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October 27 2021

Re: Father Rights Canada / police and there I was told “did I really want to .. bust in and arrest their mother
Cindy Sylvest audience: Public
It’s a shame it took their mother committing suicide but I am so happy they found you and ...
Obstruction of Justice forgery professional misconduct malice of the Family Law and FRO in Ontario
Trena Thompson audience: Authenticated Login and access Obstruction of Justice forgery professional misconduct malice of the Family Law and FRO in Ontario
Woke up not remembering any weird dreams but thinking about my dad. Smiling because I f...
writing internal memos to CAS staff to complete as many investigations as possible and not close cases
Papa Inbc audience: Public
Maybe next time the $100,000-plus club won't be making the mistake of writing internal ...
Parental Alienation is not contagious but it is terminal, PAS facilitator the next hostage
Dennis Leong audience: Public
I also do not negotiate terms and conditions with ?#&lrm; <spa...
Are Children's Aid agencies of Ontario pimping out children to the Government of Ontario?
Vernon Beck audience: Public
I conduct interviews with teens in care of the CAS and they often report how they are i...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Another case of tampering of court transcripts by court authorities
Vernon Beck
audience: Public

I just finished speaking to a citizen who shared this letter with Canada Court Watch an...
Updates Class-Action Suit against the Province of Ontario Children's Aid Societies malfeasances exposed 2015
Sarah Sacheli
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More than 300 former Crown wards, including four from Windsor, have joined a $110-milli...
Re: 60.000 fathers who committed suicide in the last 40 years because of family court
Andrew Oppatt
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I contemplated it when I got dragged through until l met Dean Clifford and watched his vid...
The Best Interest Of Our Children must always be paramount on the minds of all parties
Donald Tenn
audience: Authenticated Login and access The Best Interest Of Our Children must always be paramount on the minds of all parties

Yes, Clifford Ray Hall Jr. is in fact incarcerated as posted by Leisha Tringali below a...
How long can the C.A.S. hold the reccomendations of their psych reports on you against you

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i have a question , somebody please answer me. ok my kids are crown ward in foster care...
Tim Line
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Some great news to share for once. After hearing absolutely nothing of my 3 girls since...
Duluth Wheel has always been a bunch of adulterated crap outdated view Governments, Social Workers follow
Karen T
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I used this wheel (I am female) to try to get a restraining order against my ex partner...
A father is vital to the success and well-being of the family

audience: Authenticated Login and access A father is vital to the success and well-being of the family

Consider these facts. Children from fatherless homes account for: &nbsp...
Father Rights Canada / I had to go bankrupt due to court and that included her court cost she got awarded
Not disclosed
audience: Public

im reaching out as my ex inlaw has custody and i have access and she has to consult wit...
Seeking Justice I got shut down as a foster parent
audience: Public

I am representing myself in court I got shut down as a foster parent. &nbsp;I worked wi...

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She will come back to me when someone listens to her and I will not be quiet till someone does

Monday, December 14, 2015 - Drafts - William Clarke - Canada

how are we at settlement conference when according to lawyers and my assumption all my court dates were adjournments to come back to speak about the apprehension. Or is this how cas plays the game because I havent concented to anything. My lawyers I was corocred into hiring and failed me by working with cas better not have concented on my behalf. Why does it feel like im been driven out of this province. Why are victims or crime being treated worst then the perpertrator. I no. Angela pilarski. Everyone that promised to help my daughter and I since her assault failed us bad and angela pilarski had me sign waivers with her for all these people and not one of them has returned any of myccalls to as why.

I bet if I had my cas file a them in court as witnesses we would find out that cas is at fault for me losing everything I own including my daughter and they are pretty good at playing the courts to. But the courts can step in. I believe when it comes to the best interest of a child. Why is cas allowed to abuse children. It must be like the worker told me and proved.

