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June 23 2021

Judge French is a judge in Arkansas and since she does not have jurisdiction over me this is what she came up with
Dana Lawhon audience: Public
Here is a new trick that some Judges are pulling now. I was notified that pictures I po...
Complaint against House of Commons: Elected to protect our rights not deny our rights
JR fathers in action audience: Public
Dear Connie, et al,  Please recognize that our current court systems: are a NO WIN...
Re: Is there a lawyer that can help - Appeal Case CAS Ontario
Stuart Gilboord audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Is there a lawyer that can help - Appeal Case CAS Ontario
CFSRB formal complaint of CAS actions is what I suggest.
Emotional journey of relationships with Crown Wards
Yvonne Craig audience: Public
I think my case is a unique dynamic because my children were locked into law through pr...
Dorian Baxter announcing mass protest spring 2015 against the malice of the Childrens Aid Societies
Lillian Christine Sorko audience: Public
Voices of Innocent Families in Ontario will be there and joining forces with Dorian ......

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: Father Rights Canada / I pay full support even though I have her nearly 50% of the time
Gavin Cross
audience: Public

GOOD on you sir for being a responsible parent!!!! I spent 16 years driving hours to se...
Re Father Rights Canada / my children clearly do not want me in their life..just a wallet
Sam Gardener
audience: Public

Can I ask about the breakdown in your relationship with your children? Also, the money for...
Father Rights Canada / Ex wife left the house for seperation peroid
Not disclosed
audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / Ex wife left the house for seperation peroid

Ex wife got left the house for separation period in 2015 than was to be sold after the ...
Children's Aid of Algoma destroyed 1000's of families and children here in the Sault Sainte Marie
audience: Public

Oh my...when will this end?  I agree with you one hundred percent!  Is there ...
Parenting Plan 50 50 comments
Not disclosed
audience: Authenticated Login and access Parenting Plan 50 50   comments

I am trying to write up a parenting plan as close to 50/50 as possible. My children's f...
Lawyer speaks about Canada's broken Family Law system
Walter Fox
audience: Public

A reputable lawyer speaks about the dangers and problems concerning our Canadian Family...
Father Rights Canada / Moncton father out of options needs guidence
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I live in Moncton New-Brunswick. A new law came out in May 2018, Intimate partner violence...
Children suffer for our inadaquacies to protect and defend them
Karen Riley
audience: Public

Folks; we have been going about this all wrong. We have been spinning our wheels trying...
FRC There is no history of any violence other than any made up stories to hurt me
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Please post anonymously. Hello. I am looking for valuable advise in followi...
Father Rights Canada / Question about MEP
Jessica Stacy
audience: Public

MEP in Manitoba is ridiculous. They treat every father as if all are dead beats no matt...

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - OfficeOfChildrenLawyer -

Does anyone know about critiquing an OCL report using a phychologist? My lawyer wants to do this.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014
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1 replies

OCL- Clinical investigators in the Office of the Children's Lawyer

OfficeOfChildrenLawyer | Vincent Voice Page created 10/15/2014 5:04:47 AM Audience: Public

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