Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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October 27 2021

G7 G20 scrapped and for national leaders to meet instead in the more democratic forum of the G193
Ontario Ombudsman audience: Public
The Council of Canadians' Political Director, Brent Patterson, points out what is at th...
Father Rights Canada / 6.5 years of hell, Need support please
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Canadian Association for Equality. Start there. There is a group in Calgary. In...
I had my daughter three days after my sixteenth birthday
Ivy Melissa audience: Authenticated Login and access I had my daughter three days after my sixteenth birthday
Looking for support in my court room March 5th in Orangeville Ontairo, They say i cant ...
Re: We Judges know that women lie and deceive in family court but we accept that as part of the process
Clint Tweedle audience: Public
Regardless of the situation, divorce or accusations of any kind, when it comes to men v...
Malicious child-parent access denail
Philip Chain audience: Public
Philip Chain is the earliest known example of a father who used picketing to attract at...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Judge Cheryl Robertson to satisfy her feminist doctrine
audience: Public

Basically, she is corrupt, a man hating extreme feminist who ...
April 24 2016 Algoma Children's AID Sault Ste Marie
Kerri Mellis Vincent Schiele
audience: Authenticated Login and access April 24  2016 Algoma Children's AID Sault Ste Marie

To whom it may concern, It came to my attention after two weeks have passed since ...
Viorica Lungu
audience: Public

My EX has created a cyber war against me Viorica Lungu in Order to slander me. Please in...
Mother wouldn't share child. Custody awarded to Dad
h Eireann Domhnaill
audience: Public

Bravo! (However, I'm wondering wtf the sentence "The mother entered a lesbian relations...
Oversight, Transparency, & Ultimate ACCOUNTABILITY is coming to ONTARIO

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We need every stakeholder involved with this process from current and former foster kid...
Someone that's immature and hates me keeping me away from my child
The Fathers Rights Movement
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I don't get to see my baby this week because of a storm, so now I have to wait another ...
Journal le nord principle not applicable to the Natives..funny how the law f**ing works in your favors
Robert Neron
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I thought journal le nord wasn't going to publish suspects names until proven guilty.<b...
When the debate is lost slander becomes the tool of the looser
Adam Ashley Warren
audience: Authenticated Login and access When the debate is lost slander becomes the tool of the looser

Obsessed to cover up, with slandering my partner, Adam A. Warren original from Chapleau...
he confided that he wanted to tie up social workers hold them hostage and set traps for police

audience: Public

A North Shore social services office is in lockdown over fears of a father embroiled in...
Re: Re: Parents lawsuits against CAS often is dismissed at a Summary Judgment Motion
Becki Hoffer
audience: Public

Exactly. I wonder what criminal lawyers say behind family lawyers backs. Imagine the jokes...

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MEP Alberta 13,713 lone parent families on income support

Monday, October 23, 2017 - ChildSupport - Lecyn Williams - Fathers Rights Alberta Canada

Hey just wondering if you could post something on your page about the child support claw back of child support recipients who are struggling on Income support. There's supposed to be a children charter put in place that states no govt agency can take advantage of children, however though child support was deemed by the court to be the right of the child, if a parent is on income support the child support is deemed as income and taken away 100% every month.

So I just checked the stats again and as of Aug there is 13,713 lone parent families on income support so X 300 a month as a estimate to child support and the govt is taking : 4113900 a month out of the mouth of babes over 49 million a year.

MEP redirects the child support to the govt pocket and actually my ex sued me last year for over payment of child support stating in his affidavit the govt gets his money anyway so whats the point of paying. If youd like check out my page End Albert Income Support's 100% Child Support Clawback. 

- Fathers Rights Alberta Canada
last update
Monday, October 23, 2017
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