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Alienated Daughters Birthday 2016 Abusive mother favoured in Court with her perpetual victim stance

Thursday, May 14, 2020 - PAS - Alienated Father - Sault Ste Marie Ontario

Parental Alienation Court Manipulation

Last year for my daughters 7th Birthday (the mother tried to prevent my presence at the FHC school from day one at our child's first school day) however I went back to court to have a order stating the difference as the current court order states to pick the child up from school. My usual weekday after-school visits are wednesday, the teachers know this. Her Birthday was on a thursday last year, but my malicious ex couldn't let me have her.  Due to the alienation by my ex Christina J Olsen,  I was refused parental contact to my daughter from age 2-6, until I changed a Final Court order in 2012. Last year I presented at my daughters school at 2:45 (school lets out at 3:45) I had a bucay of balloons. There was a supply teacher that day, she was un-familiar with me, she was refusing to allow me to take my daughter from school, she kept me waiting and went to the office. When she came back I told her I was taking my daughter, she could call the police if she needed to, I would meet them at my house.

I learned a day later that my spiteful ex had sent a written note that morning stating I was not to leave with my child any time before 3:45 school bell.

Upset with again being treated like a terrorist instead of a Father I wrote a note in my daughters school calender agenda. It said in my handwriting - Please Stop alienating the child from the father it is child abuse- This is what my ex used, again, to try and eliminate me from our daughters life. 

My daughter couldn't read my cursive writing, but her mother did, dictating that I defamed my daughters school agenda, that I had somehow harmed our daughter and damaged her school property. The mother could have told the child I wrote happy words, she would have believed her, she chose again to poison her young mind against me.  

My ex walked into The Children's Aid Society of Algoma the next day with my handwritten page torn from the school agenda and got herself a male social worker by the name of Brent Blair, also rumored to be a family friend, to believe her continual story of victimization.

Mr. Brent Blair called me days later filled with anger, hostility, and accusations from a piece of scribble on a school agenda calender page. He was fuelled by the vindictive story of Christina & Suzanne Olsen, determined to help them eliminate me from Michaela's life, as I had somehow hurt my child... Michaela didn't even know what it said, her mother interpreted it for her, and put the idea in her head it was bad.

This piece of paper was warrant enough for Brent Blair to walk into the child's school, take her out of class, alone, with no one else present, without my knowledge, to question my daughter in a closed office, if I her Father, touch her privates, or have any weapons in my home, or any drugs..... A piece of paper and a vile ex warrants a Child Protection Worker to enter a school and ask a 7 year old child, alone, these invasive questions.

It was all great timing for my ex, we were prepared to argue 3 weeks later, March 2015,  in-front of Justice Romuald F. Kwolek, where her story got wildly more dramatic, again she told lie after lie, helped by her friend Brent Blair of Children's Aid Society. Ultimately the child and I were refused further parenting time due to my ex's lies, and she got her victory to further keep me from our daughter. 

This year I reflect back at the continual malicious actions of my ex Christina Olsen, and how the Ontario Court of Justice, Children's Aid Society of Algoma endorse and permit parental alienation and removal of Fathers.  

This year, because she is sole parent, she can take our daughter out of school with no issues. I am lucky because this years birthday falls on my weekend, or I would have been faced with the same drama as prior years. My ex can never face the cruel and abusive behaviour she has done to me and our daughter, she is favoured in the Court System with her perpetual victim stance, also that her family has financial access to buy a $50k corrupt lawyer, final court orders and police protection.

Sault Ste Marie Ontario population is 75 000, where the Olsen & Punch family have several fake friends and family in police services, family law litigation, victim services, hospital services, emergency services. Christina and Suzanne's campaign to ultimately to extract me from our daughter's life has been in motion for the past 7 years. This corrupt small town gives favours to their friends with fake smiles, it is neglectful and contributing to the ongoing abuse my daughter is suffering. 

Phone conversation February 10 2016 with my ex concerning last years events. Her memory is vague, per usual. 


Brent Blair Sault Algoma Children' Aid Society asking questions cops are not permitted to ask @ ALGOMA SAULT Children's Aid Societies of Canada:
Info call from Brent Blair, friend of Olsen Family, helping a child abuser click here

In fall 2015 after numerous stories from my daughter, My partner and I went to Children's Aid Society of Algoma, and told the Child protective Workers that my daughter was being physically slapped, hit in the face, disciplined by my ex. The Child protective worker also sat with my daughter where she admitted to the abuse and slapping, my ex admitted to slapping our child one time, which left a hand print on the then 5 year old's bum. The Children's Protective worker did relatively nothing to help, she spoke with my ex and worked out "strategies" so she would not hit our child again. How bias is this Canadian Family Law system? I get treated like I am abusing our child over a note, where my ex is allowed to physically slap our child and Children's Aid could care less.... 

Systematic lies, helped by local services, Police turning a blind eye lies from Ms. Olsen

- Sault Ste Marie Ontario
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Thursday, May 14, 2020
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Alienated Daughters Birthday Feb 12 2016

mother attempting to trick me from this special day our c... Vincent
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