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November 28 2022

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Searching for my children

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Corrupt bias Family Courts destroy fathers FRO, MEP guilty

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - Bias - Bradley Therriault - FRO - Canada

I've over paid by tens of thousands of dollars and have been sent to jail twice. Lost three jobs because of all of the times FRO has taken me too court which has cost me over ten grand to date all to find out they were wrong. They keep sending me to jail then follow up with an apology letter... Now im working with lawyers and the Ombudsman group to take them down.

My name is Bradley Therriault the father of ___ Therriault(FRO case#0800405)(Court case# 528) and ___ and ____ Harbridge (FRO case#0730162)(Court case# 529).

I am writing you today to inform you that I have been falsely accused of not paying my child support and for the second time I am serving time in a correctional institution. Once to Maple Hurst for a 21 day sentence in March 2015 which in May of 2015 Family Court discovered I was not in arrears and now I am serving a 46 day sentence for the same thing, my paper work is being processed through family court and once it is it will reveal that I have paid and even over paid according to the Ontario Family Support Guidelines. This is 67 days in jail for no reason not to mention the extra 23 days (weekends should count as three days) added to this 46 day sentence not being counted. Since this sentence I’ve served a few weekends and now am UAL because I plan on turning myself in to do straight time. This is to get my time done all at once in an environment better suited for my health and sanity.

There is a lot of history to this case which your lawyer did not seem to be important as she stated in my last court appearance September 19 2016 which I find extremely important. Ill share a few of my issues some before court dates and some during and after.

-2009 broke my arm which would require surgery

-Called FRO to inform them shortly after and was told that my kid doesn’t stop living so the payments would have to continue as always which made sense to me at the time so I did

-From 2009-2012 I received a total of 9 major arm surgeries, in that time informing FRO of this and being told the same thing “You just have to pay”, “You have anything to sell?” , "You have anywhere to borrow money from?”. Meanwhile during these years I struggled to make it work. (No licence to get to all my appointments which FRO was aware of)(No home to call my own for years……lost apartment a year after broke my arm)(Always managed to see my kids whenever possible)(Train rides to Niagara Falls and Mississauga to see twins and keep boys together).

- In 2012 I informed FRO via phone message I was working at Edalica Metals where they would continue to garnish my paychecks. Months later I received phone calls and letters stating I was not paying the money but it was coming off of my pay cheques. After several conference calls with FRO and Edalica metals it was sorted out from what I understood but lost that job which I informed FRO.

-In 2014 I started working at Provident Human Resources in which I informed FRO who started garnishing my weekly pay cheques. FRO was taking 50% of my weekly pay cheques but that was not enough to cover my child support and arrears which I was not aware. I was called into court with FRO and this is where I found out I need to send an additional 2 cheques to FRO a month to cover it (I barely made enough money to get to work and eat while saving money to see my children). While there, this is where I first heard of a motion to change which I got and took home to complete. I was also shown from another FRO person that in the past they were paying one account and not the other and the money was not getting split like it should. She had also pointed out that they were only receiving half the money that was being deducted from my cheques. At my next court hearing we discovered my employer was keeping half and sending half (assuming by mistake). At this point I called up my employer who argued with me telling me it didn’t happen and that it’s hard. Then he told me to never come back to the office (End of October early November while at court).

Started working for Drakkar Personnel within a week but would get let go do to attendance because of my court dates. I received my termination call while on the way to court. From this point I went to the court house often filling out the Motion to Change for both cases and then eventually filing them. Once filed I added to it bit by bit and also discovered on the way that I also needed to file a third for Ontario Works for one of the cases. While all of this is going on I needed to serve all three parties which served difficult as one is in Wellend ,one in Niagara and the other in Nova Scotia. Everything filled and proved by judge and court date set to May 12 2015. Unfortunately my FRO court cases kept going on and they would not look, listen or even try to begin to understand that I’m up to date once my motions go through.

I was told that if I didn’t sign documents stating I would pay I would be sent to jail in Febuary which I told everyone before I signed I can’t pay and I’m only signing to delay my prison sentencing (which she would tell the judge later on that “she does not play judge”). This same process happened in my first and second sentencings.

Well eventually on March 3rd 2015 I was sentenced to 21 days at the Maple Hurst Correction center approx. 2 months before my court date that would prove I’m not guilty of not paying child support or not trying my hardest to continue to pay child support but that I always tried to and did anything and everything in my power to do so as well as continue to have a good relationship with my kids. On May 12 we only proceeded with one case which involved Ontario Works because the other two needed to be dealt with in London and Niagara Falls. This one case would show the money owed was almost none…..I received my licence back, garnishes removed and was told by FRO a couple weeks later my next payment would be due in August and it was a couple hundred dollars.

-June 2015 I worked for approx. 2 months. All while i have still not been able to figure out where or how to get my motion to change put through. I lived at that court house trying to get this through with no luck. I applied to massive amounts of jobs with no luck and slowly over the years of struggling this battle alone and not understanding this whole FRO process my demons got the best of me which ended me in Addiction Canada from September to November then back there In January for a total of approx. 75 days.

-Back in court in June 2016 to hear they want more time in jail because of arrears for not working 2015-2016. Explain to them I have my motion to change filled out but Brampton court won’t take it because they feel it should go to another court. Duty counsel and FRO lawyer spoke in front of me and said the judge read the wrong order and I can file in Brampton Court as long as it did not deal with custody issues. Again it came down to signing a deal which I knew and I made sure they knew I would not be able to do completely.($1000)

- Tried to bring my motion to change through the Brampton court house again and was told one has to go to London superior court and the other to Niagara. Spoke to duty counsel again who helped me straighten it out and they said I need to file one at the Superior court (required changing my motion to change forms) in Brampton and the other at the provincial court. Changed paperwork witch shows I’m not in arrears according to the Ontario child support guide lines but did not have time or means to get it submitted before the July 19 court date.

-July 19 2016 Sentenced to 46 days of weekends (23x2 day weekends). Friday 17:00 to Sunday 22:00. This according to the intermitted sentencing should count as 3 days but mine only at 2 days? Extra 23 days. Immediately after was taken over to legal aid and was given a lawyer for both cases.

-Weekends at Toronto South detention center are not good. Would rather be doing straight time because I want to be done before my kids come for Christmas break.

-Sept 2nd I had an interview in Brampton and the following week I received an offer letter in which I could not sign because they wanted me to work until 21:00 on Fridays. Went to duty counsel and tried to change times on my sentence but was told it was a final order. Spoke to Flic office who had never heard such a thing.


I lost 2 jobs (Provident Human Resources and Drakkar) because of court dates and problems with FRO.

Ive had over 10 court dates x 2 cases because of this which is costing me $250 per case. Approx. $5000 of court fees at least.

I’ve been paying through FRO from 2007 to present time I’ve always made my best effort to be there for my children, work and pay my child support. I’ve been homeless and still manage to keep in touch with FRO as I’m not hiding because I just want this dealt with so we all can go back to life as we once knew it.

While off from work during my many surgeries, I was watching my oldest son Alex after school and weekends. When I was working at Doug Coleman Trucking I would pick him up daily from school and keep him on weekends and some weekdays. I am far from a dead beat dad but over the years have been a beat dead dad. Time with all of my kids (mostly my twins) has gotten less and less and whatever money I use to get (after deductions) when working mostly went to weekends with kids. Through all of this I still managed to create great memories and good times with my kids without them even knowing about any of this stress I’ve been put through until this August when I had to make up excuses as to why I had to go away on weekends while my oldest boy was down from Nova Scotia and my twins from Niagara Falls.

- Canada
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
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