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January 31 2023

Re: Registered social worker and the college of social work chose to ignore the complaint
Shawn Sahadeo audience: Public
The same thing is happening to me I also have back injures and mental health and i follow ...
Re: Re: Father Rights Canada - He honestly can not afford to live anymore
Monica audience: Public
That would be a great solution but when u are completely maxed out because of said child s...
Re: My ex wife played the fabricated dead beat dad card for all these years
Heartbroken dad audience: Public
My ex is kidnaping my daughter forget mother and her addict boyfriend. I'm not allowed ...
Re: Dorian Baxter announcing mass protest spring 2015 against the malice of the Childrens Aid Societies
Victoria Cook audience: Public
I don't mean to sound apathetic or ignorant but what is this really going to accomplish...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
foster moms treated me so bad worse then anybody ever did
Amanda Best Parrell
audience: Authenticated Login and access foster moms treated me so bad worse then anybody ever did

CAS left a card at my door a few days ago and want to come to my house in a few days wo...
Victim of Adam Ashley Warren in Ontario: I hope to god you make progress and put his ass where it belongs
Adam Ashley Warren
audience: Authenticated Login and access Victim of Adam Ashley Warren in Ontario: I hope to god you make progress and put his ass where it belongs

He deserves some jail time according to a hand full of his ex's. Adam A. Warren Sarnia ...
I wish I could buy CAS and hire the right people
Lily Scott Oh Tess
audience: Authenticated Login and access I wish I could buy CAS and hire the right people

I'm soon to be 48 and I feel the exact same also. I grew up always with a concern for m...
Re: Father Rights Canada / My daughter has been withheld for 3 weeks
Michelle Harrison
audience: Public

I can only hope that if you end up in trial and you’ve documented all of this tha...
Wasting valuable time in the court room just because the woman wants to be vindictive
Diana Ernest
audience: Public

The sad thing is that I know of several men who are actually the better parent than the...
Them in positional power to do something about it choose to ignore minimize re-victimize me
Contact Message
audience: Authenticated Login and access Them in positional power to do something about it choose to ignore minimize re-victimize me

This message is in response to a contact request at: 8/2/2016 1:38:43 AM local time. Us...
Re: Brockville FACS website breech is not what it seems.
audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Brockville FACS website breech is not what it seems.

Then what is it... Cause just reading this I think I know what your meaning but.... Yea...
Nickolas your daddy loves you so much and will never give up to ensure you are safe
Alain Nickolas Daigle
audience: Public

FATHERS DO MATTER. It was hard for me to train my son to go on the potty ,cause ha...
Shared Parenting Should be the law

audience: Authenticated Login and access Shared Parenting Should be the law

Domestic Violence Awareness Month - Hit a Man ... Go to Jail
Friends of Protection For Men Parents Love
audience: Public

Domestic Violence Awareness Month ~ 2018 Women a more...

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Obtaining the Coroner Inquest

Monday, July 28, 2014 - Truth - Lynn Whalen - Sault Ste Marie Ontario

Just to add a couple extra Chris. Rose Lambert deliberately started a fire while in the custody of CAS in Sault Ste. Marie in the late 80's. The foster mom and foster brother died , the dad was able to escape by jumping out of a second story window in a First Avenue home. Rose was convicted as a young offender . #2. A 17 year old in the care of the CAS in Sault Ste. Marie was released by the Sault Ste. Marie police department, unattended to by the CAS (whom by law was to pick the kid up).

On one of our coldest nights she had no mitts,hat ,winter jacket was not done up and walked a couple hundred feet down the road and behind a building.Her body was found by a snow removal person frozen in the snowbank I believe 4 days later. The Sault Star (pathetic news paper) managed to write an article which reflected this kid's history of trouble as a young offender which is against the law also.A YO's history is confidential.The corruption is deep seated in our community.

Also,the recent charges against Mr. Jeremy Bjorna are certainly questionable.

Any parent with a spine who is troubled by CAS's incompetence ( although threatening isn't a good way to go about things) ,but it is understandable.As a mom who fought the fight I can say I would at the time have threatened the worst scum walking this earth and OH maybe I did.

I will get 3 /4 people to do this and it will be beneficial if you walk them through the process.I'll assist as I'm in the community and know them personally.

I have a trusting relationship with them.The one girl now mother herself was hidden in a group (under the independent living BS) and the CAS had 3 to 4 kids living in an apartment and the one kid had no bed and the kids were co-ed living. One other kid was sexually molested by the cook in the Young Offender's unit (somehow ???) given to the Algoma CAS to operate.There is such a pathetic and detrimental history in Sault Ste. Marie.I went back to my maiden name several years ago but I was married and my name was Lynn Whalen.

I wrote several informative articles in the Star's editorial column back in the 90"s.I'm loud and a strong advocate in this community and often speak out against the CAS.

I will have a past worker speak to how the kids were mistreated in care while she worked as a protection worker and really was prevented from performing her duties by the Administration.I would like to see this come to light for everyone so just in box me on what you need me to do on my end.

- Sault Ste Marie Ontario
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