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October 23 2021

Fathers finally get equal access rights to children.
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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
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My ex wife played the fabricated dead beat dad card for all these years

Saturday, January 24, 2015 - Accused - Nicholas R Overturf

Let me set the record straight here for everyone. Nobody has accused Constance Overturf of being anything really. She has painted her own picture pretty clearly. Lets look at some of the facts though and clear up her lies and manipulations that she constantly writes about me. That way we have both sides of the story on the table for you to decide.  First of all, Constance didn't move to Texas for work.  She moved there to be with the very man she swore under oath that she had nothing to do with anymore here in Washington. A felon, who has convictions involving drugs and violence and countless others. By the way, how many jobs have you had since you've moved to Texas Constance?

Let the forum know that Constance was living in Washington state and was given visitations with our 2 children weekly! Those visitations would have greatly increased if Constance successfully completed a couple counseling requirements made by the GAL.  Constance however made the choice to move to the other side of the country instead of building an already damaged bond with our very young children.  They were only 4 and 2 years old at that time in 2012 when she left WITHOUT EVEN SAYING GOODBYE. The 2 year old (now 4 1/2) doesn't even know or remember her. The 4 year old (now almost 7) remembers her and clearly doesn't want anything to do with her because he remembers horrible things that happened as well as his mother leaving.  They both have to and have been seeing a counselor to deal with all this (payed for by me to the tune of $60 per hour).  Would someone please tell me why a 4 and 6 year old should have to see a counselor?  THEY SHOULDN'T!

Yes, I did move as well, but I didn't move out of the zip code I was already living in and the children were too young to be in school for that to affect them anyway! I had all my mail forwarded and updated my lawyer with my new address. So then she says that she didn't see the kids for almost 2 years (because that is how long it took her to figure out where I moved to) That is yet another lie.  Truth is that Constance didn't see her children for OVER 2 years because she made the choice to stay and party in Texas.  Do a public record request on her and you will see the various police contacts and reports for drunken issues and violent encounters involving herself and her boyfriend/husband at the time.

The list goes on and on people with death threats to me and threats of violence to my family, restraining orders and supervised visits. The fact is that instead of being a mother to her own children here in Washington State, Constance made the choice to first party hard with a known felon who had abused her physically and mentally and has still continued to make the choice to stay in Texas now with another boyfriend/husband who has kids of his own!  That sorry fellow has absolutely no idea what he has gotten himself into and its sad to know that he and his family are being manipulated and taken advantage of by Constance. Some people have to learn the hard way and that is what happens when you "follow your heart" and not your gut. Guys listen up, do a little research on these women that you are bringing around your family. If a woman does not have custody of her children, there is probably a pretty freaking good reason why and it sure as heck isn't because of the ex husband moving a couple miles or because he stopped responding to her emails.  Its because the woman has some serious issues.  WHAT KIND OF MOTHER WOULD CHOOSE TO MOVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY, AWAY FROM HER OWN CHILDREN?  A mother that has some serious issues that who.

I can't say that I regret getting involved with Constance because I get to be the father of 2 of the 3 most beautiful children in the world out of that relationship (3rd child is with my new wife and STEP mom or as the children call her "mother"). They call her mother because that is exactly what she has been to them for many years now.  She is the one along with me their father of course who tucks them in at night, kisses them and tells them we love them more than anything, teaches them how to read, write, ride a bicycle, celebrates their birthdays, Christmas', and so on.  We do everything for them because we are their parents.

Lastly I will say it again and I know it doesn't really matter to some, you know, the kind of people who share the exact same characteristics of a narcissistic sociopath and nothing I say will ever get through to them?.....Anyway what I want to end with and this is really for everyone, is that. "Our children shouldn't have to be making sacrifices so that we can have the lives we want.  We as their parents make the sacrifices so that our children can have the lives that they deserve!"

What sacrifices have you made Constance?  Please tell us one...

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My ex wife played the fabricated dead beat dad card for all these years

Audience: Public
by Constance Dane Overturf
X I have been accussed of being a 'deadbeat mom' - I moved to Texas for work and as soon as I moved my ex moved/didn't notify me of his new address/blocked my phone number/stopped responding to my emails, but I am being ... More >>
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Saturday, January 24, 2015
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