They have more power then judges. I had a judge give my all my rights back one day and as soon as I walked out of courtroom doors she looked at me and took it away again for no reason at all. Someone needs to teach these workers that its not. Their jobs to neglect kids that are doing fine. Its to protect from neglect. Since my daughter was assaulted angela must have traumatized her 10 times since then trying to convibce her I dont care. But for some reason my daughter knew she was being taken before her apprehension and I would love to share what my daughter stated on a recording on our way back from her trip that I had to drive 10 hours to bring her back a day early because of lies created by angela pilarski. First thing sge sais was "dad if tgey r going to take me u drive to newfoundland and dont come back. She didnt even care to see her mom again but I guess she never really felt love from mom because mom never showed her any in my opinion.

Second thing she said was dad uf u dont see u within three days. Im telling them what they want to hear till I see u in front of a judge and u tell me its safe to tell the truth. Because I trust you will not lie to me" then stupid me tells her not to wirry cas, police, and uncle lloyd are people u can trust. Its just a misunderstanding and dad will fix it. I had her agree with me and then they took her.tgey all lied to ___ and I and now those people that ___ doesnt trust im sure cause of tgeir lies has all control over me a nd her. I had to watch a worker infick pain on my daughter right in front of my eyes and I couldnt do nothin about it. I admit theres good workers out there but ive yet to have one. And tge one  I did like they got rid of him.  im sure I will be in jail soon for preaching a court order I should not of had but cas will be able to keep brainwashing my child and bkame me when she acts out. How long u think before shes takeb from kin care. I know theirs reasons for it already. You will find oyt as it happens vecause ive recorded every stage of thus apprehension and I no what comes next and msmbers of certain media crews know also and have been following my case. Ive called everymove of angelas since my daughters assault and tge only reason why she still is in kincare is because of my posting on facebook which will have me jailed soon but I have to do what I can to protct ny daughter and between cas and the courts im being drivin out of atleast the waterloo region. My daughter and I are not safe here , prolly not safe in this province as long as a childrens aid is here. Whos going to stop them from doing this again. So far noone except me has tge balls to try and stop them except for my daugter.

She is stronger then anyone I know. And she will come back to me when someone listens to her and I will not be quiet till someone does. Sooner than later would be nice. Instead of all these ajournments. Cine with me to the foster parents pkace and play the song "fight song" by rachel P. Within seconds my daughter will be running out the door knowin she gets to come home. Thats was the song she oicked for us if she had to have gootn tajen away, not a day gies by I dont listen to it at least six times over. Help give oyr lives back because if we are not together you might as well have killed us yourself. What cas has done was wrong and iklegal and they need to be held accountable. I ve recorded every ciurt hearingso I have proof if how cas misled the courts. How tgey misled police and how they legically kidnapped ______ ___ ___. How did I loose everything and not even get an explanation. Why didnt cas or anyone else help when my daughter and I needed it. All they did was help beat us down. I will not stop fighting till I get my daughter and everything else back that cas took from us


1)i disagree seeing they have yet to show evidence and their accusations are unfounded. This should not have gone past first court appearance nevermind four months later and I still don’t get to see my child., I cant believe the worker that may be at fault for my daughters assault stills get to control of when I get to see her or her me. Its disgusting how cxas can manipulate the courts and change statements to fool the courts. No one is listening to the most important. Which atleast I believe is _______. I don’t feel anyone is looking out for the best interest of a child. Except me but no one listens to what I have to say. Why was I forced to get a lawyer. That doesn’t to the right thing because if she was I woukd haved my daughterback in my care where she wants to be and belongs.why are ___s and my rights being taken away. Why is cas allowed to lije to the police and to the courts. Why wouldn’t court clerks let me file my answers


1b) I don’t know why your allowing that either.  Angela pilarski invented the whole idea I have mental heaslth issues. She had people call the police and say stuff so they have me flagged mental issues. My onlky issues is situation stress brought on by the childrens aid society. I provided doctors note and accessment from a team of docs at grand river hospital.you are allowing this \and you shouldn’t because I did noithing wrong. Cas still hasn’t shown evidence for apprehension nevermind keeping her almost four months abusing her. This in my opinion is criminal.  And if you are going to allow this for them to have my records I feel you are invading mine and my daughters privacy. Doing this because of assumptions made by cas is criminal in my opinion. What happened to innocent till proven guilty. Not in Kitchener court. I feel its guilty till proven innocent seeing I have to provide evidence that I didn’t do something but cas doent show any evidence that I did. I hope I get of them what they ask of me. That’s only fair.


