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November 30 2022

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This was a breath of fresh air, it was very heart-warming to read this and I for 1 say tha...
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First, the plaintiff files a pleading with the court. This sets out the complaint again...
Papa loves you Sweetheart
Joseph Di Lella audience: Authenticated Login and access Papa loves you Sweetheart
Funny, no matter the length of time she is away from me, it does NOT diminish the LOVE ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


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Adam Ashley Warren from Chapleau Ontario is violent with psychiatric childhood issues
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You are not alone.

audience: Authenticated Login and access You are not alone.

Thank you.
CAS workers can be charged with Criminal Abduction under the Criminal Code of Canada if you have the proof
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Should a CAS worker apprehend a child without meeting the two (2) conditions outlined u...
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Father Rights Canada / I feel broken and heading into depression again
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Good morning   We posted your message anonymous on our Quebec and ...

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The courts are corrupted and there is a bias by the courts that they accept

Monday, October 12, 2015 - Court - Marcia Hamilton - Canadians for Family Law Reform

There is nothing that you can do to the CAS corporation. The public doesn't care and neither does any of our Government Officials. You will soon find out that the Government funds them through the Ministry of Children and Youth Services who will try to distant themselves about the CAS practices and will tell you the CAS is a private Corporation and any complaints should be directed to Children and Family Services Review Board and if you do file a complaint there you will find out that the board is a farce and has no authority to discipline the CAS or to force them to do nothing because all the Board can do is to ensure that CAS internal complaints review panel heard your complaint . The Cas ICRP(internal Compalints Review Panel) will let you know that they have no power to discipline any of their workers regardless of any rights violations or fraudulent acts committed by them. The whole process is a farce and useless. It is set up to fool you into thinking that you have an avenue to get justice with your concerns and complaints. The whole process leaves you ultimatley very frustrated with no resolution.

The courts are even worse. The courts are corrupted and their is a bias by the courts that they accept whatever the CAS states as fact even with their false allegations. The CAS has the power of the Government. One must ask themselves if they are a private organization and not affiliated with the Government , how could they have such powers to apprehend on allegations and use police to enforce the apprehensions which are often in violation of your rights. The society's board members have implemented a plan to give them full success with getting temporary custody of your kids by fighting against you using mental health allegations and transiency.

The use of mental health, is often successful because most of the families who are fighting against such allegations are not able to pay for their own psychological evaluations and thus leaving you at the mercy of these corrupted fiends who will then select the psychiatrist to do the assessment and often the psychologist or psychiatrists who are chosen are long term consultants of the CAS and will often provide a biased assessment to the courts full of lies in favour of the society and they will never go against the ones who are paying them.

The issue of transiency is really a violation of your charter of rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms under mobility of citizens, every citizen has a right to move to take up residence in any province for whatever purpose but the CAS wants to curtail your rights to move as you please, wake up, they are taking away your rights but no one will help you because no one cares and even if you know your rights it has no value to you if you have no money to launch a suit against these evil people and even if you file yourself, they will exhaust you financially because they will drag it out for years.

The only way to defeat them is for you to keep records of everything you do for your children, plan of care meetings, visits, court records, get outside agencies to support you and your family for the extra eyes on the case if not they will bury you. The whole family court system is a farce.

There is no justice there and anything CAS tells you or signs consents to are lies and you will see it in the end, God help anyone who comes into contact with these people for any reason, even if they leave they will never let you go and they will be back in the future. They gather history and use it against you whether it is voluntary or non-voluntary history is still the same and has the same negative weight against you in court in an apprehension hearing.

- Canadians for Family Law Reform
In reply of

Remember that there is a gender bias and many fathers do not win the first time through the courts

Audience: Public
by Leslie Staley
X First and foremost, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER interrupt or argue with the Judge! You can respectfully disagree with him, but be careful and tactful about it. His decision is final for all practical purposes, so you DON'T want to tick him off! Ne... More >>
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Monday, October 12, 2015
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The courts are corrupted and there is a bias by the courts that they accept

Information | Marcia Hamilton Voice Page created 10/12/2015 8:20:49 AM Audience: Public

Re: The courts are corrupted and their is a bias by the courts that they accept

FamilyCourt | Edward Konowicz Voice Page created 10/11/2015 9:18:27 AM Audience: Public

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