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June 23 2021

Re: Danny OMoore uninterested parent
hil omoore audience: Public
I will be seeking legal action regarding this threatening post, my children are still m...
Wendy Archer audience: Public
If you want to plan and host a Parental Alienation Awareness Day event, these articles ...
Father Rights Canada / Father looking for some extra time
Not disclosed audience: Public
I am heart broken for my brother. The mother of his child is manipulative. I was looking...
You people are trying to ruin Phillips beautiful little family
Philip Parisi audience: Public
you are more stupid then you look like, hope Karma gets you and something you love dies...
Re: Re: Final Court Order Family Law Ontario Canada - Family Law
Nathansdad71 Francis Dean audience: Public
and another thing, it says you have to go to court first to just up and deny me access,...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
First thing that needs to be done is abolish family court lawyers
Eric Ogilvie
audience: Public

Wow! This sort of abuse is even happening in Canada and Australia. It is like many cour...
Re: Re: Re: Good family lawyers Grimsby/Hamilton Ontario area?
Carey Mc
audience: Public

it's a very very corrupt system, corrupt to the core, all the way to Legislative Assemb...
Re: Them in positional power to do something about it choose to ignore minimize re-victimize me
William clarke
audience: Public

I'm sry to hear your pain. I may not know how you feel but I do know how your dad did. Its...
Shared Custody

audience: Authenticated Login and access Shared Custody

Folks, Here's an excellent commentary on Shared Custody by Canadian journalist Barbara ...
They are preparing to take over child protection in replacement of the CAS on Six Nations
Brandi Martin
audience: Public

The Family of Jada would Appreciate Everyone from Our Community, as well as other suppo...
BC family court
audience: Public

How have you made out with your Children?   I am currently seeking...
Good family lawyers Grimsby/Hamilton Ontario area?
Tay Stevenson
audience: Public

Good family lawyers grimsby/Hamilton area? Asking for a friend
Re: Child support Ex is leeching of you and our Government
Chris Radke
audience: Public

child support should be based on access ie if parent cares for there children 10% of the t...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Father being denied access in Manitoba
Mike Denis
audience: Public

Never give up, stay strong for them, be a decent human to show them how people should t...
Father Rights Canada / I am also struggling with the Family court system
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hello, My name is ————(Redacted). And Im a fath...

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Re: Andrew Scheer white wash response basically the Court system works as is

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - FamilyLaw - Jennifer Taylor - Subscriber

bull shit. there is no fairness or justice in the court system.

the family law system works for CAS. they are able to take your children and break the law with the court system covering up for them.

i have lost four children now as the court states there is no such thing as parental rights.
i have been treated like a criminal without having a criminal record of any kind.

i cannot afford a lawyer but don't qualify for legal aid. I was appointed a PGT lawyer on false claims and she refused to represent my case , taking no position and putting me in default for the removal of my children.

two children made wards without access on false claims. and two children kept from me despite a custory order. i am told there is nothing I can do. I am told that i am not entitled to know whether my children have been adopted or continue to live in foster homes and there is no other court applications I can do. It just does not seem right.
My children are going to grow up thinking I abandoned them while I cry everyday over the loss of them and my inability to do anything about it

- Subscriber
In reply of

Andrew Scheer white wash response basically the Court system works as is

Audience: Public
by Andrew Sheer
X Its what id expect sheers office to put out. I may be mistaken, but they are crowing what they have done before, and current, and no word on supporting any changes or even to highlight areas of concern. it's a white wash. Basically th... More >>
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Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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