1c) putting a restraining order whether u likje it or not only helps cas in the swtory they are telling you. Why are we not looking at the facts of the apporehension. Why is the cas able to manipulate the courts so easily and a loving father goes to jail because of lies created by cas and .angela pilarsk. If u wanhjt the truth ask my daughter and not her lawyer. He clearly is just siding with cas. No one is looking at the most impoirtant thing and that’s the best interest of a chil, why have u not read my answers to cas accusations. I wasn’t allowed by courts to file them but they are filed with a motion as exhibit f so u do have them. I also want to know who filed a plan of care on my behalf as I did not apooprove it. Why are my child and I being alienated from eachother. Answer ___s wishes. let her see a judge before cas continues brainwashing her. I cant believe this is happening. _______ and I were happy till cas thought they knew what was better for my child. Now they have her and abuse her emotionally and physically I believe.

2)t6he child should be returned to my care. Cas had no reason or evidence to do so. Shouldn't they have to prove I did something wrong and not just create lies cause they know they can get away with it. Help me stop this vicious cycle where good fathers lose their children for no reason at all. If cas had a problem with me having a accident. I feel they should have had that concern over a year ago when accident occurred. I did have follow up appointments but they were not through my family doctor and im fine. No need to see family doctor unless I feel theres a problem . not because cas needs to invent one so they can try and have a reason for the apprehension. Its too late for that. Their reasoning for taking my daughter were not justified and I guess that’s why court clerks would not let me file my answers but again I did. They are just filed in a motion labelled exhibit f. I answered everything they accused me of. I guess no one else read what I wrote because the abuse would have stopped and  my daughter and she would be home with her family. Charges should be filed against cas for filing false police reports. How can they have my ex phone police and say I fled province when I was home on my couch. Ive been the full time care giver as mom states since 2011. Again I tried to file but wasnt aloud but did manage to file with a motion. Again exb.f.i did not want a lawyer ansd shoukldnt need one. Why did my lawyer tell me you the judge readmy answers and you yourself say I didn’t file answers for u to read. I have done all answers.

3) I just cant help but wonder why cas would take one child from her mother and leave her with three younger children. Ill save that answer for another time. Way to make Katie feel rejected. Why does cas keep traumatizing my daughter., but I really didn’t expect much of mom seeing she gave up custody of ___ with cas over a year ago to have her drug addict boyfriend whos currently in jail for beating up a diddler so he calls it. Of course mom is siding with cas. She doesn’t fight and she gets to keep other kids for now. Why is this starting to feel pretty familiar to last time ___ was apprehended. What I was accused of  last time were the problems mom had going on at home. No accusations against me have ever been founded and for courts to allow this to happen to my daughter again is astounding. Why is it everytime I prove innocence cas can just make up more lies and the courts listen which im sure its no faulkt of their own.

 4) I believe the courts have been mislead by cas and I hope it stops for the well being of _______. Ive complained about childs Lawyer but they wont replace him. Hes a disgrace to children. He has not answered any of my daughters wishes. He just sides with cas.] they  should terminate. Thjey shouldn’t have apprehended with no evidenceof negect or harm and how are courts allowing this to continue.. cas may say I have access but ive seen her three times in four moknths and cas has cancelled futher visits because in wont lie to my daughter. Mine and my daughters relationship is built on trust and honesty.  

5) _______ wasn’t apprehended from care of parents . she was in the care of my brother when apprehended. And Melissa mom had already given her up so how can she be apprehended. William does not and did not and will not have alcohol problems. More lies created by cas and mom. _______ wasn’t apprehended from mom in 2009. Are all of these court docs filled with lies. I nevr volunteered to work with society. I was told I had to if I wanted to see my daughter again.and katgelynn has been in my care since nov 2011 and I have ctb and letter from mom proving it. Anyway they had no warrant or proof of wrong doing but they still comeand took her which again I believe is to cover upo the wrong doing of cas and to try and get me to work with them. U cant work  and getting away with itwith cas. They cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

