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November 28 2021

Father Rights Canada /I am currently helping my partner and farther of our son.
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Re: Ex owes me child support and refuses to pay although it is court ordered
Travis Shanks audience: Public
a better question is why we never hear women complain about mep taking there license or al...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
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C.A.S. Does not care about your children or you - unless it makes them money!

Thursday, April 10, 2014 - PAS - Children Aid Society of Algoma - CAS Ontario~My Experience

In July 2012 in a desperate act, I dragged my husband to Children’s Aid Society of Algoma with hopes they would help us. His young daughter who was four at the time was being completely alienated from him by the Mother. The child was having severe temper tantrums and saying horrible things to him that no four year-old would ever say.

 He was Alienated from his daughter since 13 months old by the Mother-not from ANY Judge or social service agency-The child was not allowed to see Dad, her half brother or ANY member of Dad’s Family. Mom’s orders!!!

 I insisted we go to CAS and let them look into the situation. My husband had been to C.A.S. before our meeting when Mom brought their then 2-year-old daughter to a crack house that was raided by Sault Ste. Marie Police hours after she left. At that time he spoke to workers about his concern for his young child---C.A.S. started an Investigation. (Mom had a lengthy history with alcohol and drug abuse— She worked in the sex industry, local bars and had a love of crack and cocaine.)

We met with the worker twice giving her video recordings of the child experiencing multiple tantrums in our care, telling Dad she hated him and wanted to kill him with a gun. We presented the C.A.S worker with videos of the child saying that Mom was going to have the judge put Dad in jail. We told the C.A.S. worker that the child would not let Dad touch her or even speak to her…..We posed the question “How does she know to hate her Dad when she has been given minimal time with him since the separation of her parents?” We explained that Mom had done everything possible to keep Dad away, and had denied all involvement from Dad, Mom told horrible lies to keep him away—Mom wanted Dad out of her child's life, even attempting to change child’s birth name.

 The young C.A.S. worker went to the Mom’s home to meet her and the child for a scheduled visitation. She spoke to Mom and met the beautiful child. Mom lied (of course) claiming to be victimized by Dad and it was in the child’s best interest not to be around Dad. The worker met with the child’s maternal grandmother who has $$$$$$, expensive home and friends within the Police Force.

 The C.A.S worker came back to us saying how beautiful the child was, how smart she was, how many toys and clothes she had and that she was well taken care of. Her recommendation was to fight it out in court for the child…………She NEVER looked into what we were saying that the child had been alienated from Dad, amd Mom was brainwashing her.

 Later through court proceedings The Office of The Children’s Lawyer became involved, which determined that the relationship between child and Dad was strained and the child had been compromised.

 SO what is the present situation????? The child now 5 is continually being brainwashed by Mom and Grandma to hate Dad, myself and any member of Dad’s family and friend circle. We are still openly involved in court proceeding for Dad to increase his parenting time, which is continually denied by mom.

 The child will tell us openly how Mom and Grandma hate Dad. When she calls her Dad on the phone for court ordered conversations she is instructed to hang up as soon as hello is said. You can hear Mom in the background instructing to hang up. The child will say “I Love my Mom more than you”-instructed by Mom. The child knows details of Court proceedings and changes with visitation schedules. She is familiar with common legal terms, lawyer, judge, jail.

 The child shows signs of anxiety; her interactions with other children are abnormal as she feels the need of Mom’s approval for every step in her young life. The child spends most of her time in the care of her Grandmother to accommodate Mom’s work and social life—and Mom refuses extra time with Dad.

Mom controls ever aspect of the child’s life. When at our home if the child got dirt or stains on her clothes it would send her into anxiety crying about what her Mom would do to her. Recently upon return of the child to Mom, she was not home which sent the child into extreme anxiety. Completely co-reacting locking herself in her front porch yelling at her Dad that he was not suppose to be there. 

 The child is fearful when leaving our home that she will never get to come back, and insistently takes possessions that we have purchased with her. The child expresses to us that she wishes she could spend more time with us but knows her Mom would not let it happen.


Did The Children’s Aid Society of Algoma help us?   F$$K NO!!!!!!


They do not care of the child’s emotional needs, the outcome of her life or the necessity of having a Dad.  

In our case Mom’s family has $$$$$$$ the child has clothes, is clean and smart... there is really no need to intervene.

 Dad & I consistently worry about her future, and the impact of her emotional well being from the crimes her Mom has committed.

 C.A.S will only help if it beneficial to them, if they can take the child away and make money from the government, then they will help. They do not care about your children unless it benefits them.


- CAS Ontario~My Experience
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Thursday, April 10, 2014
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Re: C.A.S. Does not care about your children or you - unless it makes them money!

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