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May 12 2021

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This deals with the costs issue. I couldn't have it on my conscious to see yo...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


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Response to Andrew Scheer

Friday, November 16, 2018 - Equality - - Fathers Rights Canada

My response to Scheer

Good morning,

After careful consideration of your response, I submit the following;

Why is the suicide rate of separated or divorced fathers so high?

Why are there no consequences for false allegations in family court (or any court it seems)?

Why do the police not get involved if access is interfered with but do not hesitate to act if the non-custodial parent is late to return the child(ren)?

If there is a non-removal order in family court and the custodial parent leaves, will the law intervene? Will the government pursue if it becomes international?

Yes there is a maximum contact principle, however it is not utilized as you think it should. I know this from personal experience.

I have circulated your initial response through the fathers rights groups and advocates for shared parenting, it has not been received well. If the comments so far are an indication of voter approval, I would say you have lost some support. This same question has been asked of the other party leaders as well. Their responses will also be circulated as they respond.

I hope you will give this matter some further consideration.

Have a good day.

- - - 
I also asked the same original question to Trudeau and Singh , their responses will be added to this record 

- Fathers Rights Canada
In reply of

Andrew Scheer white wash response basically the Court system works as is

Audience: Public
by Andrew Sheer
X Its what id expect sheers office to put out. I may be mistaken, but they are crowing what they have done before, and current, and no word on supporting any changes or even to highlight areas of concern. it's a white wash. Basically th... More >>
last update
Friday, November 16, 2018
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