6) again ___s been with dad since nov 2011. Cas don’t have a clue about the safety of children caused if they did they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing. Ask ___ what she wants before the one I feel is responsible for _______s assault, brainwashes her into stating things  thinking shes protecting me .my car accident wasn’t that bad I was only at hospital a couple hours and released and why is it only a problem two years later after ive recovered.my accident did not make me unstable. Cas let me take care of ___ while I recovered cause no one would help me. I was injured and cas had no problems why do they now that im not. How much longer does my daughter need to take abuse before someone sees past the lies of cas and stop them frfom making all of us look bad. We can look at the truth now or do what cas wants us to and ignore it. Do u always apprehend kids almikst two years after someone has a accident. Again I did follow up. Only because doctor had nothing bad to say doesn’t mean I didn’t follow up. Cas needs to lkearn to investigatge before traumatizing a child for no reason at all but I guess they would get the amount of holidays they do if they followed the rules. Cas worker angela pilarski told me she did a background check on the sitter and approved him but she did no such thing cause I was at his sentencing and that background check provces she didn’t. if I had to know about the abusers mental issues my daughter would never had been their but now she has and the same cas worker is controlling this situation now. Its time to set ___ free and return her home so I can fix the damages cas has inflicked on my little girl.

7) cas has continuous involvement with mom and dougie fornier not me infact I think the worker only seen ___ with me once or twice for the matter of mins. They judged how I raise my daughter with that.someone need sto look at cas evidence for the apprehension before this crap goes on much longer and the brainwashing of my daughter continues. I have all kinds of audio from ___ from our visits and she doesn’t say the samethingfscas does. Infact she states no one listens to her wishes and so far I have to agree with her. Cas has never stated a concern with my home .  my home looked brand new because I renovated it room by room. I have pictures of my clean apt. wheres  thgeir evidence of a dirty one. ___ was mainly late when she was at moms not dads and I believe their was problems cause she was being abused not because of me neglecting her. Ive always got ___ to school even days mom couldnt, I did. Id even leave work to do so where mom would just call me or letg her stay home which I didn’t approve of. ___ was taken by society so we never got to see how ___ would react to school since her assault but I knew she would be fine.why was my daughter told she couldn’t speak to a judge when it was her only wish. And the law states that she can. How can they say her attendance imporoved when cas told me to keep her out of school for the rest of the year. ___s old school wont even contact me to let me know why I wasn’t notified of her being changed schools before an order was even made. I sure hope its just cas that is corrupt.

8) can u ask society of proof of eviction notion in june. I don’t recall receiving one unless im that mentally ill like they suggest but that’s not true eithermy odsp was suspended bujt with some investigation I bet u will find cas had something to do with that alsoi. It wasn’t suspended until I signed a waiver with cas to talk to odsp bujt theywont release information to me volunteerly which tells me they are hiding something. I did have my own business that the society also help take away from my understanding and brlief. I had outstanding parking fines because my landlord was ticketing me for parking at home which started happening after I signed waiver with society to talk to them. My licence plate was legal. Again wheres cas proof. I can prove my plates are legal. Can they prove their apprehension was.

9) yes it happened my daughter was sexually assaquklted by the babysitter. What cas isn’t telling you is that angela pilarski told me she did a background check on him and approved him. But I doubt she did the background check because at his sentencing it states hes a paranoid psychomaniac and has severe mental issues his whole life. I they they are getting me and my daughters attaqcker confused. I believe the society is not mentally stable. Considering the continuouse abuse on my daughter even though they know there was no reason for apprehension.i didn’t agree that ___ should have councilling. I said ___ can go iuf she wants. I encouraged it and cas knoiws thius . we have discussed it and even the councilor agrees with me that councilling will only bebefit if the child wants to. I encouraged but I didn’t force it and angela wanted me to force it and traumatize her all over again likje they ended up doing and im sure the courts will continue to let them frfom what I ve experienced so far.  And ___ does state on audio that she will go but onlky if im able to monitor it but I cant with the rtestraining order that was put on me again taking away from ___s and my rights for lies created by cas. my daughter may need councilling now to deal with the anguish cas has imposed on our lives taking everything we own we owned from us for some reason we will prollynever know but I have my suspiciousioms but cas wont give my cas file so I can prove all the wrong doing…

