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November 28 2021

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York Region Children's Aid Society Pam using her placement at work to isolate and hold parents hostage

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 - Accused - Amanda Nonkes - Elizabeth Sauve

This is one of many letters sent in to York Regon CAS on my behalf... They Fired The worker that handled my case.

I Amanda Nonkes have known Elizabeth Sauve my entire life she is not only a Best Friend but I also think of her as my sister. She is an extraordinary Mother if I had to choose anyone to raise my child it would be her.
There is not a conversation that we have had that has not involved the girls . Her whole life is based on her children and nothing and I mean nothing ever came before her children they are always her number one priority.
I can remember going to visit her and Matt one summer and playing outside with her and the girls , we even went for walks with them and every night she would tuck them into bed and tell them how much she loved them and just how much they made her life so much more enjoyable .
I can remember growing up with Elizabeth and talking about what we wanted to do the most in our lives and her number one answer was always a mother.

Elizabeth has never abused her children. At all I don't know why anyone would ever say that about her she is the most compassionate and caring person that I have ever known , I for one have seen the abuse that she went through over the years.
There was not a place that Elizabeth went that she was allowed to go by herself and if she did by any chance Matt was always a step behind her . Even when Matt went to work he would call her over a dozen times in a day .
Elizabeth was always there for those girls no matter what and did everything to make sure they had everything that they needed at all times.

Elizabeth was never allowed to do anything without matts permission and if she did he got very upset and screamed at her and hit her.

I watched as my very out going and happy best friend and mother went from happy and out going to depressed and when we would talk she would try to explain something to me and she would break out in tears. She was not allowed to talk on the phone more then five minutes and if she did Matt would punish her for it. She was cut off from all of her family and friends as Matt put it she didn't need her family and friends because she had him and there family and his family.

I was not impressed at all at how Matt would lose his temper when they girls got hurt and cried . I mean all they wanted was to be comforted and if Elizabeth tried to Matt would yell at her and tell her they needed to learn how to be

When I was down visiting with Elizabeth and Matt we went to matts mothers and to Elizabeth's face she seemed nice at first but then when Elizabeth left the room she was knocking her down left and right and in front of the girls.

Elizabeth sat with Matt one night and planned a trip for our birthdays just a two day thing to Owen Sound and although she wanted to bring the girls along with us because she loves being with her children Matt would not allow it.

Elizabeth took a bus from Barrie to Cambridge where we then went to Owen sound and we rented our hotel room and the first thing that Elizabeth did as soon as she got to my place was phone the girls and talked to them and then when we got to Owen sound she called them again. The trip was supposed to be fun and ended up not being fun at all as Elizabeth was missing the girls to much so we decided that we should head back. But before we left Elizabeth wanted to get the girls some gifts so we went to a few stores and we picked up a few things . When Elizabeth got to the till to pay for the things she took out her bank card to use it and it came up as insufficient funds Matt had transferred all of the money in there account to a different account so there we where stranded in Owen sound and no way of getting back home.

So I called my boyfriend at the time to see if he would be able to come and pick us up . He said he would but he would have to pick is up in the morning because he had to work that night.

I explained to Elizabeth what was going on with our ride home and she said okay thank goodness. All we talked about that night was going home and about how much she missed the girls and couldn't wait to give them all a great big hug and just cuddle with her girls.
When we got back to my place in Cambridge she phoned Matt again to see how the girls where and to let him know that she was back in Cambridge and that we would be dropping her off soon at home that we where just about ready to leave and Matt said that there was no reason for us to bring her home because he was already on his way to our place and that he would be there soon and then they where going to talk .
Matt got to our place and he got out of the car and just started yelling at Elizabeth . I was in the house in the kitchen making something for dinner and I could hear Matt yelling at Elizabeth , I went right out and told him there was no need for the yelling and he told me to shut up and to mind my own dam business.
It was about a week after that I decided to call and talk to Elizabeth to see how she was doing and when I called Matt answered her phone and said she is not able to talk right now I heard Elizabeth in the background as for her phone and Matt said I told the person on the phone that u where not able to talk at the moment so do what u where asked to do and I mean it there is stuff to be done so get it done.
When I was finally able to talk to Elizabeth I asked her what was up the other day when I phoned her and she said I am sorry but I can't talk right now I have to go I'll call u later if I get a chance I'm sorry but I have to go.

This really worried me because I knew how Matt was and I was worries that something was going to happen to her so I said okay we will talk again some other time I love u sis and I could hear that she had been crying as she said yes sis I will talk to u later .

Matt was very over protective he had to know every move that Elizabeth was making and even where she was at all times, who she was with and if he approved of who she was with.

It was as if Elizabeth was a prisoner of her own home and life, she had no life anymore no friends she was not allowed to talk her family or friends,she wasn't even allowed see them .She was stuck at home all the time and only had the girls to talk to and see which she loved being with her girls but having family and friends to talk to would have been nice as well.

When Elizabeth finally did get back to me I said to her in a relationship u are supposed to be there for each other and show them how much u care and want them to be there and the way Matt was treating her was not right he had a lot of anger out bursts and he would throw things and punch things and just yell it actually scared me at times when I was there or heard him.

I have never seen the girls smile as much as the did when Elizabeth walked into the room and was around them and I know how much it must be hurting them not be be with their mother. There is nothing more strong then the bond that a mother and child have and taking them away from their mother is nothing but torcher for the child Elizabeth is and always will be a very loving and caring mother who will be there for her girls no matter what she deserves to have and be in ur girls live .

Amanda Nonkes
(i have been given promisstion to give them to you to hope to show i am not just another woman calling abuse, i was highly abused by these people, and i am in need of help to stop the abuse on my Youngest that is still with her father,)

In reply of

York Region Children's Aid Society Pam using her placement at work to isolate and hold parents hostage

Audience: Public
by Elizabeth Sauve Ruth D. Shultz
X Dear Mr. Bill Joynt, Supervisor of Adoption, York Children's Aid Society. I need to find out why one of workers has not been investigated. I saw first hand what happened in Elizabeth Sauve's home in Beeton. I am so angry how well you people in the... More >>
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015
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