclosed - Fathers Rights Canada

What a system we have, it’s set up so kids have more rights than the parents who try to keep them safe. The system undoes itself from within.

In the summer of 2014 I was informed of my daughter being put into many unsafe situations by her mother. I went to court to protect my daughter and get her out of there. It went well at first, seemed like I was making progress. Had multiple judges who seen my side of the story. I though I was going to win my daughters safety. One fall day, court, another new judge... listen to her mothers lies and look me straight in my eyes and said “ Mr. Bronk, it appears you are abusing the courts to try and kidnap your daughter. Shame on you” she says. And she returned my daughter to the care of her mother, who has over and over again endangered my little girls life safety and innocents. I was devastated.

After I took my ex to court she made it increasingly harder to see my daughter and manipulated her to think that I did not love her and abandoned her. Now not only was my child’s mother wedging my daughter and I apart. my daughter had started believing the lies and manipulation, and was devastated and pushed me away and out of her life.

Between that final court date in 2014 and October of 2017 a file about 3 inches thick was slowly put together by Alberta Child and family services, on concerns about my daughter and her mother. Neglect, abuse, hard drug use, violence, crime. You name it, my daughter was exposed to it by the woman that the system Deemed a fit parent.

At this point my daughter started becoming a product of her environment. My daughter was fighting, experimenting with hard drugs, been sexually assaulted while unattended. Having sex at the age of 12. The list goes on.

On recommendation of family services my daughter was turned over to my (at the time) wife’s and my care on November, 2017 She came in rough shape. Didn’t look healthy. Was self harming. She was a mess. I owe a lot of credit to my ex wife and the time and patience she put in to getting She turned around. She was doing great. Smiling more and more she had become a normal kid again with normal kid problems. Unfortunately at the time She came to us, my ex wife’s and mine marriage was in turmoil. We split up in the summer and My daughter asked if she could stay with my ex for the time being. I was okay with it because of the relationship the 2 had formed

Eventually in the fall of 2018 My daughter was ready to come live with dad. We had a great relationship, plenty of laughs and good times. She was doing well in school, she seemed like a happy normal little girl.

She really started to miss her mother and asked if she could go see her. I felt it was unsafe for her to be in her mothers care alone and thought the safe move was to invite her mother into my home to visit My daughter. The visit seemed to be going well and I foolishly trusted that I could leave the pair alone and go to work one day. I went home for lunch and her mother had taken her and ran. I called the police and child services and was told that there was nothing they could do. Called a lawyer and was told that since the child is 14, there is nothing I could do. I searched and searched for anything I could do to get her back but came up to multiple dead ends. She was gone back into the care of a woman who has traumatized her and there was nothing that child protective services would do about it.

Again the lies and manipulation had started and her mother had her convinced I didn’t care about her or love her. She again pushed me away. She became rude and distant.

She Had not attended school since she was taken from me. Again I called child services and asked “is it not illegal for children to not attend school?” They agreed but then again said “ there is nothing we can do”. at this point My daughter has cut me right out of her life again.

I Then I started getting messages from My daughters older sister and her aunty that they are concerned and heard things are bad for her. And then social services contacted me and informed me things were bad for her again. Was informed Shae and her mother were doing meth together, crime, possible prostitution.

The way the system is set up, I had to wait for the bottom to fall right out of it before I could do anything. The bottom was gone, I could finally do something. I live in Rainbow Lake AB and My daughter was in Rocky Mountain House, AB. I drove south. I put on thousands of kms, attended meeting after meeting with child services and court dates to get a court order to have Her apprehended and put into PCHAD, which is protective lock down for children abusing drugs.

I had the court order but the police could not find her. I decided to ask a friend for a favour, who had connections with guys from “ the other side of the tracks”. They found her within 4 hours and had the info I needed to give to the police to pick her up.

She was found living with a 29 year old man in a campground under a tarp, high with a meth pipe in her pocket. The police picked up and taken her to the safe house. I thought “wow, the system finally got something right.

She was giving the option to appeal her detainment. So again I traveled from Rainbow Lake down south. Picked up her mother and went to court. My daughter was denied her appeal and the judge racked on another 5 days making it a total of a 15 day program.

My daughters social worker then attended court to have Her put into another program when she completed her PCHAD. The new program is PSECA. It’s a protective safe house for kids who have been sexually exploited. Again we got a court order to have her detained in the next program. I though “Nice the system actually is working”... I was wrong.

Again My daughter was able to appeal her detainment. After telling me and the social worker that if she got released into my care she would run back to Rocky Mountain House, She went to court. She is a very smart little girl and knows exactly what people want to hear. She told the judge a mouthful of lies. The judge released her on a promise from My daughter under oath that she would come into my care and not run away or return to rocky Mountain House.

I got the phone call Friday morning that I needed to pick her up. Again did the drive down to Edmonton with the help of my girlfriend and picked her up from PSECA. She was covered in meth scars from head to toe. Missing a chunk of hair on the front of her head and she came with the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude.

After about 200km Shee finally calmed down and opened up to me. She told me that her mother gave her the first 2 grams of meth that lead to 4 months of straight using. Told me her mother began to pimp her out, told me they stayed with a man who sexually assulted and molested her and he was a dealer and always had meth so her mom turned a cheek and let it happen. Her mom had her “generating numbers” which is credit card fraud or identity theft. And the list goes on. My heart was absolutely broken at what my poor little girl had been through.

Got Back to Rainbow at 7am Saturday morning. Had an okay day. But by 7pm My daughter had ran away already. I called the police and went out and found her at the highway, hitch hiking back to Rocky Mountain House. I stayed with her at the highway, she refused to come with me. She was bound and determined to get back to rocky to her 29 year old boyfriend.

The police picked her up and I suggested that she needed to be returned to the program that she was in and continue to receive help. So again on the phone all night with the police and family services trying to get my little girl the help she needs but doesn’t want.

The police said they couldn’t hold her and family services again said that there is nothing they can do. They released her. They released her to me.

I brought her home again and tried talking to her. She ran again this morning. I called family services and cried and pleaded but again they told me there was nothing they could do and I was not allowed to detain her. I was directed to let her go or could be charged with unlawful confinement. So she is on the run with 1200km between here and the town she wants to be in, the town the will most definitely be her death and our system is just letting her go. I have a serious problem here. My child has more of a right to run, than I do to protect her. What a joke. I’m broken. The system is put in place to protect children, but have been givin so many rules, that they can’t.

The man she was found with can not be charged because of lack of evidence. Her mother is still roaming the streets and now my daughter is again because of the faulty system that undoes itself from within. AND THERE IS NOTHING THE POLICE AND CHILD SERVICES OR MYSELF CAN DO

I wrote this a year and a half ago and still fight to get my daughter to let me help her. Fathers have no rights in Alberta. Don’t kid yourself.

Contact Location: Canada Alberta

- Fathers Rights Canada
last update
Tuesday, February 16, 2021
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