10) the society ive always had contact with. Why would I hide if I was doing no wrong and I wasn’t. im more thgen happy to share all phone records with u if u require. Whats it matter if I gave upo my apt in august . ___ and I have been living with mary since june 2015 with cas approval so what does my old apt have to do with anything. In fact angela was at marys house in june before she left for yet another holiday. I wasn’t propping open any doors. Just more accusations and lies. Why isn’t cas getting charge for falsifying documents and continuing to do so even though they have no reason. My hydro was cut off but cas ledt me and my daughter live in it for six months and didn’t have a problem and we weren’t totally without hydro. I improvised for lights and hot water and for cooking. We again got by without the help of cas. Not that they offered any. B ut were alqways there to support Melissa and her bad choices. Why does Melissa get unsupervised visits with _______ and she gave her up. The system is either being fooled by cas or just as crooked. Im waiting to find out. I showed up for the meeting aug 25. U can ask brian ___. I was there but I got email from angela styating it was cancelled. Cas didn’t show . I did just like the meeting at school. I showed and no one else did but cas will tell u otherwise b ut cant prove otherwise like I can and did. Brian ___ will testify to that caused I phoned him when I got there and the building was locked up. And then he told me they cancelled meeting and that was verified through a edmail I receive from angela. I angela had all theseissues all she had to do was phone me and I coulkd have eased her mind. I guess it was easier for her to take _______ by saying I fled province and ___ went on her last trip before school and councilling was suppose to start. A appointment was booked with councilor by me for the tues after. I had agreed to talk to ___ about going and councilloir agreed not to talk to ___ about her assault unless Katie was ready and comfortable. Angela has now forced her to go and she did feeling scared and uncomfortable because someone got it in her head thsat she was protecting dad b y going and she could go home soon ifc she agreed to go. _______ was also supposeto start big sisters insept but I wasn’t allowed to confirm regerration cause she was no longer in my care and that’s what my daughter wanted.  Not a councilor but an adult friend in with whom she could trust her thoughts with and not have to worry if shes saying the right thing,  which I believe shes doing now. Trying to protect dad as dad tries to protect her but risk going to jail if he does. How much longer does a dad have to sit and watch the abuse on his child before he acts out. Which is exactly what cas is trying to make me do by unlawfully withholding daughter and father from eachother. If angela can inflick abuse on a father and daughter that did no wrong . I feel so sorry for the kids that act out on cas. What r all those children going through. I no cause ive recently talked to adullts that not too long ago got out of hands of cas and they verified the crap my daughters going through. a lot of kids to my belief are being kept from their and good fathers at that. And I do realiuze not all fathers are good but angela pilarksi and  the rest of cas needs to realize that their not all bad. What happened to innocent till proven guilty. Its been four months and no evidence shown to court. This is becoming criminal. The actions cas is taken to slander my name.  cas always had contact with me when they tried but sry im not jumoing to talk to them when theres a lot better things I can be accomplishing. And I didn’t have a file open on any type of basis with the cas. Ive never worked with the cas. Cause ive never done wrong when it comes to my child except I let cas think they destroy ___ and I but we are stonger then that. We know whos write and wrong but u may not if angela pilarksi still has visits wiyth ___. She has ___ starting to be afraid to tell the truth. And also brian larke which I also have audio told me that if I didn’t sign ___ over to a family member at this meeting they were apprehending her bujt I didn’t cancel I was there cas cancelled . and why did everyone want to help almost three months later. Why not when we needed the help. Why did all kinds of bad things start happening from different people and agencies after kats assauklt . I no cause everyone that was suppose to help didn’t after they talked to angela pilarski. I cant find out whycause no one will let me have my file and I believe io have the right to face my accusers before trial and should have time to do so seeing they apparently have about 4ooo pages. I think I should have been given that by now but cas doesn’t want people to see the t5ruth and are going to fool courts into beliueving them.

