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October 17 2021

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Tony Dewar To Mr. Peterson to the lawyer mouthpiece who indulgences in inflammatory statements

Monday, June 2, 2014 - LawyerForHire - Anthony Tony Dewar - Disgusted Dads

In regards to your reply as to contact information for ____  and _____ ___. While I thank you for you reply albeit somewhat delayed I take issue with much of it. My reason for this is as follows. I have been forced to plead guilty to charges against my lawyers wishes (Mr. Gavin Jones) because the only way I could get John Howard Society to supervise my visits after I moved out of Bedford Place. The reasoning behind this was once i got sentenced to probation i could utilize their services. As well i am not exactly sure if 2 hours a month was what the judge had in mind when granting me supervised visits. if you check through the records you will find that through out the last year that is all the visiting time I received. 

Because of this I tried to reason with your client on numerous occasions without threatening or violent behavior and have been charged with many other offences. As such I felt that leaving the province for the time being was in the best interest of myself. As for her feeling much safer i will reiterate once again she has never been threatened nor has their been a single violent or threatening overture made towards her or my children. I find this whole ordeal extremely distasteful as well as unlawfully discriminating.against myself. I have been clean from drugs as of April of 2013 and have no problem what so ever in providing drug sample as long as Miss Mcdonald does the same.

As for an address I am leaving Trout Creek Ontario as of the 1st of June and continuing east to Montreal. I will however be back in Kelowna the very day my probation orders and the peace bond has run it course which I believe is the 9th of January next year. As soon as I have an address where you can have me served with papers I will let you know but seeing as Miss Mcdonald has always known where i have been I find your request absolutely disgusting and insulting. She knows she can reach me through any number of friends that we both know and has also refused to pick up or have delivered items I left for my children. if she files for sole custody and or to have my parentals right taken away I will be on the first bus back to Kelowna to fight any such actions. 

I would also like to suggest you do some research into parental alienation and all that it entails because I have been refused contact with my children since Febuary of this year not to mention all of the completely false accusations she has made against me which I can easily prove are false by bringing such witnesses as i mentioned in the earlier email forth. Now although I know exactly where my children are and their phone number. I have not made any attempt to contact them through either of those avenues and simply wish to know how to contact them legally and without causing them any more undue stress. 

I would also like to point out that my children wish to see me as I have had this relayed to me by her own friends. Mr. Peterson my only wish at this time is to have contact with my children and if that is denied I will pursue all legal avenues available to me up to and including the reporting of her abusive behavior of my children. In short she has told nothing but lies which have done irreversible damage to myself and my children. Being a Lawyer I can understand you have or at least should have your clients best interest at heart but allowing her to continue to wreak havoc on my and my childrens life is only going to harm her eventually when the lies and parental alienation as well as child abuse comes to light.

So Mr. Peterson I welcome going back to court as I have spoken to many many of my and Miss McDonald closest friends and neighbors who almost to a person has agreed to come to court and testify to what is ACTUALLY the truth and put an end to this travesty. I would also like to add that as a family lawyer you must or at least should be aware what parental alienation is, what is does to the children and the spouse and how it is accomplished. I will also be examining a civil suit when this is over as it has caused myself and my children extreme physical and mental anguish. 

- - - - 

I cant stand that mouthpiece she has. Shoulda seen me on my first family court appearance they had to put a sheriff right behind me to keep me from jumping up and calling him a liar after i did just that about a half dozen times

Oh and what the hell is puffery? I thought i had a fairly good command of the English laungage but thats a new one to me.

 Not to mention the criminal behavior he is talking about has al been breaches i received while trying to get the kids Mother to let me see them more than 2 hours a month. 17 breaches i was charged with in last year but only convicted of 5 which i pled to to purposely get probation so that John Howard society would supervise my visits has she turned down the first half a dozen persons i put forth as supervisors. Child welfare refused because it is not a matter they are dealing with and my only option was John Howard society or pay 25 bucks an hour for a private supervisor which i could not afford. it is simply the most ridiculous thing i have ever had the misfortune to be subjected to. I also provided them with clean drug tests so whatever "Puffery" is I think it is himself and my Ex who is guilty of that.

As a member of the bar i believe it should be your duty to check into what I have told you and take the appropriate action.

Thank you for your reply and I welcome and further replies. But please in the future just ask Miss Mcdonald who she or yourself can contact in Kelowna to find out where I am and how to get ahold of me if you do not wish to use this email address as she is and always will be fully aware of where I am and what I am doing as I make no secret of it and make many many posts on facebook as to my whereabouts and what I am doing. We both have mutual friends and all she needs do is ask them or ask them to have me go pick up papers should it be necessary. But of course she already knows this and is only playing games as im sure you well know. 

Anthony Tony Dewar

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www.brainsyn ... attachment


- Disgusted Dads
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Ill do anything for my kids including summoning in a shit ton of people

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