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October 24 2021

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Cas worker Steve Didham calls me from his personal number

Saturday, February 21, 2015 - Awareness - Jen Mcmurray - CAS Ontario~My Experience

Well how is this for a fucking police state where Cas gets away with having their clients threatened: The cops just came to my house because of an email I sent to my Cas worker a couple months ago

The email was me wanting my kids returned there was an access video attached from 2013 disproving lies they've told about me & it also noted that when my Cas worker Steve Didham calls me he should not call me from his personal number because that as well as his address showed up on my phone so I now have his personal info & he is lucky that I'm not a crazy stalker but I know some people are like my ex DAVE Mason for a perfect example now so I warned him therefore he would be careful where he calls his clients from

Cas filed court papers against me & attached this email to it so that will be dealt with in family court wether or not I was out of line with anything I said & apparently I'm criminally harassing Cas by sending that email & contacting them at all oh & apparently Steve & Kevin are terrified of me!!

Ok hey in my opinion Cas can print this:

You can't charge someone with criminal harassment when 1 your relying on Facebook I know this because my ex has said some very harassing things about me & openly threatened me on Facebook & the police would not charge him because you can not prove who wrote what on Facebook & anything I've posted is not harassment it's my personal Facebook have you heard of freedom of speech we do live in Canada you know

Next you can't refuse a client contact with their Cas worker its legally mandated that you have to have contact with the family especially when the children are in your care & they are not crown wards!!

When a cop refuses to leave your home & puts his foot in your door & refuses several times while on video recording to get off my property then that is trespassing under section 40 of the trespass to property act!

Hey I have proof Cas gave my ex my new address despite the existence of a criminal court order that specifically said no one was allowed to give out my new address & if they did they would be criminally charged well I have proof that on October 1st 2013 Cas violated that order & gave that man my address I've gone to the police several times to charge the Cas worker & the police have ignored me! This is why I say the cops let Cas get away with anything they want

Did you know I know my rights & did you know that I've legally done nothing wrong I just spoke with my lawyer & I'm waiting for him to get back to me on what to do next needless to say I've just sealed the proof on their personal vendetta against me!

Oh also this is my last public post for now on everything will be among friends on here! There's nothing you can do to me to make me stop fighting for my rights telling the truth about your corruption & fighting for my kids.... In the wonderful world of chess you need to remain 3 moves ahead of your adversary.... You guys are almost at a check mate with me being those 3 moves ahead! Oh & have a nice day

- CAS Ontario~My Experience
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Saturday, February 21, 2015
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