11) why was Melissa infoirming cas about me I had full custody . again her mom gave up her rights at least a year ago according to angela pilarski. Again I can pride audio cause ive learned in 2009 when cas took ___ for lies they created that I needed to recoed everything. My  life has been hell trying to protect ___ from the vicious attacks by cas. But whedn u are seen by them as that protector they just walk in and apprehend ___ from somewhere and someone else will no warrant or reason which is why I believe there was no warrant cause a judge wouldn’t have of granted it to my belief.  Of course I kept ___ overnight. I do not want and will not allow ___ to stay in same home as dougie fornier. Look at his record. Three young children will be living with him soon. Look at his rtecord and then mine. Another bad choice by cas. Who does cas protect. Its not the children.and it sure the hell isn’t the good fathers.. _______ was in Quebec a planned return trip. I was not even on trip. I was advised by police to go get my daughter and bring her home a day edarly ruinning everyone elses trip along with ___s. Thanks again cas. We were not stranded . I needed a boost as I left my lights on which I got from mary seeing we had two cars there. Even if mine did break down we still had marys . no one was stranded no where. Since cas apprehended ___ ived spent probably 25000 dollars trying different things seeing different people mary will testify to that becasuse its all on her credit cards. I also was the one to drive ___ to ajax not mary. Why elkse did I drive all the way to Quebec for. Cas reallky should have investigated before they assumed things. At least try phoning. I answer phone from police. The funny part about gthis is cas had decided to apprehend ___ for us fleeing province and we were all still in waterloo region. ___s trip wasn’t till that night and everyone knew where ___ was inclkuding mom so what  di my  have over mom in order to get her call police and lie. Why would herf mom side with cas about giving hefr up. . And we are kept from eachother for no reason. How does some cas workers approve of me with children and one can keep mine own from living with me. Someone has to change this process . if cas wants to hurt me. So be it but leave my baby alone. Please,

12) ___ should have been returned as all they had for evidence was lies. ___ was origionally apprehended in my belie caused angela pilarski accussed me oif fleeing bprovince with _______, not having a home and appartly they also accuse me of being a severe hard drug addict with alcohol issues.man I believe I heard this before. ___s first apprehension where cas took her for lies they created with my ex Melissa cimbron. I woukd work with the society but I did absolutely nothing wrong. I verily believe the only thing I did wrong was report ___s abuse . maybe I shoulkkd have dealt with it dougie forniers way. But no. im better then that and teach ___ better then that. Anyone talkm to my daughter. She is a pleasant happy little girl. Well shewas anyway . now my baby looks sad a depressedalong with me but what do u expect when you tare two loved ones from eachother. Why did cas have to keep traumatizing my little girl and continue to do so with no evidenceat all to this date and absolutely no reason to apprehend. I have evidence that cas was apprehending on the 25th of august but bdidnt till the 27th. Why not obtain a warrant. I verily believe its bbecause vthey had no reason to anjd they new a judge would not approve seeing I couldn’t flee cause I was home on my couch. That same home I lived in since june and still do and the same home angela was at in june but will state I don’t have. I also had another apt out in pushlinch. I had a few homes but shes still says I dont have one. I also had a motor home at that time in which I still do. ___ and I were doin ok. Cas also accused me of severe drug use which they have yet to show evidnce of and will not in the future


(3) how is the child going to suffer harm , I wish cas had some evidence. Give me a reason to work with bthem but they don’t and I cant pretend to work with someone when bthat person should not be in my and ___s life anyway. From my understanding by cas is tghat mom was involved no meand who said ___s not allowed to go on trips. Especially since mom and angela state that mom

Knew where ___ was the whole time. ___ was on a planned return tripo with my gf mary and her son. Cas calso tried to have them apprehended but I was cleared to be around them. But not my own daughter. Just doenst make sense to me. The cas lawyers and bworkers are njot looking atvbest interest of child seeing bthe only witnesses they have almost never see me with my daughter and two of them didn’t even live in this province. Whyb didn’t cas question people that knew ___ and I like in the building where ___ and I lived. I kniow because all they would have got is what a wonderful father I am and h0w the neiugbourood is outraged at the way the system failed my daughter and i. I hope its just the corrupt cas and not the whole system cause otherwise theresw a lot of kids in danger of being taken seeing they only took ___ because of lies they created. Ive seen my daughter three times in four months and I spent everyday and night with my daughter. How can that traumatize her i know the courts don’t like people placing blame but cas did it to me with no evidence . at least . I had evidence to do so when I did it.  Cas took my moiney to provide for ___ so I hope it went to the foster parents otherwise I want it in ___s school fund. ___ and I still have university to take care of. The evidence childrens aid had . well I don’t know . I haven’t seen any 4 months later. Just accusations and assumptions so far. _______ has never suffered harm while in my care just in the arms of  cas and mom. The emotional abuse inflicted on my daughter by both of them  cas and mom and her not so good choices. _______ hasa stable home withmary and i. please return my dfaughter so I can bring her smile back. Now I believe thats in  the best interest of _______ and I have evidence of stable home. But yet to see evidence that I don’ t.  the society hasn’t met any of there accusations yet. And cant cause ive done no wrong and neither has my daughter so why are we still being punished,.


