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May 07 2021

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Re: Andrew Scheer Canadian parents need you to focus on true reform of family law

Friday, November 16, 2018 - Equality - Elena Cameron - Ian Cameron - Canada

Dear Andrew Scheer,
You are the biggest hope for Canadian people in all political aspects.
Canadian parents need you to focus on true reform of family law. Canadian family courts are often weaponized, with the children used as ammunition. “Best interest of the child” presumption sounds nice on paper, but in practice it leads to poor outcomes for children. Bitter parents have every motivation to go to court and fight for unequal parenting time. Study after study have shown that children do better with equal shared parenting, yet only 9% of the time it’s the outcome. 70% of the time children live primarily with their mothers, and only 15% live primarily with fathers. Canada greatly values equality, but gender bias in family courts is very obvious and is completely ignored. The human cost to this is massive: untold number children are missing out on meaningful relationships with loving parents. The financial cost is astronomical: approximately half of civil court is taken up with family law. I am asking you to direct your staff to look into this issue. Please, research the social science and look at the results from jurisdictions that have brought in laws that promote equal shared parenting.

Unreasonable maternal gatekeeping is happening to our granddaughter.
Mother allowed father to see their child for only 1 hour a week.
Our son and his family spent over $100,000 on lawyer fees for an opportunity for father to have an active role in his five year old daughter’s life.
The trial judge in her order reminded mother that father is not a stranger to his daughter and advised that in the child’s best interest, the time and frequency of the father’s “visits” should be increased. Having said that, she ruled against her own advice.
Our son appealed her decision but the appeal judge dismissed the appeal, sending father back to the trial judge to discuss her mistake (which he called a “slip”).
The appeal judge made factual mistake himself by not reviewing all evidence of that case, skipping most of the information from the original trial including proposed parenting time, and based his decision on first few paragraphs which were misleading.
While we were waiting to meet with the trial judge, hoping that she will fix her “slip” our son lost the right to appeal the decision of appeal judge.
The (original) trial judge refused to explain or fix her “slip” or do anything about it.
The decision made by Provincial Family Court is against the best interests of the child (our granddaughter). Justice was not served
Our son wrote a letter to the appeal judge to mention the mistake judge made but judge’s assistant refused to bring his letter to the attention of the appeal Judge.
A LOT of money has been spent to correct lawyer’s and judge’s mistakes. And in this case, it was all for nothing.

Under oath, mother confirmed that more time with her father helps child a lot - (according to mother’s statement) the child is not as clingy, whiny, and more emotional stable after spending more time with her father. That fact was ignored. A psychologist provided court with the psychological research findings. That was ignored as well. Although that information was available for the court, it was largely ignored and “Best interests of the child” was not protected in this court.

As a result a good, loving, and willing father, who is raising two stepchildren, has a visitation time with his own daughter : 4 days and 6 hours a month.
This is not even close to be enough time for proper fathering.

Calgary Family lawyer’s rate is $250-650/HOUR + GST.
A New trial will cost a lot because of legal fees. Many different lawyers advised our son that Calgary Provincial Family Court Judges don’t like “shared equal parenting plans” and chances of getting shared parenting are next to zero.
Right now there’s not much hope of building strong and trustful relationship for my granddaughter with her father.

Our son is not an exception; there are thousands of parents across Canada fighting the same fight and losing because of the injustice of Canadian family court system. For the sake of our children, we need a concrete new Family law:
“Both fit, capable to provide for the child with all necessities, loving, and willing parents who live not further than 30 min from each other, must have equal time with their children”.

If this law would be in place, thousands of Canadian good fathers would not need to spend enormous amounts of money on legal fees to be in their children’s lives.

Please help! The unclear and vague “best interests of the child“ law doesn’t protect interests of our children. The Family court proceedings should not be a game of roulette: some judges are fair to both parents, but some judges are supporting the inappropriate arrangement - giving mother a full custody, turning father into a visitor without any parental authority, and having children across the nation growing up with only one parent.
Children should have equal access to the time, love, and guidance of both mother and father when they both are fit, willing, and able to parent their children. The “Winner take all” scenario is not in the best interests of a child nor parents.

Sincerely Ian and Elena Cameron

- Canada
In reply of

Andrew Scheer white wash response basically the Court system works as is

Audience: Public
by Andrew Sheer
X Its what id expect sheers office to put out. I may be mistaken, but they are crowing what they have done before, and current, and no word on supporting any changes or even to highlight areas of concern. it's a white wash. Basically th... More >>
last update
Friday, November 16, 2018
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