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May 12 2021

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Re: The Lawsuit against Motherisk Lab Spent 20 Years Ruining Lives
Donna Savoie audience: Public
The Motherisk review commission has requested the full cas file for one of our members ...

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I like the talk of this post minus the Jesus gospel
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Ok so I have week on week off schedual the boys were dropped off on Thursday she said s...
she took the chance to rake her OWN face with a bunch of keys
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i had something similar happen, ex turned up to collect the boy many yrs ago created an...
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Re: Re Ontario high court shoots down CAS protection order appeal

Sunday, January 6, 2019 - Lawyers - Steve Schauland - Canada Court Watch

Trevor Kozma respectfully, the law society of Ontario , formerly known as the Law society of upper Canada , used corporate law to change it's name to walk away from past liability

2. The society has a brutally low rate of taking real action against it's own members

3. The society does not take random checks on it's members

4. The society does not take the information it receives and if there is criminal conduct, does not pass it on to police for investigation

5. And what about the quiet deal made with the police and family court lawyers ? You know the one ... It's the one where police refuse to go after Family Court lawyers who committed fraud, extortion, lying to other family Court lawyers , committing child abuse and breaking criminal laws involving denial of access to a father and their children by directly injecting themselves in between, then when 2 appointments were made and given to that lawyer to meet at the police station , refuses to show up, yet is allowed to make false allegations in court til the cows come home and judges already admit that's status quo ?

6.the use of so called professional witnesses by ocl lawyers that have no such certifications

7. Lawyers using FRO to criminally extort ?

8. Where is the investigatige oversight?

9. Where is the database on a lawyers conduct ?

10. Where you is the mandate that lawyers need evidence ?

11. We know that family court lawyers have 0 obligation to the children in a divorce ... So they can allow a child to live in an environment of deadly black mould and walk away without ant liability

So you can toss me all the excuses you want, but let's see if you can say the kids of a father who committed suicide because of false allegations or if you can say to a dying child that it was ok for the mommies lawyer to allow him to die was also perfectly ok

So go ahead and tell me how you justify a family court lawyer is allowed to commit murder with total immunity.

GO AHEAD !!!!!!

btw law clerks have seen this everywhere

I bet you don't even have a system in place for them to report in a whistleblower fashion nor do you or will give authority to law clerks to act as part of the policing you should have in place

here is a challenge I throw out to you

I dare the law Society to setup a lawyer crime stoppers division with crown prosecution and police where the public can send in information and then let's see what happens ....

I bet anything the screams of laughter from within the society can be heard across Ontario

Last but not least, show us where in all your guidelines for lawyer conduct that discrimination, mental abuse, promoting suicide, altering court documents, removing the rights of others, providing statements of evidence without due diligence, promoting clients to falsely testify, promoting clients to wilfully ignore judges orders , to falsely accuse and conspire with a judge to remove financial settlements on a divorce order are all good things for a lawyer to do 


The client most lawyers fear – and won’t represent at any price

and btw , seeing as lawyers are allowed to outright lie to a judge to " promote conversation ", and do not waste your breath telling me it doesn't happen, how do I even know your point to me has any truth in it ?

Remember, you all created this double standard environment... 

A good example ...

There are 100s of studies showing 50 50 shared parenting is best for the kids and the fathers who are currently, illegally denied

Yet at every turn, lawyers are the only ones preventing that from becoming law ... In other words, you are maintaining child abuse and illegal denial of access as status quo

And not a peep from the Law Society advising its lawyers to make sure they don't cause more harm ... 

So don't tell me the Law Society isn't culpable

- Canada Court Watch
In reply of

Re: Re Ontario high court shoots down CAS protection order appeal

Audience: Public
by Steve Schauland
X The law society of Ontario clearly must endorse this lawyers tactics or they would have stopped this a long time ago Oh wait a minute ... The Law Society of Ontario does endorse suicide caused by malicious lawyers ....so nothing to see ... More >>
last update
Sunday, January 6, 2019
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