14) you didn’t get to read what I files  because court clerks would noit allow me to file them for no known reason, they just woulkdnt but did allow to put all my answers in a motion as exb F but apparently it was overlooked im guessing because of my handwriting but all my answers and my plan of care should have been completed and in as exb f but who knows with the scary tactics inflicted by cas. Its cruel and unuasl punishment to alienate love ones from eachother. I did consent to councilling cas lied again I had appointment set up for the tues following apprehension and ive always had contact with coluncilloir and we both agreed councilling is an idea but is no good unless ___ is ready and comfortable, i encouraged ___ but she wasnt ready at that time and I have talked to ___  about it and she said dhe will go If I was present . cu But cas took her first. I also had ___ starting with big sisters that she was suppose to start the same time as school but cas took her first. Everyway I reacted was to  help my daughter.  cas has made me look like a bad person doing bad things but that’s their version of me not everyones. and diffinetly not my daughters.  Kelly Barnett, angelas supervisor states I could have ___ back but its not up to the society. ___s and my fate is in judges hands . but I swear ur endorsement said at the dicretion of the society  I believe the judge and feel cas is playing me once again. How can u trust liars or expect ___  or I to. Cas hasn’t done nothing to gain our trust . in fact because of this im going to have a hard time trusting one again after watching the abused inflicked by cas that I have  had too recently.  and that was hard as hell not to be allowed to step in and help a loved one and my baby had terror in her face but was afraid to scream,,would you work with people who treated u and you kid this way. In opinion what cas did is criminal and cas should be accountable. Again cas has cancelled any upcoming visits with ___. Theres no evidence  to keep ___ from from me during Christmas. I verily believe because told but Lloyd ___ my brother(foster parent) cas informed him I was not allowed to participate in her birthday so I didn’t get to go. Now that I wont work with them, they cancelledf my visits till a judges order and I believe they will blame me for that


15) how would u react if ur child was taken for lies created by her apprehender. We are suppose to be able to trust cas. I ve experienced different.  but not in all cases im sure.  but this time they are100 percent wrong  And after continuing to withhold _______ for four months with no evidence of any wrong doing on my part. Just accusations and lies created by angela pilarski and Melissa cimbrom. I have proof of them filing false police reports and court docs. How do we stop the lies and corruption and help _______ come home. Wherfes mine and ___s due process and how was I coroced to getting a lawyer for the risk hearing that does have my cas file or even complete court file. I did nt get to talk at risk hearing and my lawyer didn’t ask for the answer so again I wasnt heard. Why bhasnt court dealt with the reasons for the apprehension yet, I haven’t. my first court date I was suppose to be signing for a adjournment. Why we doing risk hearing if that’s not dealt with yet. Why are my defenced lawyers, seem to be working with the otherside rather then me.


16) ive been asking for the original 8b application dated sept 1 but I only keep getting the one dated oct 6 and I need to have original to help prove my case. And why does rveryone keep skipping over the fact that cas had no reason to take her in the first place. That’s why there was no warrant. A good judge wouldn’t give one for no reason and that wasn’t going to work for my cdas worker whos determined to crush me because I put her partly at blame for my daughters sexual assault. And I verily believe cas has been abusing her now and making her afraid to tell and you can guarantee im the only one _______ trust right now. So far im the only one who hg lies which turns into my my daughters terror. You can stop this crime from proceeding any longer.

- Canada
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She will come back to me when someone listens to her and I will not be quiet till someone does

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