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February 03 2023

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
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Father Rights Canada / My step daughter has been involved with childrens aid on going since a very young age.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - Fathers - Not disclosed - Fathers Rights Canada

In desperate need of help. I have been with my husband for 7 years. He has a daughter from a previoys relationship, she is currently 11 years old. The first 3 years my husband was not in his daughter's life, he ran away and made very bad decisions as they were both very young when she was born. My stepdaughter has been told since a young age her dad was a drug dealer, a dead beat dad, and that he wanted an abortion. At the age of three my husband returned home and faught for visitation. They live 3 hours apart but he followed through with twice monthly visits.

My step daughter has been involved with childrens aid ongoing since a very young age due to issues at her moms. Since I've known my stepdaughter she has been sexually abused, physically abused, allniation, mentally abused, neglected, and has had a very unstable home.

My husband decided to go back to court for custody which turned into the mother fighting for more child support. It was increased from 600$ to 1000$ monthly, he obeyed orders and has never missed a payment. During this time we asked for help with travelling as we were doing all the driving and were denied. My husband shift changed and on one of our weekend visit my husband finishes work at 6am and then had to get up with only 4 hours sleep to drive 6 hours. It was unsafe and because the mom refused to help with driving, my husband went from twice monthly visit to monthly. My husband has never skipped a visit and often his ex would plan things on our visits causing him to miss visits with his daughter. Court ordered twice weekly phone calls he is lucky if they happened weekly.

It was in the final order that at age 11 my stepdaughter could decided if she wanted to live with her dad, she just had to tell a third party.

A month ago my step daughter threatened to "fucking kill a child" while at school. The class was put in lockdown and crisis worker called. This was not communicated to my husband by his ex, instead it was just communication that my stepdaughter would be pulled out of school and enrolled in a new one. The following Tuesday my husband got a call from the school informing him of what had taken place at school. An attempt was made to try to speak with the mom about the incident but she refused to talk but just curse and swore. My husband was also informed that my stepdaughter had chopped her hair off that weekend and the mom would not let my husband talk to his daughter as a form of punishment.

That Wednesday my stepdaughter confided in me about what was going on at her mothers place. The fits of rage her stepdad has, the feeling of neglect, the emotional/mental abuse which I personally witnessed that say, and being so depressed she cut her hair off. My stepdaughter also told me one of the scariest things. She said she was so angry at her mom for hurting people that one day she was going to hurt someone her mom loved to show her mom and her mom would be sorry. She explained to me that she was being pulled out of school against her will and that the people at school loved her more than her mom, she felt so alone and angry.

I asked my stepdaughter if she had talked to someone for help and she said "no" that childrens aid just came to the house and talked to her mom and her mom lied. My stepdaughter has been in hospital before for mental health issues and she was not even made to seek help after the incident at school

My stepdaughter honestly believed she had hurt the child with a pair of scissors and the kid was in the hospital. In her eyes she seen blood. Being a nurse I encouraged my stepdaughter to talk to someone which she agreed. She told me she did not want to go back to her moms place and that she had told her mother this but she would not listen.

When we got home the next day we went to hospital were she spent 3 days for mental help. My husband tried to communicate with the mom and encourage her to come to the hospital for support. She refused as she has three other children at home all under age of 28 months. When my stepdaughter was in the hospital she advised nurses, doctors, and counsellors about issues at home. A doctor retrieved the court order and noticed that the order stated that the child could make the decision of were she wanted to live and she just had to tell a third party professional. The doctor asked if she would like her to write that note to which my step daughter said yes please, I seen a huge sense of relief.

We the news was told to the mom and the documentation was provided the mom lost her mind. She told my stepdaughter how difficult it was for her to enroll her in this new school and encouraged her to finish the school year off at her house and then she could move with her dad. This along with worrying about her siblings, worrying about income for her mom if she does not live there, and of course missing everyone has made it difficult. My husband has been supportive to phone communication but it always ends with manipulation, vulgar language, and mental abuse. We have had the cops called on us twice in less than two weeks claiming we have kidnapped my stepdaughter.

I have reached out to our local childrens aid who is helping my stepdaughter with her mental health issues but because she is aboriginal they cannot help her for protection. We have been directed to the aboriginal childrens aid but they will not help us. My husband just wants someone to hear from his daughter the abuse she has sustained at her moms for them to decide at this time if visatation are an option at this time. Not only are phone calls not followed through with from the aboriginal Childrens aid but my husband feels that just because he is a white man fighting for help for his child for protection from her native mom, no one will help.

We have documentation and evidence of physical abuse against my step daughter,neglect,l sexual abuse, verbal abuse, and violence between mom and boyfriends. We have reported this to childrens aid. The school and my stepdaughters educational assistance has reported abuse and neglect to childrens aid. Neighbours have contacted children's aid childrens aid but the mom turns around and states that "childrens aid workers are telling her we all call all the time for no reason".

Last week when my husband did not pay his child support as his daughter is living with him now. His ex mental and verbally abused my husband calling him a coke head and tell him his daughter isnt even his. He has now had to suggest only communicating via email because his ex harrashes his phone and ignores the fact that he does shift work and needs sleep before work.

I've been nothing but nice to this women but she constantly abuses me mentally and emotionally telling me my step daughter hates me and belittling me as I have recently suffered two miscarriages. I honestly feel like we are in a crisis.

Contact Location: Ontario Canada

- Fathers Rights Canada
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Tuesday, April 30, 2019
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