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December 03 2022

Children trapped with the Childrens Aid Societies of Canada
Brandi Martin audience: Public
There are children who never experienced abuse before and get placed into foster homes ...
April 27 2016 alienated and abused
Heather Ray Armstrong audience: Authenticated Login and access April 27  2016 alienated and abused
I just want to say.. good for Michaela! If the only choices she feels like she had are ...
OCL Disclosure Meeting
audience: Authenticated Login and access OCL Disclosure Meeting
after a 65 min disclosuere meeting today council of the applicant attempted to settle a...
Re: Re: Father Rights Canada / she was getting high off Oxycontin and wants daughter back
Nathan Morrison audience: Public
In an ideal world this would be the case. The truth is that our system is a joke.
this is abuse
audience: Authenticated Login and access this is abuse
with the guided way of PAS in his second generation

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
I miss my step daughter and I'll miss Philip forever - Letters and text messages
Carolyn Garrett
audience: Authenticated Login and access I miss my step daughter and I'll miss Philip forever -  Letters and text messages

Begin forwarded message:&nbsp; From: phill parisi &lt;<a href="mailto:p...
Re The Ontario Break
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A woman facing the end of her relationship who has a young 13 month daughter makes a cr...
Re: looking for recommendations for a good lawyer in Winnipeg for a high-conflict custody case
Reyrey Bo
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I'm sorry I can't 100% recommend a lawyer, but if it helps I can advise who NOT to get....
Re: She was 8 years old and we were forced to say goodbye
Shazelle L. Santana
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Yes. I am not who they wanted me to be either. Nowhere to turn anything around bc it wa...
Parents are planning on holding their children out of school this week
Parents Against Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum Lydia
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Outstanding is the word that comes to mind,&nbsp;<a href="http://www.cp24.com/news/pare...
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Ted Fenning
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Re: Re: Father NOT who finds out 33 years after the fact, that the child isnt his
Darren Williamson
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We all know the dependas are our out there for the free ride We are taught to be provid...
Re: Manipulating the Justice system to gain advantage in Family Court alienating the child from a loving parent
Karen Penrith
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False rape allegation if proven false the accuser should be made to pay a penalty not o...
Mother wouldnt share child. Custody awarded to Dad
Phil Watts
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My children got kidnapped from Discovery schl Porirua 2012-02-22 by their mother. No fr...
Celebrate courts that exist to destroy my brothers and sisters in the struggle for equality justice
Jeremy Swanson
audience: Public

Not sure i knew this. The courthouse and courts as far as I have been concerned have be...

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I lost a friend and am concerned Re: I'll miss Philip forever

Saturday, September 2, 2017 - Friends - G. M. - Canada

Phill was an exceptional person.  He was so interested in other cultures and the local people.  He cared so much about people, always wanting and trying to help others.

I met Phill in high school in Ontario and years later we met up in Cambodia and spent 24/7 together for a couple of months, backpacking through Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.  Of course, we were extremely close at this time.  We knew each other inside out.  I saw no signs of depression.  He actually helped me deal with and talk through my depression due to my parents' recent deaths.  He did mention sadness and worry about his grandmother who he loved and was very old (he messaged me after her passing saying that she "was a classy lady and went out well").  He loved his family and talked about them a lot.  

He drank a lot, but we (young backpackers) all did.

We parted ways when it was time to get back to "real life" and kept in loose touch, messaging and a handful of phone calls. Communication became less and less after he called me to tell me that Galena was 2 months pregnant. I got pregnant with my daughter 1 month later. Our last messenger communication was in March of this year. He tried calling me about a year ago but I missed the call. 

His life changed a lot after I spent much time with him. In his messages he didn't seem depressed, and definitely not suicidal. I actually don't know any of the details of his death (except that it was suicide) and if it wasn't written on social media as a fact, I wouldn't have believed it. I'd have thought "accident".

I was clearly very shocked by his death and my heart breaks for his family, those close to him at the time of his death, and especially his little girl.

Sorry if this is a little long-winded, but I hope it helps give a little insight from my perspective.


Hi G____, I understand you are a friend of Phillips, I'm a friend of his gf and his mom. As you can see this has been quite the controversial situation. With you being a friend of Phillip can you shed any light on things i.e. Personality was he depressed, etc.

- Canada
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I miss my step daughter and I'll miss Philip forever

Audience: Public
by Carolyn Garrett Philip Parisi
X 4 years ago I met my partner wounded and broken by his ex-girlfriend who he had a young baby with at the time. She falsely accused him of assault and got a restraining order against him. She abused all of her ex-boyfriends prior, mentally and phys... More >>
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Saturday, September 2, 2017
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